X-Fi Beta Driver – SBXF_PCDRVBETA_US_2.18.0015

26 08 2011

Fixes? “X-Fi causing BSOD when using OpenAL with GroundWiz RTS Demo and Benchmark tool”. Omg. They must have been working overtime.

Driver Version dated 20th May 2011. Enjoy!



You are being provided a beta test version of a software product for
the sole purpose of enabling you to test the product in a wide 
variety of real-world situations prior to the product’s commercial
release (if any). Beta testers voluntarily agree to use software 
products still under development strictly in accordance with the 
attached end-user license agreement terms (including but not 
limited to no warranty and very limited liability on the part of 
Creative Technology Ltd and its subsidiaries ("Creative")) and to 
provide bug reports and other feedback to Creative.  
Any feedback provided by you may be used by Creative for any 
purpose whatsoever without the payment of compensation or other 
consideration.  All results derived from your participation in 
this beta test are confidential.

The beta software product contains pre-release code, may not 
be fully functional and may be substantially modified in 
further development.  You assume ALL risk associated with use.  
Creative can provide no assurance that it will ever produce 
or make available a general release version.

Sound Blaster Audigy and X-Fi Driver Readme File
July 2008
This document provides important information that supplements the 
Sound Blaster Audigy series and X-Fi series documentation.


1.1  Installation process not completing



1.1  Installation process not completing

If the Windows Security or Microsoft Digital Signature Warning 
dialog box appears, click the Install or Continue Anyway button. 
This dialog box may appear behind the installation screen and 
your computer may appear to be not responding. If so, press and 
hold the Alt key while pressing the Tab key to switch to this 
dialog box.

Copyright (c) 2008 Creative Technology Ltd. All rights reserved.
End of Readme File



One response

1 12 2011

Where is the download? Is the X-Fi Titanium supported?

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