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1 12 2009

I thought it would be fun to share some advanced visitor statistics. I know It’s not exactly fun, but it amuses me for a while. All statistics are correct from December 1st. Behold the power of the interweb! blog stats

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Audigy Drivers 69,431 More stats
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Playing DTS Audio Files In Windows Media 45,423 More stats
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FREE Creative ALchemy “Universal” 1.00.0 24,274 More stats
Audigy Series Vista Driver Pack 24,205 More stats
Creative MediaSource 5 Player/Organizer 23,021 More stats
X-Fi Vista Support Pack v2.15.0004 Drive 21,778 More stats
New Audigy Drivers XP Vista SBAX_PCDRV_L 21,342 More stats
Getting Better Windows 7/Vista Performan 20,807 More stats
Audigy Series Vista Driver – 9th May 200 18,360 More stats
SB Product Index 17,803 More stats
X-Fi Crystalizer for SB Audigy Series 13,312 More stats
Dolby Digital Live Pack – SB Audigy Seri 13,187 More stats
Working 5.1 Audigy Series Vista Drivers 10,932 More stats
X-Fi series Driver 2.18.0004 – 30th July 8,874 More stats
Audigy dts Support 8,614 More stats
Nintendo Wi-Fi USB Connector XP/Vista Dr 7,820 More stats
New Audigy Drivers 2.18.0011 For XP/Vist 7,789 More stats
Working 5.1 Dolby Digital Encoding Throu 7,635 More stats
WTF Is This? 7,446 More stats
Daniel Kawakami Says Goodbye 7,131 More stats
Official Audigy Beta Driver SBAX_PCDRVBE 6,634 More stats
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daniel_k’s Creative SB Audigy Series Sup 5,708 More stats
daniel_k’s SB Audigy Series Support Pack 4,954 More stats
Creative WaveStudio 7.10.24 4,633 More stats
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daniel_k’s Vista Support Pack 3.1 + dts 4,114 More stats
Creative ALchemy 1.10.01 Available 3,686 More stats
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Guru3D – Driver Sweeper v1.0 Final Relas 3,459 More stats
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ALchemy 1.20.04 1st August 2008 2,472 More stats
Audigy Series and Dolby Digital Live. Wh 2,396 More stats
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atikmdag.exe Errors in Vista. What Is To 1,727 More stats
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Half-Life 2 – Review From

4 04 2009

This review was first published at ( in November 2004

I feel I should start this review where the story began for me, November 1998; Valve Software released a landmark in gaming history. The title I’m talking about is obviously Half-Life. I saw it in a local retailer and thought it may be the kind of thing I’d like. I paid for it and went home to install and play. I soon found myself in the shoes of Gordon Freeman, a blameless scientist, working at The Black Mesa Research Facility. When a laboratory experiment goes disastrously wrong, scores of aliens and mutants are released into the area. As luck would have it, the Special Forces are deployed to alleviate the situation. Upon arrival it becomes apparent to me that no witnesses can survive, not even me. I was highly appreciative when Gordon took the only option available. He pulled out the shotgun.

Half Life proceeds to be accredited with over 50 “Game of The Year” awards. I cherished the game; the modifications and expansion packs seriously gave a sense of value and depth. Half-Life redefined the whole gaming community, inspiring an online revolution with it. Like a true hero, it seems Mr Freeman has returned to us in our time of need. Half-Life 2 has been in development for several years. The hype since its release was enormous. The few limited screenshots were drooled over by the gaming populace. Soon there were spectacularly beautiful videos and screenshots in abundance.

When November 16th 2004 finally arrived, grown men cried. At the start of the game will you find yourself on the train pulling in to City 17. It this point I was keenly checking out the windows at the fresh world before me. I also felt compelled to interact with the two civilian passengers. I don’t think I made a good impression, however. The train stopped and I stepped out into the station. Here I found those who liked me even less; The Combine. These militants are the brutal law enforcers of City 17. Clad in leather body armour and carrying stun batons to pacify the suffering civilians. Their police radios sound ultra realistic and you can hear them from quite some distance. On several occasions I picked up small objects and threw them at their heads. This made The Combine irritated and often led to a chase. On the occasion I was unfortunate enough to get caught, I received an unsympathetic thrashing that shook my screen aggressively. I decided to leave the constabulary and aggravated civilians instead. By the time I made it outside, I was by now clearly impressed with the lighting, design and overall smooth, interactive game play. The great outdoors was even more remarkable. I found City 17 to be in a distressing and insolvent situation. Ruined buildings and police roadblocks besieged the streets. Flying mechanised spy craft observed my every movement, blinding me with the bursts from their camera flash. High above a projection screen numbs the minds of the weary populace.

Not only did I think this game had admirable graphics, sound and game play, but I also found the actual ambience impressive too. As I progressed through the game, I was amazed at the rate of which the game play accelerated. Every time things began to get the slightest bit repetitive, something would change. When new weapons and vehicles appear, it certainly changes the plot to say the least. The puzzles got harder too. Not too difficult but hard enough to make you think every few minutes. The choice of maps Valve decided upon is wholeheartedly diverse. I enjoyed every map because they were always striking, practical and filled with masses of hostiles. From the toxic swamp to the city ruins, I was wholly impressed with everything.

I’ve heard a few people complain that the game was too short. The game does leave you feeling a little empty once you have completed it. The closest thing I can compare it to would be the end credits of a movie you just enjoyed watching. It was good, but it had to finish somewhere. This is where most games play their multiplayer card. I was a little disappointed that Half-Life 2 didn’t have a multiplayer option, but I can understand why it didn’t. The environments are beautiful without question, but strain even the highest specification machines. I’m certain that twenty players with shadows, flares and reflections in those environments would humble even the fastest PC. You also have to appreciate Half-Life2 does indeed ship with Counter Strike Source after all. Multiplayer has been rumoured, so we’ll have to be patient.

I’ve also seen people posting about technical problems with the game. You only have to glance at The Steam Forums to see masses of posts regarding errors. I found myself reading posts from individuals who where posting about crashes and hang-ups. Most that I could see weren’t even issues with the game, user errors and software issues mainly. I’ve had no technical issues whatsoever with the game, which pleases me greatly as I don’t own an ATI card. This, in turn brings me to the “Nvidia cards run on DirectX 8.1” complaint. I’m happy that Valve chose to do this myself. There’s not a great difference of image quality, but a sizable performance increase between the two. The game still runs smoother and looks nicer than most FPS that I play. This made plenty of gamers consider further hardware upgrades so close to Christmas, I’m certain.

To summarise, this game is obviously the best single player, first person shooter to date. The graphics, sound and game play are all fine examples of superior craftsmanship. Every microscopic object and detail has been thoroughly checked to ensure the authenticity is never compromised. A good example of the depth would be throwing paint pots at the mutants, which covers them with healthy amounts of Teflon white. The environments are littered with countless objects which are all interactive to some extent. When my ammunition depleted, I never hesitated to throw furniture at the hungry hordes.

I was continually excited by every split second of interactive game play. The path I was following rarely felt like the projected route to take. I unquestionably felt quite free and at ease to progress at the pace of my choosing. If there’s anyone out there who hasn’t bought it yet, I’d wonder what they were waiting for. The lifetime spent in development has matured Half-Life 2 to be the unequalled game that it has become.

I’d like to say an extra special thanks to Valve, who made this review possible!

New Team Fortress 2 Update Sneak Peak.

1 04 2009


So there we have it. The first unlockable of the new class has been revealed. You really have to hand it to Valve. Well over a year later and they are still supplying their games with new material. Team Fortress 2 was finished when released, don’t misunderstand. They just keep thinking up so much cool stuff to add to  it.

I was guessing that soldier would get the next update, or spy. As if there weren’t enough snipers already…. I know my kid will love it though.

If I had to pick the best game developer, based on support -it would be Valve regardless.

Left 4 Dead – It scares me!

20 11 2008

Well the happy time has come again. Valve have released another blockbuster to keep the goats entertained. Obviously I’m talking about Left 4 Dead. A few years ago Valve gave me a Steam account to play with, and Left 4 Dead has just appeared on the list!

Since it’s release, I’ve been testing it quite a bit. For those who haven’t read, L4D is a Zombie bashing first person shooter. The game uses an advanced Source engine and is capable of effects that blow Half-Life 2 away. Some of the new shader effects are really neat. There’s a wide variety of opponents to fight too. Not every Zombie you’ll face is a normal Zombie. For example the Boomers can blur your vision with fancy pixel shader elegance. This makes fighting the Zombie hoarde a lot harder. Another type will send out a tentacle-like tongue to constrict you. Help!

The team co-operation is essential. Every now and then you’ll need your team-mates to come to your aid. Either by dispensing medicine or simple helping you up off the floor. Fortunatley, the characters have loads of charisma. I don’t know if it’s enough to save them from the invading forces of infected though…

You’ll find plenty of weapons, explosives and environments to battle through. Some situations are really quite creepy. Just be careful crossing that cornfield, okay?

Left 4 Dead is available in all good game shops now on Xbox 360 and PC formats. If you’re already a Steam user, then it’s probably better to buy it online.

Valve are also running a competition to win a copy for yourself. If you fancy your chances of winning a freebie, head over to here!

The demo for L4D is also available on Steam. You can download through your Steam Client, or alternativley visit to pick it up. It’s rather a large demo -and will certainly give you a taste of the game.

Finally, I’d like to give a very big “thank you” to Valve Software and of course [FAP]Preacher for their continued support.

“I hate railyards!”

I Have Team Fortress 2 Wooohooo!!

16 11 2007

Some years ago, Valve Software kindly gave me a STEAM account to review the legendary game Half-Life 2. What a treat – I can tell you. I was given a press account and persued to review one of the best games ever. I’d reviewed a few games (for the site in question), but HL2 really defined the pinnacle of high end gaming at that time. I was chuffed.

Today’s gamers however, are spoilt for choice. With games such as BIOSHOCK, Crysis and stuff like Gears of War on the market -there’s a lot at stake. One game which I have been really looking forward to is Team Fortress 2.

I’ve been busy with real life commitments lately and haven’t had a chance to do much gaming. I thought it was about time to fire up the STEAM again. I had wondered a few times if it would be available on my account, so I was really quite ecstatic that Valve Software had added the game for me to sample. I’m installing it immediately and will post a little review as soon as I’ve been owned (so much that I have to turn it off)…

In the meantime, here’s what I’m drooling over.