Working 5.1 Dolby Digital Encoding Through SPDIF For Games

27 10 2008

Ok.. following up somewhat from yesterday’s Creative rage, I thought I’d clear a few things up.

Firstly Creative have released an announcement claiming Dolby Digital Live will be available late December 2008 for Audigy owners. Well, technically Audigy owners who have SPDIF output from the cards anyway. It will cost $5 or something pitiful.

Well it just so happens that I’ve come across something that might help us out until then. The thing I’m talking about is redocneXk. Looking for a Dolby Digital Live unlocker? This beast will enable 5.1 sound through optical/coaxial for your EAX games.

redocneXk is a realtime AC3 encoder that allows you to use spdif passthru with sound from any source.

It encodes to AC3 what you send it by using ASIO. ASIO is used to transfer audio from the sound card to the cpu. The cpu encodes the sound to AC3 and send it out of the computer by using the sound card digital passthru. You can easily do this to every sound played in windows with this program. It works with Creative cards on the kX drivers and the Creative drivers.

I’ve tested it out in Guild Wars (with Audigy 2), and sure enough it creates perfect EAX and 5.1 channel surround via SPDIF digital coaxial connection. The quality was better than EAX in 5.1 analogue too.  I’ve also noticed it outputs the same 5.1 channels from my onboard Realtek HD’s optical. Now there’s an added ASIO bonus.

It’s pretty sweet to fire up a game and see “PC Digital: Dolby Digital” displayed on the home cinema receiver. So if you’re like me and can’t wait for digital 5.1 encoding -head on over to redocneXk to pick it up legally, for free.

“Multi-channel Audio Through One Cable FTW”




23 responses

3 11 2008

Is ASIO supported by onboard sound??

Sounds like a great news if it does.

3 11 2008

Forgot to ask, how did u get it to work with onboard Realtek HD? That’s what I’m using.


3 11 2008
» redocneXk + Audigy 2 + onboard Realtek HDs optical

[…] U may say it’s impossible at the moment, and I wouldn’t argue with u… UNTIL i read the below… Working 5.1 Dolby Digital Pass Through SPDIF For Games No More Goat Soup In this article by Master Goat, and I quote " Ive tested it out in Guild Wars (with Audigy […]

4 11 2008

I just changed the default audio device from Audigy 2 to Realtek HD. Just to clarify, you need a Creative sound card for this to work. Since using redocneXk, I haven’t had any crashes or issues relating to it. Set your record device to “What you hear” and you’re done.

I use AC3Filter for my 5.1 Dolby Digital and DTS SPDIF needs.
I use FFDShow for my Stereo PCM AVI files (decodes in to 5.1 Dolby ProLogic II) SPDIF playback.
I use redocnex for dsound PC gaming. EAX via ALchemy and glorious 5.1 digital sound.

I sound lead FTW! I’ve since disconnected my discrete analogue leads…

16 11 2008

What card, OS and Creative driver version did you use for testing redocneXk?


30 11 2008

I have this feature for my X-Fi card and when enabled in Vista 64 Ultimate I find it kills the sound altogether. My Theatre kit shows no signal. On XP, however, it works perfectly. Would this have anything to do with the Audio Console showing ‘Unknown or invalid signal’ when I check the SPDIF tab?

Can anyone help me understand why it works in XP and not Vista? Something with the drivers I supsect, but is there a fix?

7 12 2009

i have the same sound card (x-fi) and i want to use EAX via SPDIF.
Could you find a way to do it with your card.
Please write me back.

1 12 2008

I ‘m unsure if 64 bit OS are supported by RedocneXk (or the Creative Dolby Live program?).

It works the same for me in Windows XP x86 and Vista x86.
Percaps check out the forum at driverheaven.

19 01 2009

This program is a great idea, something i’ve wanted for a while, but i have a problem i just can’t solve. Sometimes when i click stop encoding in the GUI version, or just close the cmd version i just freeze and have to reboot. any idea what could be the problem? All my settings are correct as far as i know. i’ve also occasionally gotten an error report about recovering from a serious error with the stop code 0x000000D1, i pretty sure is a result of the crash, although it doesn’t come everytime.

19 01 2009

its best to just use the dos version and make your own shortcut with the required keys because teh GUI version has known problems and isn’t supported anymore

20 01 2009

I stated i am using the DOS version… they have the exact same problem

6 03 2009

Are you sure they said December 2008? Maybe they meant 2009? or 2020?

23 03 2009

I see that they have the Dolby Live option for Audigy users up on Creative’s site now!

24 03 2009

Yeah they do, but the Audigy 2’s spdif still isn’t working under Vista x64….?!
I’m wondering if it will magically start working if I buy a DDL pack – bit of a cheeck if i’m right… is that potential rage i smell?

24 03 2009

Well if you are buying DDL, you’ll need American Express, Master Card or Visa card. The idiots didn’t even think to put a Maestro or Pay Pal option.

Talk about retarded.

30 05 2009

I tried the redocneXK encoder, but my Z-5500 Console still shows PCM 2/0 96.

And my Dolby Digital Live does not work at all via Audigy Control Panel.
Having errors with “invalid paramater”

I guess some of us will have to keep waiting for 5.1 sound.

I’m using Vista Ultimate x64

26 11 2009

Very helpful many thanks

26 08 2011
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21 12 2011

anyone found a alternative to realtek hd audio ( alc892 for example )

29 04 2012

Do u need a creative card to get this working. I actually have a USB multi channel Audio Device to which i’ve hooked up my Speakers. I installed ASIO4all drivers and Redocnexk(Gui Version) . In the Menu i selected the drivers to ASIO4all , And Output Device as my USB multi channel Audio. When i click Start Encoding The DOLBY DIGITAL in my speakers gets turned on .. But the problem is i hear no sound

2 05 2012
No More Goat Soup

Yes, I believe the Creative card has to be present, although the sound will output through all devices,

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