I Have Team Fortress 2 Wooohooo!!

16 11 2007

Some years ago, Valve Software kindly gave me a STEAM account to review the legendary game Half-Life 2. What a treat – I can tell you. I was given a press account and persued to review one of the best games ever. I’d reviewed a few games (for the site in question), but HL2 really defined the pinnacle of high end gaming at that time. I was chuffed.

Today’s gamers however, are spoilt for choice. With games such as BIOSHOCK, Crysis and stuff like Gears of War on the market -there’s a lot at stake. One game which I have been really looking forward to is Team Fortress 2.

I’ve been busy with real life commitments lately and haven’t had a chance to do much gaming. I thought it was about time to fire up the STEAM again. I had wondered a few times if it would be available on my account, so I was really quite ecstatic that Valve Software had added the game for me to sample. I’m installing it immediately and will post a little review as soon as I’ve been owned (so much that I have to turn it off)…

In the meantime, here’s what I’m drooling over.





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3 03 2008
It’s Been A While… « No More Goat Soup

[…] I’ve been quite busy setting up a new project and it’s taking way too much of my time. Any free time I’ve had has been spent with family or playing the amazing Team Fortress 2. […]

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