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daniel_k’s SB Audigy Series Support Pack 3.8

(unoffical drivers and software applications, fixed by daniel_k)

Included in the pack:

    Operating systems supported: 32-bit and 64-bit editions of Windows 7 RTM / Vista SP2 / XP SP3

    Included in the pack:

    • Audigy series driver 2.18.0017.7
    • ALchemy 1.41.02
    • Audio Console 1.33.01
    • DDL and DTS Connect License Activation 2.00.03 (*)
    • Dolby Digital Live Pack 3.00.06 (*)
    • DTS Connect Pack 1.68.75 [modified 1.03.04] (*)
    • EAX Console 3.00.56 (Windows XP only)
    • Graphic Equalizer 2.00.65
    • MediaSource DVD-Audio Player 2.00.78
    • SoundFont Bank Manager 3.21.02
    • Speaker Settings 2.00.60
    • THX Setup Console 2.10.43 (Windows XP only)

    (*) Purchase and activation required, more info at

      Download, more information and discussion here.

      Audigy Series Vista Driver Installer Version 2

      (Unreleased Drivers)
      No More Goat Soup’s Audigy Series Vista Driver Pack contains (in my view) one of the best (english language) Audigy series driver, driver installer version 2.15.0003. It boasts many improvements over the previous release, midi support, SPDIF support in both Vista 32bit and 64bit and of course Line-In. It also includes Creative Audio Console, complete with “Decoder” tab. I have to be honest and say it’s the most stable option available, due to the fact it’s a minimal software install and as few “work arounds” as possible. It’s made from Creative files, so no file protection issues should arise. This pack is a standalone 20mb installer with a handy Setup.exe

      Due to the age of this driver, Dolby Digital Live and DTS Interactive will not work

      Download: Audigy Series Vista Drivers 2.15.0003

      Audigy Series Vista Driver Installer Version 1

      No More Goat Soup’s first Audigy Series Vista Driver Pack contains a english language Audigy series driver, driver installer version 2.15.0002. It also includes Creative Audio Console, complete with “Decoder” tab. This pack is a standalone 20mb installer with a handy Setup.exe

      Due to the age of this driver, Dolby Digital Live and DTS Interactive will not work.

      Download: Audigy Series Vista Drivers 2.15.0002

      X-Fi Crystalizer for SB Audigy Series by daniel_k

      Creative Labs states that primary function of the 24-bit Crystalizer is to “restore portions of the sound which were lost during compression”. In theory this can be done by advanced interpolation techniques. In practice, the Crystalizer is a dedicated, dynamic equalizer (Exciter). Its main function is to enhance the high and low frequencies of the input audio. Other functions include modifying a certain range of frequencies in order to achieve better perceived sound quality on a wider array of equipment such as headphones and speakers, and also to digitally increase the volume by about 3db. The Crystalizer emphasis can be adjusted between 0-100% when enabled, however even at 0% the audio is still processed partially. As a consequence of enabling the Crystalizer, the original signal is altered, and whether the result improves upon the original audio is purely a matter of perception and can depend on the type of audio being played.

      This utility was written from scratch and does not contain any copyrighted code. Creative’s director of developer relations, George Thorn told daniel_k, in a chat session, that is OK to provide mods as patches. X-Fi Crystalizer for Creative SB Audigy series – by Daniel Kawakami WARNING: Use this utility at your own risk, without any guaranties. This small utility will unlock X-Fi Crystalizer on any Audigy card, except the Audigy SE/Value/LS. It requires Windows running in Safe Mode.

      Download: X-Fi Crystalizer for SB Audigy Series

      ALchemy 1.10.01 Free EAX Support For Vista

      This download is an application for Creative Sound Blaster® X-Fi™ and Sound Blaster Audigy® series of audio devices. It restores 3D audio and EAX® effects for certain DirectSound®3D games in Microsoft® Windows Vista®. For more details, read the rest of this web release note.

      Download: ALchemy 1.10.01


      THIS IS AN UNSUPPORTED BETA DRIVER. There is no technical support for this driver. We recommend that only experienced users install this driver. Do not install this driver on a system used to perform critical tasks. Users who are looking for stable drivers should wait for the final release. When this happens, user should install the latest Sound Blaster Audigy series driver available.

      Unofficial Audigy Series Software CD for Win2000 / XP / Server 2003 / Vista 32/64-bit by daniel_k

      Fully integrated and automated install, supporting Windows 2000, XP, Server 2003, Vista (32-bit and 64-bit), installs proper drivers. Includes all latest software available. AudioConsole EAX Settings SoundFont Bank Manager Speaker Settings Volume Panel Diagnostics DVD Audio Player (32-bit only, Audigy1 is not supported) Karaoke Player SB Performance Utility (Audigy2 ZS Notebook) Smart Recorder Wavestudio 7 Vienna SoundFont Studio Media Toolbox Entertainment Center MediaSource 5 Online Manual (PDF / CHM) MIDI Guide Drivers (working Advanced EQ presets)

      Download: Unofficial Audigy Series CD

      Audigy Vista Support Pack By daniel_k

      Audigy series driver 2.15.0004 (the latest X-Fi driver), APO Interface Module 1.30.00, Audio Console 1.20.57 (including Graphic Equalizer), EAX Settings 1.10.05, MediaSource DVD-Audio Player 2.00.76 (32-bit only), SoundFont Bank Manager 3.20.20, Speaker Settings 2.00.60  Exclusive features in this unofficial driver include; Equalizer, CMSS and Stereo Surround with Stereo focus control, Advanced EQ and Special FX available, Dolby/DTS decoder (working on 32-bit/64-bit requires Windows Vista Service Pack 1), DVD Audio (32-bit only), Hardware MIDI synthesizer (includes 2Mb, 4Mb and 8Mb SoundFont banks), 4 Gb RAM approved (tested on Intel C2D E6400, Gigabyte 965P-DS3, 4Gb RAM)

      Download: Audigy Vista Support Pack

      kX Project Drivers and Mixer

      The kX Project is an independent development project, focused on providing free WDM Audio Drivers for kX-Compatible sound cards. Read our mission statement for a quick introduction. The kX Audio Driver is an independent WDM (Windows Driver Model) driver for all EMU10K1 and EMU10K2-based soundcards manufactured by Creative Technology Ltd. and/or E-mu Systems Inc., including the SoundBlaster Live! series, the E-mu Audio Production Studio (APS) card, and the Audigy / Audigy2 series of cards. The kX Audio Driver package includes driver system files and setup files as well as a powerful audio mixer application (the kX Mixer), which acts as a Graphical User Interface, providing access to many of the driver’s internal functions.

      Download: kX Project Drivers

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