*UPDATED* Unofficial Audigy Series Software CD for Win2000 / XP / Server 2003 / Vista 32/64-bit

12 09 2007

Daniel Kawakami has just posted an updated installation CD for Audigy Series on the Creative user forums. The CD has been compiled for Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, Windows Vista 32bit and Windows Vista 64bit. He’s put a lot effort in, and produced a great multi language installer. I’ll try and arrange some alternative file hosting, but for now Daniel’s original links are located at the bottom. Enjoy!

Unofficial SB Audigy Series Software CD for

Windows 2000 / XP / Server 2003 / Vista (32/64-bit)

by Daniel Kawakami

Fully integrated and automated install, supporting Windows 2000, XP, Server 2003, Vista (32-bit and 64-bit), installs proper drivers. Includes all latest software available.

It is MANDATORY to disable UAC (User Account Control) before installing the package on Windows Vista (specially the 64-bit version).

Known “Windows Vista only” issues (so far):

– Diagnostics is incorrectly available in Setup under 64-bit. It does not work under that OS.

– “Speaker Settings” crashes during uninstall; just close the “Windows encountered a problem” and uninstall will proceed.

– Environment presets acts as Karaoke presets (effects are applied to Microphone).

– Advanced EQ and Special FX presets are available through “EAX Settings” application. You can edit and save the presets, but you can’t delete or edit them once saved.

Known issues:

– The Microphone controls may be disabled in Karaoke player. Just use the Windows Mixer and “EAX Settings” / “EAX Console” and to adjust the Microphone volume and effects, respectively.

– Do not install Entertainment Center unless you have one of the supported remote controls (RM-900, RM-1000, RM-1500, RM-1800), otherwise it is useless.

Hardware supported:

– Audigy
– Audigy 2
– Audigy 2 Value
– Audigy 2 ZS
– Audigy 2 ZS Notebook
– Audigy 4
– Audigy 4 Pro

Software for Windows Vista:

– AudioConsole
– EAX Settings
– SoundFont Bank Manager
– Speaker Settings
– Volume Panel
– Diagnostics
– DVD Audio Player (32-bit only, Audigy1 is not supported)
– Karaoke Player
– SB Performance Utility (Audigy2 ZS Notebook)
– Smart Recorder
– Wavestudio 7
– Vienna SoundFont Studio
– Media Toolbox
– Entertainment Center
– MediaSource 5
– Online Manual (PDF / CHM)
– MIDI Guide
– Drivers (working Advanced EQ presets)

Software for Windows 2000 / XP / Server 2003:

– AudioConsole
– EAX Console
– SoundFont Bank Manager
– Speaker Settings
– THX Console
– Speaker Calibrator
– Surround Mixer
– Volume Panel
– Diagnostics
– DVD Audio Player (32-bit only, Audigy1 is not supported)
– Karaoke Player
– SB Performance Utility (Audigy2 ZS Notebook)
– Smart Recorder
– Wavestudio 7
– Vienna SoundFont Studio
– Media Toolbox
– Entertainment Center
– Sound Blaster Plug-in (Media Center only)
– MediaSource 5
– Online Manual (PDF / CHM)
– MIDI Guide
– Drivers

Revision 2 release notes:
– Removed “Diagnostics” from 64-bit systems.
– “Smart Recorder” for Windows XP now works with MP3 files and has a more friendly “My Recordings” interface.
– Includes “MP3 write” codec, the latest free version included in Audigy CDs, doesn’t work with WaveStudio 7, though.
– Updated the Windows Vista driver to ver 2.15.0002.2 (build, latest version for X-Fi which also works with Audigy cards.
– Removed old WHQL driver and non-WHQL multilanguage driver to save space.
– “Creative Engine” installer and modules updated. Installers of applications using this engine were updated as well.
– Do NOT use this new CD to uninstall or add components of a previous installation, remove the old version completely before using this new version (see note above).
Source: Creative Labs Support Forum

Note the ISO has been split into pieces, which must be extracted together to form the ISO file using WinRAR and then burnt using something like PowerISO

Download UPDATED RELEASE With Bittorrent:
Download Unofficial Audigy Software CD:
Download CD Torrent

Download UPDATED VERSION In 2 Parts:
Download Unofficial Audigy Software CD: Download CD Part 1
Download Unofficial Audigy Software CD: Download CD Part 2

Download ORIGINAL RELEASE In 2 Parts:
Download Unofficial Audigy Software CD: Download CD Part 1
Download Unofficial Audigy Software CD: Download CD Part 2

Download ORIGINAL RELEASE In 5 Parts:
Download Unofficial Audigy Software CD: Download CD Part 1
Download Unofficial Audigy Software CD: Download CD Part 2
Download Unofficial Audigy Software CD: Download CD Part 3
Download Unofficial Audigy Software CD: Download CD Part 4
Download Unofficial Audigy Software CD: Download CD Part 5

All credits go to Daniel Kawakami. He’s the man to thank for this one.
You can download all daniel_k’s files from right here!



152 responses

17 09 2007

Bro want 2 ask, is there any creative AUDIGY 2 Sourround mixer for vista?i’ve checked the creative official site, but theres no any update for vista. help me i need the EAX console n Sourround Mixer for vista.

18 09 2007

This package will provide all software, but remember to delete all Creative registry and system files properly before install -otherwise it won’t work.

19 09 2007

but the sourround mixer didn’t mentioned in ” software for vista ” it only mentioned in ” sofware for Windows 2000 / XP / Server 2003 “.

is it will work if i install the sourround mixer in vista???

22 09 2007

As soon as I installed this, I started getting BSODs 😦

Maybe I did something wrong?

Can the updated drivers allow CMSS 3D 2? I need this and not too low a volume in Vista, on my 5.1 speakers… and it will be perfect 🙂

23 09 2007

The Surround Mixer is not featured on my Vista install, no.

This version has a CMSS3D page on the “EAX Settings” panel. It contains the options for “CMSS” and “CMSS2”.

You will only find “CMSS” available in the Audio console though.

If you’re having BSOD, please check this guide to make sure alll you old Creative files were cleaned properly. Most cases like this are software conflicts with earlier versions.

23 09 2007

Alright… I will try and reinstall the drivers, although the BSODs have stopped for now 🙂

I still have the issue with low volume though. My speakers can no longer go as loud as they used to be able to 😦

23 09 2007

Yes, many of us have noticed XP sound is much louder than the Vista sound.

If everything is set to maximum in the Vista Sound panel, there’s nothing else I can suggest apart from turning your speakers up. Not a big help, but if you have neighbours like mine, it’s not an issue. :p

24 09 2007

One more quick question… what are the main differences between this CD and the standard driver pack? I have no use for most of the software… I just wanted CMSS2 working but my system still seems to be having issues with this CD installation (I have used the new cleaner program)…

24 09 2007

The “No More Goat Soup” driver pack is compiled from the latest Creative X-Fi driver installer, the Dell decoder and the Installer from Audigy 2.12.0002 drivers. It won’t provide CMSS 2, from memory.

Daniel K’s Unofficial CD (first release) was based on the X-Fi Vista Software CD. It contains many, many applications for XP and Vista. The CD used to contain slightly older drivers, but has now been updated to contain the same (English version only) driver set as the “No More Goat Soup” drivers. As I’ve already mentioned, The unofficial CD does indeed have CMSS2 listed on the EAX panel but not on the Audio Console.

I have no Idea if CMSS2 works of not. I must confess, myself I use the “No More Goat Soup” drivers and turn CMSS off.

It’s worth pointing out that FnF has kindly updated the Guru3D.com Driver Sweeper to fix TONS of Creative issues. If you dont have the latest version, it won’t clean Vista files fully.

Sorry I can’t be of more help,


25 09 2007

Cheers for the confirmation mate 🙂

I find that the CMSS2 sounds better… but at the moment I am trying to solve this low volume problem.

If I keep the speaker volume up (Logitech Z-5500) you can hear the humming when the computer isn’t playing any sound 😦

25 09 2007

I’ve just installed the Unofficial Software CD on XP (media center) and it lists CMSS, CMSS2, Stereo Surround and Off.

I’ll enquire as to why these options aren’t available in Vista.
Wish me luck!

2 10 2007
Audigy Series Vista Driver Pack 2 « No More Goat Soup

[…] Applications from the original Sound Blaster Audigy XP Software CD will not work with this download. For compatible software, please Download Daniel Kawakami’s Unofficial SB Audigy Series Software CD for Windows 2000 / XP / Ser… […]

4 10 2007

so the unofficial driver didn’t contain sourround mixer?

4 10 2007

No, NoMoreGoatSoup’s driver packs contain drivers and Audio Console.
When new drivers are available, most people want to download 20mb drivers rather than an entire Software CD!

I have this great CD installed, but I chose not to install the older drivers. I did a custom install and unticked the option to install drivers from this disc. I used the latest “Audigy Series Vista Driver Pack 2” drivers. They both work together great for me.

10 10 2007

I have a problem.
I installed drivers under Win Vista 32bit. But list of speakers types in “Speaker settings” and “Audio console” is empty. So I can’t select my 5.1 type and only 2 channels working.
Have no idea how to fix it =((

11 10 2007

Sounds like you need to do a FULL uninstall of Creative software and try again.

The “empty speaker selection bug” is probably the most common bug, caused by Creative entries not being replaced when new drivers are installed.

We’ve compiled a guide on the site that fixes this issue, 100% sure. You can find it here!

I’m more than a little confident this will fix your issue, it always does for me.


12 10 2007

Hi ive installed these drivers on my Audigy 1.. and for some reason the creative bass management tab that enables the subwoofer bass redirection and cutoff freq. settings isnt showing up? is this a bug? is there a way to enable it via registry? On the official release i was using the surround mixer program to adjust bass redirection and cut-off… but now without bass management i cannot do this..


12 10 2007

btw im on XP Sp2

15 10 2007

It working !!
Oh thanks ! =)))

21 10 2007
dA pIrAtE

Kudos to you bro,
Just wanted to say thank you for all the time your putting forth to provide the community with a driver set like this. I took out a similar mission back in early 2000 myself with creative stuff……..

As we all know creative is very user unfriendly when it comes to OS compatability and usage..

you can find me on warez-bb.org as webdevii

25 10 2007
Dennis in Canada

Daniel, it really did work! I tried without dropping UAC (http://www.howtogeek.com/howto/windows-vista/disable-user-account-control-uac-the-easy-way-on-windows-vista/) and it didn’t work, just like you said. So then I dropped UAC, used Guru3D, restarted, and installed the CD I burnt. Worked!

I’m still not sure why there is a part 1 and a part 2 since I only burnt part 1 to CD for installation.
Anyways, if anyone still has problems, just follow all the instructions Daniel left and thanks again for putting this together.

Music again!

28 10 2007

I don’t see any porpose of this drivers/app without CMSS2 support. I did full uninstallation of drivers/soft and when installing -Audigy Series Vista Drivers ver 2- couses “blue screen”, but after reboot sound is present. Even on my audigy/vista32 CMSS1 doesn’t work at all. I have slider but chaging it couses no action.

very sorry for my poor english

9 11 2007

I want to download version 2 files. Unforunately the file host reported request error. Do you have another host? Thanks…

14 11 2007

You can download an updated version of this install pack from Creative Labs User Forums. The page contains links to FileFront and RapidShare hosts.

Hope this helps

14 11 2007
Ducked.nl » Speedlink Medusa With Creative Audigy 2 ZS In Windows Vista Fixed!

[…] Download the Unofficial Audigy Series Software CD here […]

15 11 2007

Thx a lot for releasing this software cd! It has helped me fix my problem with my Audigy 2 ZS using Windows Vista 😀

I have a Speedlink Medusa which had crappy sound in Vista because of bad driver support from Creative. With help from your software cd, my Speedlink Medusa “rumbles” again when a signal is sent to the subwoofer 🙂

See the above post 🙂

Grtz, Andy

19 11 2007

Does anybody know how to boost the subwoofer signal on a Audigy 2 ZS? Ive seen it elsewhere on .IE the X-Fi and Audigy SE (correct if wrong).

Ive tried Audio Center & various apps, but no success yet…

Thx in advance!

21 11 2007

Well I can tell you I was some excited to find this possible way out of fooling around with drivers etc. and am downloading the two part software cd. Now why is it set up so that I have to download WinRAR, which is going to hound me to buy the paid version, when the two parts come in well under 700mb, and I don’t want PowerISO either because I usually burn my ISO’s with Nero. Just wondering…

10 12 2007

i am not able to download disk2 of original software posted above . pls help the link redirects to home .some gaming site.

i ned applicaions + driver for audigy sb0090 , kindly help

11 12 2007

ummmmm not sure how too say this
but i use a lot of different music programs that run from mp3 – cdg etc
approx 70gig mp3 600gig cdg
b4 i go further cd+g must be “top notch” quality i consider myself to be up to date with pc etc
i have have to admitt but im new to vista
these drivers are awesome the 2000(yes) 8 ohm speakers so clear 🙂
but am a bit confussed !!!!!
my card is sb0100 live
b4 u ask yes i have checked and yes pulled back outta pc 🙂

3 01 2008

To No More Goat Soup:

Thank you! This is the first time I’ve returned to a site with helpful software, spent the last ten minutes trying to google you. Downloaded your driver/software CD package and everything works great! I have my speakers calibrated again (thank God) and using all the features I thought lost since I lost my original CD.

Shame on Creative for being so incompetant and unhelpful (only providing the updates??) but it created this opportunity, and thank you so much for taking the time to release this. Rest assured, I’ve already made backup copies of your CD image, just in case I have to do another format 🙂

Thank you!!

21 01 2008

I have Windows Vista Premium and worked installed official creative driver for Creative Audigy 4. After i uninstall official driver step by step how you say:

1) Firstly begin by totally uninstalling anything with the Creative tag on it.
Control Panel > Control Panel Home > Programs > Uninstall a program

2) Next we need to remove any tricky start up entries, again anything Creative must go.
Control Panel > Control Panel Home > Programs > Change startup programs

3) Now we need to remove Creative registry entries, and there’s quite a few.

* HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\Control\Creative Tech
* HKEY_LOCAL_Machine\Software\ASIO

4) Remove these files/folders:

* C:\Windows\System32\BMX*.rfx
* C:\Windows\System32\Data
* C:\Windows\SysWOW64\Data *(64-bit only)
* C:\Windows\{*.BAK
* C:\Windows\{*.CDF *Under Vista, requires additional actions to be successfully deleted, see below.
* C:\Windows\CTDCRES.DLL
* C:\Windows\System32\cttele32.dll
* C:\Windows\System32\drivers\CTOSS2K.SYS
* C:\Windows\System32\drivers\CTSFM2K.SYS
* C:\Program Files\Creative (delete whole folder)
* C:\Windows\CTPRES.DLL
* C:\Windows\Updreg.EXE

After that restart PC and install unofficial CD. And now install reinstall any driver but Vista say in sound mixer No Audio Device found. I try install official but that not help anymore. In the Device Manager all is OK, device found and work correctly, bat sound mixer say NO FOUND and ALL. In the control panel Sound settings as default is set microphone and no way to set Line out/in or SPDIF.

Please HELP what this is ???????

22 01 2008

Thanks man, It works 100 % i think people are stupids they don’t know how to operate computer they don’t deserve this card and cd too. Anyway you solve my problem, I’ve lost my cd but your work help me to retrieve everything,
Thanks again

23 01 2008

I’ve been trying all day to get the 5.1 options back in the creative audio console, on my vista x64, but it will not return. I have tried cleaning with driver cleaner and manually and used the full iso and the smaller driver. is there any other way to switch on 5.1?

16 02 2008

I have the Audigy 2 ZS card, will these drivers allow me to use my MIDI-in port again? I miss recording music with my MIDI keyboard, sniff sniff….

25 02 2008

I have just upgraded to vista, sorted through a heap of driver issues to be left with only…. I have a audigy 2 ZS plat pro, headphones output work fine but i get a voiceecho on the mic when i use it which is seriously annoying and i can’t find anyway to make the mic work without the echo of my voice. Help would be much appreciated.

16 03 2008

Dear Daniel!

Thanks for the ISO. I contacted with Creative in the past, becouse they dont did normal Vista Drivers for Audigy series. Creative Sound Cards are the best in audio quality, but I don’t like them like a company. 😦

Thanks the installer ISO. It works perfecty under Vista, not like the s****d Creative “webdrivers”!!! 🙂

30 03 2008

do these drivers work with the xfi fatality cards???
or is there another driver set that i need for vista 32bit??

no says only audigy cards but soem of the titles says X-fi when i googled dans name this site came up as xfi drivers to???

i really want the best drivers i cna get and as im doing a fresh install today was lookign foe newst best drivers out and this guys seems to no hisstuff..and as ua all no their drivers are pants and doesnt let u use a lot of the reason i bought the card lol..so much for that bastard vista sticker on boxes wouldnt of bought it if new that dvd bits dotn work right…wants DTS decoding in vista so can use my 5500 speaks the right way thro optical output…

31 03 2008

man these x-fi drivers sounds loads better but still no other software like the console that switches over the sounds from game to music and that which i used a lot and still cant see the dolby stuff that is shown on here???

come on can i use these drivers for xfi???

31 03 2008

and there are updated drivers out now from the 8th of march is he going to make a new driver set with these in now???

1 04 2008

Just curious… do they work also with Creative SB0230 OEM Audigy soundcard?

1 04 2008

Sketchyfish – I think you’ll find the installer looks like it’s made for Audigy, It’s not compiled by me and I don’t own an X-Fi. I have no idea how I’m expected to know this. 😀
Hardware supported:

– Audigy
– Audigy 2
– Audigy 2 Value
– Audigy 2 ZS
– Audigy 2 ZS Notebook
– Audigy 4
– Audigy 4 Pro

Try it and let us know if you want. :p
As for the new stuff, I don’t think daniel_K will make one. If “a good one” does surface -expect to see links posted.

Keke – SB230 is Audigy I believe, so yes it should work. Nothing ever works for everyone, so who can say? Try it maybe and let us know how it works out.

1 04 2008

yer think i might as should work looked on some other sites that have this driver and they have got same names xfi and audigy on same title so must be reason why they put the 2 names on same page title???

all i want is the dodbly support that i payed for but creative doesnt even sale the I/O module that ua need to use real in/out digital on my cards..xfi cards have the digital port but not optical as far as i no?? need the add on module but i tryed to buy 1 from the U.S but they wouldnt ship me 1 buggers lol…

3 04 2008

Does anyone else know of a Mirror for Download UPDATED VERSION In 2 Parts, the link supplied on this page does not work.. unless the site has a limit on amount downloaded ???


3 04 2008

I suspect they’ve been retracted, as they aren’t listed on daniel_k’s Filefront.

Bummer. I’ll see if I can find any mirrors.

6 04 2008

YESSS… Thank You this great driver. All works.

7 04 2008

This is better. 100 % function on Windows Vista 64bit and Audigy SE OEM:


Thank you very much Daniel Kawakami!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

9 04 2008
This Is My New Build......What Do Ya Think - Page 2 - DriverHeaven.net

[…] Unofficial Drivers for the X-fi, they work great for Windows Vista 32bit/64bit: Here’s the link: https://nomoregoatsoup.wordpress.com/2008/04/06/x-fi-vista-support-pack-v2150004-driver-sbxf_vtdrv_lb… Good […]

10 04 2008
Audigy 1 and YouPax drivers - need help - DriverHeaven.net

[…] can try out Daniel K’s driver for the Audigy series: *UPDATED* Unofficial Audigy Series Software CD for Win2000 / XP / Server 2003 / Vista 32/64-bit I have try it, it works perfectly on my Audigy 2 and Audigy 2 ZS. Good […]

11 04 2008

hi, i want to know, if with this drivers, i can hear my audigy x-gamer (sb0090g)
with my shyntoamp in 5.1
i have instaled the lastest official driver, but i can’t hear 5.1 (only front&rear speakers, no central, no woofer)
thnks a lot and sorry 4 my english 🙂

13 04 2008

This worked like a charm. THANK. YOU.

Daniel_K, you. Are. A. God. Amongst. Men.

13 04 2008

Glad I stumbled across this thread. I am wondering if these drivers will help me get a digital signal though my Audigy Platinum Pro soundcard’s external box digital optical out to my Logitech Z5500 control pod?
I have tried everything on the current Creative drivers: setting the output in the options to Digital, Using SPDIF bypass in the EAX console and AC3 filter, and am tearing my hair out trying to get a digital signal to the Logitech’s. All I get is PLII Pro Logic which is a real pain.
Cheers for any help.

14 04 2008

hi, i install these drivers, and i can hear teh subwoofer, but not teh central speaker.
i’dont know why…
can anyone give a hint?

14 04 2008

any mirrors of Download UPDATED VERSION In 2 Parts:
filefront seems to delete all the link. thnx daniel from PH Asia

14 04 2008

i found 1 on bitorrent , btw i wanna thank u again for fixing my bigeest problem, when i upgrade my vista to SP1 i have encountered many BSOD errors regarding the Creative Drivers ive beeen w8ting for a fix but creative dont want to fix the shit, again daniel thnx for a big help here a link, Madafaka


15 04 2008

Unofficial Audigy Series Software CD

has anyone got this??? My Audigy 4 is dead without it!!!!!!

16 04 2008

I’ve updated the first bittorrent link.

The torrent contains the ISO, and the Vista Support pack.
I didn’t upload it & I haven’t downloaded it either.
BURAOT’s link seems to be the same files also, but with less seeders.

…so if you are downloading via Bittorrent – ALWAYS SCAN FOR VIRUSES!

Hope this helps

16 04 2008

Many many thanks, downloading now!
Kindest regards

17 04 2008

Yep its the Same ISO, here the orig link
140 seeders
That mininova’s link i think will be gone, mininova has a tendency to delete they think is illegal better upload it to other bt sites not mininova

Direct Link ISO

Just found it on the net, im not part of Digiex.net, just helping ^^
From PH Enjoy

17 04 2008

Thanks BURAOT. I’m sure that’s going to help a few folks. 🙂

Everyone just remember to scan anything they download, we can’t check all of these ISO links for ourselves!

Sadly there are too many idiot uploaders on BitTorrent who add virus and malware.

17 04 2008

NP, ive finally found Unofficial Audigy Software CD: Rev 2
All files are property of Creative Labs, Inc.
Mirror by Crisao23:


Dont Worry All the links ive putted here are all clean ive checked it, agin Enjoy
From PH, Madafaka

18 04 2008

first of all really thanks for all you are doing!.
second: please, iam really confused about the drivers and the utility links. PLEASE can you post here one secure link for drivers and one secure link for utilities? iam really really confused about all this mess. please.

p.s. please specify clearly what are drivers and what utility.
thanks a lot and have nice days

20 04 2008

Drivers ale excellent, but in Creative Media Source 5, DTS:Neo6 plugin doesn’t work.

21 04 2008

Michele: I don’t have an original copy of the CD, or any other links -sorry. BURAOT has provided links, but I have no need to download them myself. Given the size of the ISO (a CD image in one file) download, it would take me ages on this connection. Scan everything you download! Good luck!

23 04 2008


I want to download the Updated Driver Iso, but the Filefrontlinks doesnt work anymore =(

Are There any Mirrirs for the UPDATED iso?

23 04 2008

I downloaded this iso by daniel_K, however, it won’t let me install giving error that I don’t have windows Vista installed. I do have XP installed, and I thought this was installer XP compatible. Help!!!

23 04 2008

Mr.Gentleman: BURAOT has posted some links. He seems like a nice guy -but scan for viruses to be safe.

Mr.Lost: I’ve read of this issue several times, but never seen it first hand.

23 04 2008

All the link ive posted Have The Same ISO Size and its Audigy Software CD: Rev 2, 640.14MB
@Mr.Lost, What Vista Are U Using SP1?, Its Working Fine With me :), currently using Vista SP1 Audigy Sound Blaster

4 Ur Safety Scan it Before Running The App

Regular Guy Wanted to help From PH 🙂

23 04 2008

Hello, I’ve installed these drivers and they work just fine. Thank You.

Anyway I thought it might be possibile to get a real STEREO-SURROUND sound, but I’am afraid you can’t. I bought a used Audigy 2 ZS exactly for this purpose. If these are Xi-Fi features I am also TERRIBLY DISAPPOINTED of that. My old Sound Blaster Live 5.1 was able to do that in a perfect stream copy of the forth front in the surround channel. And the Xi-Fi isn’t able to do that. That’s hideous !

24 04 2008
Mr. Lost

nomoregoatsoup, i have windows XP SP2 on my computer, the title says windows XP usable.
I downloaded this iso by daniel_K, however, it won’t let me install giving error that I don’t have windows Vista installed. I do have XP SP 2 installed on my computer, and I thought this was installer XP compatible. Help!!!


24 04 2008

BURAOT, the FTP link and the mihd.net with one i must download. Its a same version or mihd.net is newer.
This cd already include software and driver for XP and VISTA, or just for vista.
Driver need to download newer or this link already include the newer driver

24 04 2008

@ zeguy Its the Same ISO 640.14MB, after ive installed this i download the apropriate update here http://hosted.filefront.com/braziliantech/ and run, for me im using Audigy series so i dl and run SBAX_PCDVT_LB_2_15_0004EQ.exe for Vista and XP users

24 04 2008

I have audigy2, thats mean, im download the same with yours, right. ISO and the update for XP and vista or only just for vista.
On this http://hosted.filefront.com/braziliantech/ , there is some file but no description. Can you help me, the others file description.
Thanks alot BURAOT

24 04 2008

BTW U can now DL the ISO on http://hosted.filefront.com/braziliantech/ I think DK Uploaded it
SB_XFi_Vista_XP.part1.rar & SB_XFi_Vista_XP.part2.rar
Gameport Vista.exe – Vista Gameport Fix
SB24_VTDRV_LB_1_04_0077B.exe – Sound Blaster Live! 24-bit/Audigy Vista Driver Update 3
SBAX_PCDVT_LB_2_15_0004EQ.exe – Sound Blaster Audigy Series Vista Driver Support Pack
SBAXVSD_PCDRV_LB_2_10_0001.exe – Sound Blaster Audigy Series Vista Driver
SBL_VTDRV_LB_2_10_0001A.exe – SB Live! Series Vista Support Pack
SBXF_PCDRV_LB_2_15_0006_FX.exe – Sound Blaster XiFi Web Update 5
XFXA_PCDRV_LB_1_04_0078A.exe – Sound Blaster X-Fi Xtreme Audio Vista Driver Update


25 04 2008

I am running XP pro SP 2. I only have the latest Audigy drivers from creative installed…was wondernig If i need to uninstall them before installing the unoffical software? Can I keep the official drivers and install the unofficial software?


27 04 2008
28 04 2008

BTW i add this all the files in http://hosted.filefront.com/braziliantech/ are all for Vista awts, im now using XPSP3 i cant not run the files that came there, “Unsupported OS Error on Setup” especially this SBAX_PCDVT_LB_2_15_0004EQ.exe file, i tried to install the ISO and it run on XPSP3 but it has 2 error when XP start to load up “Registry error can’t find the file error” aw, ^^

5 05 2008

Have some problems with appz.

5 05 2008

A lot of the apps were “persuaded” in to working under Vista. Others were simply added to the installer, I think.
I, myself, feel that the less Creative Software needed the better. I don’t have any applications installed apart from the Audio Console.

Bare minimum FTW!

7 05 2008

Yeah, I must admit. I have an Aud2Plat, and this so-called entertainment center or what was totally new for me. Oh well, let’s take out the batteries from the remote…

15 05 2008

Unofficial SB Audigy Series Software CD for
Windows 2000 / XP / Server 2003 / Vista (32/64-bit)- these drivers including support EAX4.0 for Audigy1?

16 05 2008

Hey, i’ve got an Audigy 2 NX, is there any posibility u will make te drivers compatible with that soundcard ? would be much appreciatet

23 05 2008

OMG! Thank You! Daniel and all the others involved in providing this fix, you have done allot of us Audigy owners a good deed, I discovered these drivers when I was looking for a fix too get my Audigy 2 ZS card DD and DTS hardware decoding working in Vista 64 although I do believe this is still an issue and DD and DTS hardware decoding is not working still on, but I am almost speechless too see almost everything I had lost from the transition from XP to Vista almost fully restored.

My thoughts on Creative are mixed at best, I admire there quality in hardware but there support for it as best said on the internet as a whole, really sucks, they want to spout off about there IP rights, when I have to ask them what about my rights as a consumer, my rights to have everything I paid for still functioning and working, and to think Creative slapped together some quick fix which left me with functions no better than there cheapest sound cards, Im really glad other companies such as the auto industry don’t follow these types of support guide lines like Creative or we would be forced to buy a new car every year a new model was released, as a fact this type of behavior from a company just pushes me away from buying from that company ever, and my money is going to were the support is and that means full support for drivers and functions I paid for, and no i dont expect them to support something forever but in this case the Audigy still has a good bit of life left in it.

Xi-fi 2, I see it wont be long if not now the original Xi-Fi owners will be getting the same deal as Audigy owners before, little support of software and driver functions and features they paid for sounds like the same broken loop will be repeated once more.

24 05 2008
Mad Mie

Bro, do u have driver for audigy value?

25 05 2008

SB Audigy series Vista Support Pack v2.15.0004EQ with Equalizer ( 04/25/2008 )
Supports the Audigy 2 Value series, but sadly not the Audigy Value.

I check on the Creative Forums and I found this…

Download: SB Audigy Value/SE/LS & Live! 24-bit Vista Support Pack

4 06 2008

Creative Labs = cunts. hahah. love seeing that on the Bittorent page 😉

11 06 2008


11 06 2008

Hey Steve!

I don’t think daniel_k is likely to see your posts there.

Why not send him an email? dkbox2000@hotmail.com

I don’t know exactly what your looking for, but all of daniel_k’s “legal” files can be found on his filefront too.

19 06 2008

I’ve been looking everywhere, but has anyone found any way to install a SB Audigy 2 card on a server2003 (64-bit) system. If there is any work around, or anyone could point me in the right direction, I’d REALLY appreciate it. Btw, god damn companies and their ridiculous driver (ATI takes the cake though).

30 06 2008
The Spoilt parrot

Thank god I found you guys. I have audigy 2zs video editor, its NEVER worked despite buying it near 13months ago, been on creatives website, they dont give a toss.

firstly guys i am a bit stupid, and am struggling with all of this.

i installed installion cd using xp compatability, the creative said to use an updated driver and vidcap. did this finally gets a preview but the capture button is ‘ghosted’ out.

tried to unstall software, now it won’t.

tried to download daniel k’s file but it takes me to a website with no clue on what to download (sorry i am dim)

installed driver sweeper guru thing, it won’t work,

i am running vista 64ultimate.

please help me cause I am loosing the will to live

1 07 2008

We’re working on a newer release, but sadly x64 systems really, really hate Creative software. The driver signing issues in Vista 64, are almost facist.

I know we’ve been promising a release for sometime, but we really want a better driver to work with. So far Creative have fixed 2 issues, and added another 10. July’s official driver will be make or break.

I don’t know what’s going on with daniel_k’s filefront either. I think he’s packed up and moved on. 😦

To obtain a copy of the disc, you’ll probably need a bit torrent client like utorrent. It seems the ISO’s are now considered “underground” and only available from places like http://www.mininova.org/ or http://www.btjunkie.org/

Remember to scan EVERYTHING you get from non-trusted sources.

1 07 2008
The Spoilt parrot

i tried to install the program, i got utorrent. when it i get an error message saying ‘unsupported device’ or something, then the installer shuts down!

2 07 2008

That error usually occurs because of driver “leftovers” left from crappy uninstallers.

Have you tried running Guru3D driver sweeper, crap cleaner etc after uninstall, driver removal?

I suspect you have some files like C:\Windows\{00000005-00000000-00000002-00001302-00000004-10021102}.CDF that are causing issues.

Everything I’ve learnt about this phenomenon can be found here.

Hope it’s of some use.

2 07 2008
The Spoilt parrot

i can’t completely uninstall! drive sweeper saying file not found, what files do i need to get rid of?

11 07 2008

can i use on audigy platinum and win xp sp2 (a question

13 07 2008

Didn’t work for me, I tried the Audigy SE but now go 😦

14 08 2008

Will this solve my Remote Control Problem ?
I have installes an Audigy 2 ZS Platinum, after installing:

I found out that there is no Remote Control Tab under Tools and Settings in Creative MediaSource Organizer.
Creative MediaSource Plugin for Remote Control 2.30.02 doesn’t install because CMS in not “high enough version”, after seeking for advice at creative support, I found out that I need to install CMS 3.30.21 and Creative MediaSource Plugin for Remote Control 2.30.02, now I have Remote support and two versions off CMS installed.

Will you show me the Light ?

Thanks in advanced

26 08 2008


28 08 2008

To continue my previous post from 14.08.08, Yes Yes Yes
Now I have a full functional remote with my Audigy 2 ZS Platinum, and no need for CMS 3 no more.

Thanks a lot, someone on our globe knows his job.

7 03 2015

Hi David can you explain how to use remote control with CMS 5?

8 09 2008

I don’t have the original software/driver CD for my Audigy 1 Platinum and the drivers off Creative support page dont work properly. My card seems to work fine but the I/O panel that comes with the card wont work. Ive been looking round the web and see that you are supposed to have the original drivers from the original cd for the card to make it work properly. Will this collection of software and drivers make my card work?
Regards Nick

11 09 2008

Well having some problem with my Creative Audigy 2 ZS, MP3 keep repeating, so I did a reinstall of the Creative CD, but noticed some new Drivers, install these but it stuffed up most things.

So found this Posted ISO V1 dnload the one from Rapidshare as I had to cut back to Dialup, Broadband here has a very low Cap 2 to 10Gigs and dear.

Did a Total cleanup of all Creative parts, including all registry and tasks that were running

Running XP SP3 installed software no problems at all.

BUT Noticed that a lot of thing would not run could not find compatible devise or some thing like that and the Diagnostics showed a Error with Multimedia Tests, System shows that no device for Audio just a Modem..

The Other problem were program links missing like RDefault, CTwave32, CTMDcen, GSDemo, Audiohq & chkcolor.

But not totally giving up decided to installed this updated Driver SBAX_WBUP2_LB_2_09_0016.exe
That fixed most thing except for the missing program links, but I think they have been left out on purpose

>>>> But I notice some time later that it still locks up when playing MP3, keeps repeating..

But the new features look great..

Should I update to the latest driver and the Meadia Player thing..?

Like these



11 09 2008

SBAX_PCDRV_LB_2_18_0001.exe is the best driver available at the moment -for Vista users anyway. I’ve heard older drivers are better for XP. You never know until you try! 😀

As for all the other Creative crap, I’d skip it unless you really, really need it.

Oh and the I/O panel is very, very unsupported in Vista -at least it was last time we tried. It’s the newer drivers -again older drivers might cure issues.

11 09 2008

I have a Big problem, All MP3’s that I have so far played get stuck in a grove, like a LP repeating the track over and over a gain, and MediaPlayer 5 shows that its not responding, WMP will play the MP3’s and MediaPlayer 5 Plays Audio CD’s ok..

This was also before the new software.

Plus one thing that is not Working is the DTS, device not supported, I have the file and will try and install it..

11 09 2008

I’ve seen a lot of people complaining about looping sounds with MP3 playback. I’ve been unable to reproduce the problem though.

…and yes the dts is broken -but AC3Filter cures that for me.

I do get WMP “not responding problems” if I leave a DVD in the drive. Perhaps it’s related to removable devices too… hmm…

*begins further investigation*

12 09 2008

Thanks nomoregoatsoup for the feed back.

I do have the ACFilter in my system ac3filter.acm size 380.928 and dated 18/08/2007

How do I tell if I have the Rev 2 ISO, lots of links don’t say, I know I have the first one, but I have another but no info on what version.?

I thing I read on another forum that its upto 2.14 but that could be wrong.

The DTS thing does I think work after doing a Update of MediaPlayer 5, but I now have Smart Recorder not working, crashes from memory it did work.

The MP3 thing I found that its a bit intermittent

16 09 2008

None of the links on this site works. It goes to some games-site. Crap. Torrents also do not work when I search for them.

Why do companies like Dell and Creative make it so hard to use their hardware?

19 09 2008

Sound blaster SB0100 are support?

9 10 2008

Audigy SE to X-Fi Xtreme Audio (1.04.0079 modded drivers)

Daniel K was the first one that modded the X-Fi Xtreme Audio drivers for Audigy SE. The last X-Fi X-treme modded for Audigy SE are 1.04.0078.

What I did? I modded the 1.04.0079 X-Fi Xtreme Audio drivers for Audigy Value, Audigy SE / Audigy 2 SE, Audigy LS, Live! 24-bit .

More information you can find here: http://forums.techpowerup.com/showthread.php?t=47961&page=4

What you gain? You will have the same sound on Audigy Se like on X-Fi Xtreme Audio.

[b]Drivers modded for Windows XP 32 bit and 64 bit:[/b]

Main site – http://rapidshare.com/files/151893417/Audigy_to_X-Fi_Extreme_Audio_1_04_0079_XP_Vista_4_1.rar.html

Mirror 1 – http://depositfiles.com/files/8593275

Mirror 2 – http://www.zshare.net/download/2023999379688368/

Mirror 3 – http://uploaded.to/?id=mdijz0

Mirror 4- http://rapidshare.de/files/40641625/Audigy_to_X-Fi_Extreme_Audio_1_04_0079_XP_Vista_4_1.rar.html

– Driver for Windows Vista / Windows XP v5.12.01.621
– APO Interface Module 2.06.00
– Audio Console 2.40.14
– Console Launcher 2.40.09
– Host OpenAL 1.00.14

[b]Drivers modded for Windows Vista 32 bit and 64 bit:[/b]

Main Site – http://rapidshare.com/files/151896076/Audigy_to_X-Fi_Extreme_Audio_1_04_0079_XP_Vista_4_2.rar.html

Mirror 1- http://depositfiles.com/files/8593896

Mirror 2 – http://www.zshare.net/download/20242342abc3b91b/

Mirror 3- http://uploaded.to/?id=5d4qfw

Mirror 4 – http://rapidshare.de/files/40641765/Audigy_to_X-Fi_Extreme_Audio_1_04_0079_XP_Vista_4_2.rar.html

– Driver for Windows Vista / Windows XP v5.12.01.621
– APO Interface Module 2.06.00
– Audio Console 2.40.14
– Console Launcher 2.40.09
– Host OpenAL 1.01.08

The modded drivers were tested by me on XP 32 bit, XP 64 bit, Vista 32 bit si Vista 64 bit. All worked nice.

10 10 2008

Thx, i hope my porbs is going out of my pc lol 😉 I instal next day and leav new coment.



13 10 2008

it’s not working for my sound blaster se 😦

9 11 2008

Dose the Audigy software works in Windows XP Professional 64-bits ?

17 01 2009

@SoRiNuS: did you even bother reading the description… it clearly says what hardware is supported!

@vkmaxx: this is 64bit ready. also in the description.
@Poster: thanks big time for this!!! i lost my CD and badly needed the software… Creative should have this on their website… it’s BS!

28 01 2009

Hi nomoregoatsoup. I’m using Audigy 2 ZS Notebook. Please tell me, does your Vista drivers suitable for making music(Midi-Audio will be used) in Vista. I’m still on XP, cos latest official creative drivers still don’t do good job for me in Vista. I’m working with 48Khz and 24bit, btw. Thanx.

12 02 2009

very well written..cheers

20 02 2009

Work on Audigy 2 NX USB??????

22 02 2009

I have a problem with Sound Fonts. I can’t load it because the level of Sound Font Cashe is 0. And there is no possibility to change it. Help me please.

3 04 2009

will this driver cd work for audigy value 7.1 card? currently i am using daniel_k audigy to x-fi driver.

12 07 2009

Hi NoMoreGoatSoup. Incredibly useful blog for SB users. I have an interesting question: Is there a way to use newest Audigy’s SBAX_PCDRV_LB_2_18_0010.exe and X-Fi’s SBXF_PCDRV_LB_2_18_0013.exe to integrate/update their respective unofficial drivers CDs? (released originally by Daniel_K)

19 10 2009

DanielK_FAN: The drivers will work to some extent, but the X-Fi drivers will work better. The applications from the driver disk probably will not work.

16 10 2009
Drivers para Audigy 2 zs Windows 7 32bits ?? - Foros de CHW

[…] por daniel_k y que son fantasticos, y me estoy bajando un torrent con esos drivers vean este link: *UPDATED* Unofficial Audigy Series Software CD for Win2000 / XP / Server 2003 / Vista 32/64-bit No M… ahi dice que son para vista, pero pues segun se los drivers de vista andan en seven, asi que […]

19 10 2009
mike morris

keep getting kiked off server

19 10 2009

Wrong thread mike morris. Download PBsetup.exe and your “kiking” problems will be fixed.

10 12 2009


I love you guys thanks so much so so much! You guys are too few known!!!

To Mr. Daniel_k! Bless you mate! Respect!! I have been awake for 24hrs+! trying to finger out a solution to my dilemma of having a broken Install CD, AND av been through 3 reformats 5 phone calls to dell.

I am so impressed! I want to give you a little something as a Thank You for my admiration to you, to few are so decent and unfearful as you my friend too few.

To ALL NMGS. You Ppl are a special bunch of ppl. I love you for it lads! Well F**king Done! 10 stars.

Please add (Paypal Linkage) i would like to show my sincere thanks. Thank You!

10 12 2009

No problem Sean, just taking the time to reply and say “thank you” is payment enough. I’m glad it sorted you out. 🙂

Incidently, daniel_k got in to trouble for displaying a PayPal link. Creative didn’t want him “selling” their drivers. They threatened him with legal action and everything! They are incredible. If robots take over the world in the future, they will wear the Creative logo. Be warned!

Again, thanks for taking the time to reply!

21 12 2009

Cheers for making this available, just have one issue post install problem and was wondering if anyone can shed any light on it. I’m running this on Windows7 and an Audigy Platinum Pro card, I have set SPDIF to passthrough via the Creative audio console ( I am also using Shark007’s codec pack). The sound is fine if I am using the onboard decoder for 5.1, however when I set it to pass through to my Z5500s the sound is fine but every now and then I get a strange popping or clicking sound. It is intermittent and a bit irritating so any help would be appreciated. Hope you all have a great Christmas!

29 12 2009
jan from Poland

hi, I have audigy 2 nx usb and I can’t find proper drivers for my vista 32. could You tell me where I can find it? please

2 01 2010

I need driver Creative Audigy 2 zs notebook for Windows 7 32-bit

7 05 2010

thanks dude

27 05 2010
Liperty's Thoughts » Blog Archive » Creative Audigy ZS Platinum Pro Drivers for Vista (x32/x64)

[…] Along came the legendry Daniel Kawakami (daniel_k) – who looked at the Vista drivers in assembly and noticed that functionality had INTENTIONALLY been removed for Audigy cards and also functions that were sold as exclusive to the X-Fi could in fact be enabled in Vista for Audigy cards. Creative were obviously crippling their older model sound cards in Vista to encourage people to buy their NEW cards. Daniel had a better idea – re-write Creative’s drivers for the Audigy series and release to the public. They can be found here […]

31 10 2010
Franklin Mulich

I’d have to give the go-ahead with you one this subject. Which is not something I usually do! I enjoy reading a post that will make people think. Also, thanks for allowing me to comment!

13 02 2011

Unofficial SB Audigy Series Softw are CD ( Rev 2) for
Window s 2000 / XP / Server 2003 / Vista (32/ 64-bit)

-Audigy series
-Audigy 2 series
-Audigy 2 Value
-Audigy 2 ZS series
-Audigy 2 ZS Notebook
-Audigy 4 series

12 04 2011

Hello all,
I own a Creative Sound Blaster Audigy SE sound blaster. I bought it in second hand, so the computer vendor didn’t provided me with the original CD of it. I was needed to download the drivers from Creative support site. I downloaded the drivers also. But the only problem i am facing is that, the driver software which I have downloaded from Creative support site only contains 2 softwares in it. One of them is the CREATIVE SPEAKER SETTINGS, and another one is CREATIVE EAX SETTINGS. But when I checked for the product details of my sound blaster on Creative’s global website, I found there that the CD which comes with the product contains many more softwares in the Creative software suite, besides the two which I mentioned above. They are as under Creative Software Suite:

Creative MediaSource Go!
Creative MediaSource Go! Launcher
Creative MediaSource Player
Creative MediaSource Organizer
Creative Device Control
Creative Surround Mixer
Creative EAX Console
Creative WaveStudio
Creative Speaker Settings
Creative Graphic Equalizer
Creative SoundFont Bank Manager
Creative Smart Recorder

So I am quite unsatisfied with the driver software available on the support website. So I request U all that, if any one out of U all, possess a Creative SB Audigy SE, and if U have the original CD of it, which comes with the product, then plz. upload an image file of that CD somewhere plzzz. So that I can download the image file of it and thus can have all other settings of my Sound Blaster. Kindly help me for this plzzz because I dont know if I can have the CD from Service center or not. So if anyyyyy one have the CD of it(Creative Sound Blaster Audigy SE) then plz. plz. plz. upload somewhere and post me the link of it.
Thanking You

12 04 2011

You can find the latest drivers, EAX, Audio Console, Soundfont, Volume Panel here.

The installation CD’s (that contain more applications) can be downloaded from here. I didn’t see Audigy SE on the list though. Do you know the model number? An Audigy LS or Audigy Value install may work.

Good Luck!

14 04 2011
Vinit Sharma

The model number of my sound card is SB0570(Sound Blaster Audigy SE). I would be really thankful to you, If I can get availed with the image of the ORIGINAL installation CD ,which comes with the bundled product. Plz. avail me the image of it from somewhere plz…!!
Thanks in advance

1 10 2011

Hi nomoregoatsoup, I have a audigy ZS notebook on my laptop running vista ultimate 32-bit. I have tried to installed the vista driver but the surround mixer function is lost? Now I can’t control the treble and bass as I don’t have a surround mixer. I’m really desperate to get this function restored. What can I do? I would eternally grateful for your advice.

14 04 2011

I’m pretty sure it’s the LS install disc. Even Creative list it as Audigy SE (LS) now.

You can download all ISO from BadBoyForum. The LS install disk can be installed from:

Fingers crossed!

20 04 2011
Vinit Sharma

I checked the creative website buddy. There I found both Audigy LS as well as Audigy SE too. Both of them are different models and have different model number as well as model name. Actually my sound card is Sound Blaster Audigy SE(SB0570). So I need to have the driver or image file of the CD for my specific sound card only. Otherwise I dont think any other software or driver would work even. Bcoz I already had an experience of it, installing a different driver for my sound card. I once again remind U that my sound card model name and number is : Sound Blaster Audigy SE, SB0570.

20 04 2011

Audigy SE/LS/Value are all names the SB0570 has been sold as. The link in my previous post is a link to the (latest) full CD image. The BadboyForum uploaded all the CD images (ISO) there.

I believe the install CD (Listed as SB0312) Audigy LS will install drivers and software for the Audigy SE SB0570 series too. A lot of programs aren’t supported anymore – so they will be missing.

You card is very different to the Audigy 1/2/4, like the drivers mentioned at top of page.

The install CD you require should support:

  • Sound Blaster Live! 24-bit
  • Sound Blaster Audigy Value/SE/LS
  • Sound Blaster 5.1 VX
  • http://www.gamefront.com/files/5017929/_ISO__SB_Audigy_LS__SB0312_

    Older install discs with even more incompatible software can be obtained here:
    http://jetdl.com/download/Sb+Audigy+2/nem2 (Total Size: 345.43 MB says SB0570 on the tin)

    12 05 2011

    That was a really awesome post man! really loved going through it.. bookmarked your site and will keep checking it often. thanksa lot

    31 05 2011

    This ” Unofficial SB Audigy Series Software CD for Windows 2000 / XP / Server 2003 / Vista (32/64-bit) by Daniel Kawakami” works with a Sound Blaster Audigy SE (SB0570) ???

    13 06 2011

    Links are dead.

    18 06 2013
    Peter is a dick

    Like the Creative soundcard market!

    25 11 2011
    windows vps

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    3 05 2013

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    7 05 2013

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    13 06 2013

    all download links are dead, this article is useless

    18 06 2013
    Peter is a dick

    Well your comment wasn’t exactly constructive. Plus everyone always said you were an attention seeker.

    8 03 2014
    windows 7 drivers

    Look, with dread, at the big yellow question mark (Figure 1).

    I work for a major electronics retailer in there
    computer repair department and I have been noticing a trend.
    This only makes finding the one just right for you that
    much more difficult.

    2 09 2014
    Tom Terrific

    The download links seem to be dead. Is the CD available anywhere else?

    25 09 2014
    driverpack solution

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