Playing DTS Audio Files In Windows Media Player

28 08 2007

I’m a big fan of dts. I knew that I prefered my DVDs in dts, but I was amazed how nice dts audio files sounded for music through PowerDVD.

I hate PowerDVD with a passion, WMP11 is my media player of choice for most formats because of the strong software links to Windows MediaCenter. I began searching for a way to play my beloved Nirvana – Nevermind [DTS] – 03 – Come As You Are [DTS].dts

I started my quest and tried dts codec after dts filter. I didn’t have much luck at first, but then I found something interesting by chance.

What I’m referring to is a rather cute little filter that provided perfect sound quality for me. It comes with an easy installer and works fantastic compared to the other filters I had struggled with. The filter I’m talking about is simply named dtsFilter. It allows analogue output or digital output where most dts filters only support SPDIF output. I have to say it’s very suited for Creative multi-speaker output.

“Great! Give me the download link!” I hear you cry, but first I need to get one thing clear.

The program setup is in Korean!

    Install Instructions:

  • Firstly download and Install dtsFilter
  • Next, visit Start Menu\All Programs\DTS+AC3 ÇÊÅÍ and run the red Icon labelled DTS+AC3 ÇÊÅÍ ¼³Á¤
  • A dialogue box should appear called DTS+AC3 ÇÊÅÍ ¼³Á¤ Here you will find the speaker configuration device settings. I simply selected the option ?? 3?? + ?? 2?? + ???? (which I’m sure means 3 front, 2 rear and subwoofer).
  • Now click ok and open your .dts files with Windows Media Player!


It’s also worth saying that if you have any dts audio files in .wav format you can simply rename them to .dts for full support too. It’s a shame that WMP’s music library doesn’t list .dts files, but it will detect playlists for the more crafty of us here.


dtsFilter.exe – Mirror 1
dtsFilter.exe – Mirror 2

Fantastic. Now all you need are some quality dts recordings! I’d heard Nevermind thousands of times, but with the dts version you can really hear sounds that were inaudible before. Experience the clarity for yourself today!




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30 12 2007

this is a lifesaver! now i can watch seo taiji in dts. THANKYOU!!

28 01 2008

Thank you so much, VLC, Zoom, Media Player Classic..all choked. This plugin worked like a charm…now if someone could only redo the GUI in English…

3 02 2008

great, thank you for the fantastc suggest. Only one question, if you can kindly help me. This dtsFilter.exe work with WMP 9 ? or only with the last WMP version, it mean 10 an 11 ? Because I use WMP 9 and it doesn’t work. Thanks a lot for your reply to

3 02 2008

great, thank you for the fantastc suggest. Only one question, if you can kindly help me. This dtsFilter.exe work with WMP 9 ? or only with the last WMP version, it mean 10 an 11 ? Because I use WMP 9 and it doesn’t work. Thanks a lot for your reply to

13 03 2008

I can get it to play on my WMP11 with this but does anyone know of a way to stream these files to a PS3 and play them through my 5.1 DTS home cinema amplifier?

17 09 2010

doesn’t work for me

i can get vlc and foobar to play the files, but not bitstream as dts digital audio files. foobar requires the dts plugin. both cases best i get are analog audio output \\the newest vlc has an option of aduio channel out puts the audio stereo and 5.1 work (analog) but the spdif (with some other numbers and letters listed after it ) don’t work.

mpc-hc x86 and x6 and mpc don’t work. just a lot of noise. to put it nicely, same with wmc if it even starts w/o error

i tried using the suggrestion of using ffdshow and under last codec entry (forget what it is) and set it to accept all types or whatever it is — well at least i didn’t get the harsh feedback i got before, but i also get no sound st all)

the only option i found so far to play these is to pack into an mka (matroska audio container. i get them to output as dts digital aidio… but the repacked audio is smaller than the original audio…. so i tend to think this is being transcoded lossy to lossy… to say the least this is undesireable.

i also tried opening in dts streamplayer software, powerdvd 7.4 – pdvd 10, tmt3, audacity and all are fail

i tried this korean codec and it doesn’t help. at all.

fwiw i am using wibloze7 and their new evil codec media foundation nazism sucks. this alone makes me vow to never purchase another M$ product. why should i have to do highly specialized tweeks in the registry to use filters and codecs i want.

anyone have any good ideas besides reverting ot vista or even better XP? tho they sucked in a million of their own ways.

i want to play these music streams with no lossy to lossy transcoding

14 03 2008

WOW, thank you very very very much.

8 05 2008
Howard Doupe

I just can’t get this to work 😦 I’ve got a .mkv file that is DTS. After running this DTS filter and then playing the movie in both WMP and MPC they still are recognised by the amp as ‘Pro logic’…the only way I can get DTS on my system is by playing DTS DVDs through Intervideo WINDVD…any more suggestions people?? Thanks –

4 06 2008

Will try this tonight….HOPE it works…..but I am in same position as Broxi in wanting it to stream to PS3 in DTS…

17 07 2008

no joy for me…am rebuilding a new pc will try again though..

8 10 2008

This does not work

19 10 2008

It does’nt work for me

It would be because windows vista 64 bits?

30 10 2008

Many thanks for making this available, I had several movies with DTS streams and was struggling on getting any audio from them. Installed and now I have planes flying around my living room, GJ.
For all those struggling with this, make sure you have your ffdshow and soundcard setup properly for outputting as spdif to your amp.

31 12 2008

hey its really working…… thanks to u……

10 01 2009

Hi, I install DTSfilter and I only get two channel audio. I tried the SPDIF setting with the same result. Help

15 01 2009

Awesome, I was a little skeptical, but it worked like a charm

15 01 2009

To ICEGotcher.
Did you get 2 or 5.1 channel audio?

7 03 2009

I can get it to play on my WMP11 with this but does anyone know of a way to stream these files to a PS3 and play them through my 5.1 DTS home cinema amplifier?


11 03 2009

Thank you you have solve my problems

2 05 2009
Dick Barth

Running XP Pro SP3, 2 Gigs of memory and dual-core AMD 4000+ so machine power isn’t the problem. I tried installing the version of DTS filter available here; it didn’t work. So, went to the author’s site and downloaded the latest version, which at least installs and sets up in English. It didn’t work either. I suspect I’m doing something wrong but, not being able to read Korean, I can’t learn anything from the author’s web site or blog.

I’ve run WAV files downloaded from a European broadcast site by dragging and dropping them into Media Player 11. Then renamed them to .DTS files and tried again. In both cases, nada.

Any suggestions greatly appreciated.

10 06 2009

A program called “SUPER” plays .dts files: (throw in the media file and click play instead of encode)

The DTS filter didn’t work for me either 😉

30 08 2009

this web link is incorrect- the download file is here

note the slight change in the sub directory

scroll to the very bottom – this is where the download link is located.

12 06 2009
Mark Robinson

I have a Xtreme Music card and having problems with Digital in. It just has default grayed out but I need DD/DTS-SPDIF-IN Decode and Bypass. Has anyone had this issue and a way to solve. I just picked up a Creative I/O module and posed a question similar to Creative. This was their response. A marketing spiel vs answering a quick question.

Thank you for reaching us at Creative Technical Support. I am very glad to have the opportunity to assist you.

Based upon your product’s date of purchase, it appears you’re beyond the complementary telephone (60 days) and e-mail (1 year) support period.

If you are covered under a Creative Care Protection Plan (CCPP) and are within the warranty and service coverage of your plan, please reply back with the e-mail address the plan was purchased under, as well as your CCPP order and reference number.

If you are beyond your complimentary support period and not covered by a Creative Care Protection Plan, there are helpful support options that are still available to you.

1. You may take advantage of our free web support services by visiting to access the following resources:

Knowledge Base of expert solutions, frequently asked questions, and reference material Download drivers and application updates Auto update will automatically detect and download the latest updates for you (not available for all products) Product documentation Tutorials User-to-user customer discussion forums

2. You can purchase a Creative Tutor session to receive expert help and advice from a Technical Advisor by phone. Each Creative Tutor session is only $12.99 and covers one support issue for up to 30 minutes. To start, simply call 1-405-707-8777 Monday through Friday from 9AM until 6PM Central Time. Please have your credit card ready when calling.

3. If you believe your product is having issues and needs to be repaired/serviced, but is no longer covered by the warranty, you may opt to visit our Creative Outlet Store for interesting great deals to replace your product. Get big savings at a limited time offer on our various range of Specials, Refurbished, Clearance products at
Alternatively, you can check out our newest products at . Grab one today and continue to enjoy your Creative experience!

If you still require assistance, please utilize our extensive knowledgebase resource which usually has the solution to issues that you might encounter with your product, you could also visit our public forums and interact with the millions of Creative users all around the globe at

Thank you for your kind understanding.

30 08 2009
Anthony G

here’s the creative labs DTS and Digital Live add on pack.

note the minimum requirements before you buy ($4.72)

it does not work with all sound cards by creative. also, the DTS portion only works under Vista so if you got XP don’t bother

Anthony G.

30 08 2009
31 08 2009

Anthony G:
You can find everybody elses comments on daniel_k’s DTS Switcher here.

You can find the (nomoregoatsoup) Dolby Digital Live Pack chat here. There’s also a few opinions in this thread.

1 09 2009

try this one, it works
Final Codecs Media PLayer 2009 Spring Edition

9 12 2009

I’m a big fan of dts too

everyone knows if there is any DTS HD FREE Encoder?

7 04 2010

I think I’d like to play .dts files with foobar200…

17 05 2010
Trương Thái Du

Without dtsfilter, I can play dts files in WMP. But my problem is: All files named with Chinese characters can not work. Could you please help me?

31 05 2010

does’nt work for me too win 7 64 bits

11 06 2010

great ‘n nice share 😉

16 11 2010

OH YEAAH!!! THANKS!!!!!!!!

1 03 2011


26 04 2013
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12 05 2013

Hi, I am trying to download “dtsFilter” but the link has expired. Can anyone upload the file for me please?

15 08 2013
Full Article

Rather interesting, looking forward to coming back.

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