WTF Is This?

This blog was created to be just another personal blog. I thought I would try to share as many of the mundaine trials of life with you.

The blog was never intended to focus on the darker aspect of Creative Lab’s company policies, I promise. After sharing my experiences in Vista with my Audigys, it became aparent that I was far from alone. This site’s visitor statistics started growing at an alarming rate. I was not alone in my frustrations

New questions were asked and new discoveries were found. The site grew from some boring guy’s blog to a valuable resource for thousands of daily visitors.

I didn’t honestly think I would enjoy blogging, but it is really teaching me a lot (and no I don’t mean how to make a mess with HTML).

What I’ve learnt so far about so called “Crippled Creative Drivers”

Creative “decided” not to support Audigy’s EAX support in Vista. The reason why many if not most people bought that expensive product was for it’s EAX advantage. Creative soon realised it wasn’t a smart move.

So then they tried to sell the EAX feature back to us. They claimed extra development costs were needed for Audigy Alchemy.

In reality, the existing X-Fi Alchemy worked fine and there was a simple check to refuse Audigy installs. Once removed, the X-Fi’s Alchemy worked just fine. There were still no official working 5.1 drivers for the expensive Audigy 2/4 series.

Then somebody noticed that the Dell X-Fi Vista drivers had extra Dolby, DTS and other digital features. Yet Creative had released none for retail customers. A couple of files swapped from the Dell download, started to reveal new Audio Console options.

It wasn’t long before people found other interesting features “turned off”.

How I personally feel about Creative Labs

I feel like Creative want me to throw away my Audigy 2’s and unopened Audigy 4’s. They want a few thousand more tons of un-damaged PCB in land fill sites. All this simply because they have chosen not to release software or unlock features for Vista.

X-Fi owners will understand better when X-Fi 2 arrives and they start losing features and gaining software bugs.

I was sold my Audigy because they had class & pride, like a classic motor car. Now I understand they’re only disposable razors.

guess where the name comes from

I AM NOT daniel_k

I’ve spoken to him in the past on the Creative “support” forums. daniel_k is obviously in good standing with us though. He’s done a great deal to help everyday people that Creative wouldn’t. Much love.  He also contributed valuable entries to the “How To Fully Uninstall Creative Drivers” guide. I am DriverExpires on the Soundblaster forum, named when Creative decided to put time limits on their Audigy Drivers. So we’re clear? Please don’t pick my brains about his installer packages. Please don’t ask how to make them work on SBLive! and Windows 95. I’m not daniel_k, and you’d get better answers from him!

This is not Audigy Fight Club

I’ll also be posting things unrelated to Creative, Audigy and soundcard. I’m sorry if you don’t find it relevant, but somethings are better shared.

Also, I’d ask that you don’t comment just to tell me what an A-hole I am. I already know that, and I’m working really hard not to be. To be quite honest it’s a losing battle.

Please enjoy our little part of the interweb, and don’t take anything you read to heart. Oh and don’t expect me to give you money -I don’t have any. If you’re looking to make a quick buck here, please get off at the next stop.

No goats were harmed in any way while making this blog.
(We just scared them lots)

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