Sound Blaster Audigy series Vista Support Pack – Feb 24 2008 by Daniel Kawakami

29 03 2008

Warning: These drivers and softwares are unofficial, not supported by Creative Labs, Inc.

Use them at your own risk.

Sound Blaster Audigy series Vista Support Pack – Compiled on Friday, April 25, 2008 11:47 AM by Daniel Kawakami


* 02/24/2008:

– Finally fixed Speakers and CMSS setting synchronization, so Audio Center was removed.

– Completely uninstall the previous version, including all applications, before installing this one.

* 02/21/2008:

– Under certain circunstances, Speakers and CMSS setting are still not synchronized.

– Now includes the full featured Creative Graphic Equalizer, with Preset saving, see screenshot below.

* 02/19/2008:

– Changed the driver version from v2.15.0004B to v2.15.0004EQ (with Equalizer).

– Windows speaker settings are now synchronized with Audio Console / Speaker Settings speaker configuration.

– Enabling CMSS in Audio Console or EAX Settings now properly activate effects in Creative APO; Stereo focus slider does not work, so Audio Center is still required for that.

– Audigy 2 ZS Notebook is now properly supported / detected by Setup

– Completely uninstall the previous release before installing this one.

Supports both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows Vista (including Service Pack 1).

Supports all Audigy card with a Hardware EMU10K2 DSP chipset (OEM / Retail models):

– Audigy (including ES, MP3+, X-Gamer and Platinum)

– Audigy 2 (including Value, Platinum and Platinum Ex)

– Audigy 2 ZS (including Platinum and Platinum Pro)

– Audigy 4 (including SE and Pro)

– Audigy 2 ZS Notebook (PCMCIA) – Uses software MIDI emulation that does not (currently) work in Vista.

Does NOT support the following OEM / Retail models:

– Host / software-based cards including Audigy LS / SE / Value, Audigy 2 SE, Live! 24-bit)

– any external Audigy soundcards

Integrated setup program to install the following items:

– Audigy series driver 2.15.0004 (the latest X-Fi driver)
– APO Interface Module 1.30.00
– Audio Console 1.20.57 (including Graphic Equalizer)
– EAX Settings 1.10.05

– MediaSource DVD-Audio Player 2.00.76 (32-bit only)
– SoundFont Bank Manager 3.20.20
– Speaker Settings 2.00.60

Exclusive features in this unofficial driver:

– Equalizer

– CMSS and Stereo Surround with Stereo focus control

– Advanced EQ and Special FX available (see notes below)

– Dolby/DTS decoder (working on 32-bit/64-bit, requires Windows Vista Service Pack 1)

– DVD Audio (32-bit only)

– Hardware MIDI synthesizer (includes 2Mb, 4Mb and 8Mb SoundFont banks)

– 4 Gb RAM approved (tested on Intel C2D E6400, Gigabyte 965P-DS3, 4Gb RAM)

Release notes / Known issues:

Windows Security warning during driver installation

When prompted with “Windows can’t verify the publisher of this driver software”, choose “Install this driver software anyway”.

MediaSource DVD-Audio Player requires Audigy 2 or better

Do not install if you have the first Audigy model.

The application does not support Windows Vista 64-bit and setup will close with an error message.

WaveRT Pull Mode enabled by default
Does not seem to cause any problems, but if you ever need to disable it, follow these steps:

– run the Registry Editor (Regedit) and open the following registry tree:


– select Search (or press the F3 key) and type EnableWaveRTPullMode, deleting the value when found.

Restart the computer.

For more information on WaveRT, access:

Built-in Decoder (requires Windows Vista Service Pack 1)

To use the built-in decoder, make sure it is enabled in Audio Console.

Select “SPDIF Out (Creative SB Audigy (WDM))” as the output device of
your player and then configure the AC3/DTS filter to send the stream
through SPDIF.

When you restart your computer, the Tone settings (Bass and Treble) are not applied.

Just readjust one of the controls one time per boot.

EAX effects, Advanced EQ and Special FX

EAX effects only work in 4.1, 5.1 e 7.1 speaker settings.

Advanced EQ and Special FX only work in 2.1 speakers or Headphone settings.

EAX effects, Advanced EQ and Special FX (Using SPDIF Out)

All effects work properly, but when you restart your computer, the Tone settings (Bass and Treble) are not applied.
Just readjust one of the controls one time per boot.

There is no sound in games with OpenAL support or using Creative ALchemy

Disable Advanced EQ and Special FX selecting “No effects” before running the game or program.

Equalizer settings are lost

It happens after you run a game with OpenAL support or using Creative ALchemy. This issue also occurs in Windows XP, so it is not specific to this Windows Vista driver.

When you restart the computer or run Equalizer, the saved setting is automatically loaded.

No sound when CMSS is enabled using Audio Console (4.1 or more speakers)

Just move the Stereo Focus slider and set it back to the desired position, even if it is 0 (zero). Once the setting is saved, works properly. This issue does not affect EAX Settings.

Windows Vista MIDI Device Configuration Utility

Use this utility to change the MIDI playback device for 32-bit and 64-bit applications.

The driver installer automatically selects the first hardware MIDI synthesizer found.

Note: The Audigy 2 ZS Notebook (PCMCIA) does not have a hardware synthesizer.

Some screenshots:


Stereo Surround:


Mplayer Classic: select “SPDIF Out (Creative SB Audigy (WDM))” as the output device of
your player

Mplayer Classic: configure the AC3/DTS filter to send the stream through SPDIF

Hardware MIDI:

Download from: FileFront 61.03 MB (63,991,397 Bytes)

All files are property of Creative Labs, Inc.



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29 03 2008
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29 03 2008
Sound Blaster Audigy series Vista Support Pack - Feb 24 2008 by …

[…] (Donald Burnett) wrote an interesting post today onHere’s a quick excerptSound Blaster Audigy series Vista Support Pack – Compiled on Feb 24 2008 by Daniel Kawakami. Changelog:. * 02/24/2008:. – Finally fixed Speakers and CMSS setting synchronization, so Audio Center was removed. … […]

30 03 2008
30 03 2008
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31 03 2008

Thanks a million …but was just wondering how come this was 64mb while the one’s on the torrents r 750mb?

31 03 2008
Joel Hruska

I’m a staff writer with Ars Technica looking to get in touch with Daniel_K before we go to print with a story on this issue. Anything you could do to facilitate that contact would be appreciated.

31 03 2008
Heute schon gekotzt? bei

[…] Dateils sowie Download der Treiber für Vista von Daniel K (Download befindet sich unter dem letzten Bild) […]

1 04 2008

Aaah found out that the torrent one’s r a combo of this exe + the ISO file.
Greatful for ur effort to provide us this file and ur support on the Drivers u have compiled .
Keep fighting the Good battle mate

1 04 2008

Hi, 🙂
I have X-fi fatalty and im using vista

i downloaded x-fi drivers from official creative page but they are released march and not compatible with daniel k’s drivers which was released february

how can i get dolby decoder?

1 04 2008

Sorry I don’t have an X-Fi (thank god) so I have no idea.

3 04 2008

So is this the most recent driver for an Audigy 2?

3 04 2008

Ich kann den Treiber nicht installiern. Er findet keine kompatiblen Produkte !? X-FI Extreme Music


3 04 2008

Hiren: No but in some people’s opinion it’s the best one. I prefer Version 2.15.0003, myself.

PP: Did you notice the English nature of this blog? I can barely manage English, let alone German. My crude translator says “I do not know the driver installier. He does not find compatible products!? X-FI of extremes Music.” If you have an X-Fi Extreme Music, perhaps download X-Fi Drivers… these are Audigy.

Audigy (including ES, MP3+, X-Gamer and Platinum)

– Audigy 2 (including Value, Platinum and Platinum Ex)

– Audigy 2 ZS (including Platinum and Platinum Pro)

– Audigy 4 (including SE and Pro)

– Audigy 2 ZS Notebook (PCMCIA) – Uses software MIDI emulation that does not (currently) work in Vista.

4 04 2008
Creative Labs and me… a personal journey in sound | Gaming Clarity

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5 04 2008
peter forbes

this is infuriating!

card worked well until re installed windows vista 32 and now i get message every time i goto download the driver saying…you have installed previosly..try rebooting…im gonna use realtek until this is solved.


13 04 2008

Which drivers do you recommend for an Audigy 2 ZS under Vista, Goat? These, or yours?

14 04 2008

Peter: I’m guessing you mean the Setup.exe won’t install because it says it needs a reboot. Maybe reboot and try again. Failing that download’s driver sweeper (removes all nasty Creative files and try again)

Justin: Both do the job fine. I like the nomoregoatsoup ones because they are minimal and give me all that I need.

14 04 2008

Even with some of the extra features? Like CMSS2 and Stereo Surround? Maybe not the applications, but some of the features? Or possibly better performance / less crackling issues? What are your thoughts?

16 04 2008

The trick is to use as little Creative stuff as possible!

I install AC3 Filter and enjoy lots of Dolby & DTS options, and specify what type of audio gets the 5.1 treatment!
AC3 Filter’s upmixing skills are much better than the Stereo surround feature. I turn off CMSS.

I get 5.1 sound in games
I get 2 channel audio in 2 channels (with the option to upmix for say, AVI movies with 2 channel soundtracks).
I get multi channel audio in multi channels.

I know some people really like the features you mentioned, but I really can’t see any advantage given it’s all software based now.

..and yes I get sound distortions with drivers other than 2.15.0003. On my system, some OpenAL games don’t create the right sounds. I don’t have a clue why this is.

20 04 2008

Well I tried the link given but was unable to find it .. So if you can please provide another link where I can download it….

21 04 2008

filefront links arnt working…
keeps taking my to filefront home page

22 04 2008
23 04 2008

TYVM guys, link fixed!

24 04 2008

Does this work with audigy oem with gameport instead of firewire i think is sb0160 “advanced eax hd”?

25 04 2008

Filefront links are not working. They take me to the webpage of filefront and not the files itself (files deleted?). Can’t someone mirron on other servers like rapidshare?

25 04 2008

The FileFront links go from working, to not working, mainly because Daniel_K keeps on updating the driver, deleting the old one, and uploading the new one.

Go here to stay up to date.

25 04 2008

Oh by the way, the link as of now to the drivers is;10076838;/fileinfo.html

26 04 2008

Thanks Justin. It was not working yesterday even from the creative forum link.

28 04 2008


I couldn’t manage to get STEREO SURROUND, the old driver was still interfering with the new “modded” driver. Since it is a new system i formatted and reinstalled Vista 64bit, after that it now shows the option for STEREO SURROUND.

I strongly advise who is still seeking for that very feature (which is one the most useful for listening music in 5.1 kits) to COMPLETELY UNISTALL driver and its entries before you install the Vista Support Pack, though I wasn’t able to verify that since it was more convenient for me to do a clean OS reinstall.

29 04 2008

Thanks for sharing your experiences.

I agree that most issues people get with Creative drivers are due to either:
a) not uninstalling drivers properly
b) installing over the top of old drivers

..but I really loathe stereo surround. I use AC3 Filter to set up a real 5.1 matrix. That way you can remove all CMSS and other bug infested zones. Tell it 5.1 speakers.. it does the rest. You can even choose which types of audio data it processes.. PCM ftw

My 5.1 MP3, dts play in 5.1 without upmixing. 2 channel audio plays in 2 channel -sure, but I only use upmix for 2 channel audio AVI films…. then I just press upmix on my speaker remote.

Might be something to play with, for you! 🙂

2 05 2008

I am in a fix now. Help needed from experts urgently.
I recently purchased sound blaster audigy value sound card which supports 5.1 channel speakers. I have also purchased creative 5.1 channel T060 model speakers. I have 64-bit vista 64 loaded. Now while testing it does give output from all the speakers. But while running any application, it acts as 2 channel speaker outputs sound with only 2 front speakers. Based on the posts of various forums, I have found that updates are available for all audigy series drivers except for mine i.e., audigy value sound card. Now do I need to upgrade my sound card to audigy 2 /4 or higher level so that my 5.1 channel speakers work on vista 64-bit edition.


2 05 2008

I’m pretty sure the following drivers support Audigy Value on Vista x64. You’ll be fine with the ones on this page.

Audigy 2 (including Value, Platinum and Platinum Ex)

3 05 2008

Works fine.

13 05 2008

Works perfect. Everything I need that the official drivers don’t have! Thanks.

17 05 2008

Hey nomoregoatsoup,

I have the SB Audigy Card, and some of the sweetest PC Speakers (Mission x-Space) ever, if only I could get the Creative software to work on my VISTA Ultimate x64 OS I would be in audio heaven.

Can you help sort this issue, as I am really getting sick of the whole “the software cannot find supported hardware” messages.


17 05 2008

Hey John,
I’ve heard about this error -it affects both x86 and x64 versions of Vista.
Vista SP1 (KB940199) was supposed to adress issues like this, I believe.
I don’t think it worked though.

When exactly are you getting these error messages? Driver install or Software (like Creative Audio HQ?)

18 05 2008

The Creative Software usually installs fine without any error message, however if I try to use any of the software, EAX, Equaliser, etc… It’s then that I get “cannot find supported hardware”.

I have tried running in compatibility mode but this seems to make no difference whatsoever, my PC recognises the Sound Card in the Device Manager, but other than that it does not recognise it in any other capacity.

18 05 2008

Hmm.. aside from uninstalling everything, removing drivers from device manager, running Guru3D sweeper, Crap cleaner…. reinstall Windows! ARGH!

It could be an old driver/software installation conflict – but it’s a lot of work for nothing if it’s a Vista compatibility issue.

Are you sure you really need those applications? 😀

19 05 2008

Hello, first I have to say Thank You for the effort you put into the CD Version 2.

I have a Audigy 2 ZS Platinum Pro and unfortunately I can’t control optical In anymore as it is not available in Surround Mixer (in XP) and in Soundcontrol (in Vista).

My Media Database is full of WAV Files and I used MediaSource 3 with the Remote RM-1500 and its plugin in the latest version (in XP).

I miss that in the new package. I wish it would be possible to use the remote plugin for MediaSource 3 on Version 5 or use Version 3 in Vista and XP as it is a wonderful handling.

I WOULD BE ABSOLUTELY GRATEFUL IF YOU COULD HELP ME REGARDING THAT PLUGIN MATTER and I hope to get an Update to the Opical In Issue. An Option to Install Entertainment Center or MediaSource Plugin would be wonderful. With MediaSource Plugin it was possible to go fast forward or back to switch tracks to set EAX … all while being in MediaSource 3 or even while MediaSource 3 is minimized or closed and I am working on something else.

Another Issue I encountered was a problem switching between Dolby Digital Decoding methods in Vista (in Audio Console). It is gray. In an earlier version in XP there was possible: Standard, Dolby Digital In Decoding, SPDIF Bypass.

Again Thank You for Your efforts.

Unfortunately your download :
Filename SBAX_PCDVT_LB_2_15_0004EQ.exe
does not work like a few others, too. But I tried to start them on Windows XP Pro. Maybe that’s problematic but I just get a no win32 application error message.

Respectfully, Jelges

19 05 2008

Live! Driver download does not work either

19 05 2008

If it is to any interest, I do not only own a Audigy 2 ZS Platinum Pro I also have a Audigy 2 ZS Video Editor (also with Remote RM-1500), as well as an Audigy 2 ZS, Audigy 2 ZS Notebook and an X-Fi Extreme Music and not to forget the old Sound Blaster Live! Value and Player 1024.

19 05 2008

Hey Buddy,

You are right is does seem a lot of trouble for nothing, I just watch a lot of DVD’s through my PC and listen to a lot of music. I have these great speakers, and it would be nice to be able to adjust the audio set up to my liking, Windows Media Player is a little basic.

Any suggestions on alternative software??

Thanks for your help, it is sincerely appreciated.

26 05 2008

I am planning on formatting my hard drive soon and want to make sure I have the best driver downloaded for my Audigy 2… is this the one for me? My main requirement is CMSS 2 🙂

27 05 2008

I’d just use drivers and the Crystalizer’s CMSS 3D, or even better set up a real matrix with AC3Filter. (I really dislike CMSS2’s upmixing/channel splitting nonsense).
I’m a firm believer in LESS CREATIVE SOFTWARE! I don’t even like CMSS :p

Oh and John, AC3Filter + Crystalizer = FTW

27 05 2008

Which drivers do you use though? Are they the best ones out at the moment?

27 05 2008

I’m using the “Nomoregoatsoup Version 2” ones, myself on my home machines.
I don’t see the need to bloat my systems with EQ, Surround Mixer and the likes. I’ve used the daniel_k drivers and they are equally as good/bad. They are sourced from the same X-Fi drivers.

nomoregoatsoup version 3 is well into production though, and has been used “in the lab”. I kinda like that one at the moment -due to the super beefy bass, enhanced (read hacked) decoding and quality CMSS replacement.
…but it still has minor issues to fix.. when we get time.

There’s also an official Creative Vista driver expected July 2008 (finally! but hey -it will probably suck).

So nomoregoatsoup might release version 3, depending on what comes to light when the official driver gets released.

27 05 2008

Hello again, will I get any help on problem Blue OSD (Remote Plugin for Mediasource 3) use with Daniel_K CD on MediaSource 5 for direct remote access to MediaSource as I don’t like Entertainment Center that just doesn’t work right with RM 1500 and has no direct access to MediaSource (any Version) for example going fast forward while playing a track in MediaSource with remote.
Even in WinXP this Plugin only works with MeiaSource 3 which it is connected to and does not work with MediaSource 5 (Unicode).
Please help.
Sincerely, Jelges

29 05 2008

Hello, after installing CD Version 2 and the Update EQ Driver Package I have problems playing WAV Files from a Harddrive in my network. They run a few seconds and then the sound and time stands still for a few seconds and then they go on from that point. If I copy WAV Files to the local Harddrive then everything works just fine. What can I do?
Another problem I encountered while using Entertainment Center which gets its data from the MediaSource Music Library. When I choose a track from a Album it starts playing but the Artist and track info both show unknown so Entertainment Center has problems applying the data from MediaSource library if Wave Files are in it I think as they do not support ID3 Tags like in mp3 Files.
Installing all of CD Version 2 gives an error on Smart Recorder Installation.
The first problem I only encountered on Windows Vista Ultimate.
The other two happened on Windows XP Professional and on Windows Vista Ultimate.
I really would appreciate some info as no one ever replied to anything I wrote on this blog.
Respectfully, Jelges

1 06 2008

Thanks Daniel for all your great work.

I do have one problem,
Just switched to Vista 64 and cant get the gameport Audigy fix anyware.
There is the 32 bit fix but the 64 link no longer works.
Does anyone have it or know how to get it.


3 06 2008
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3 06 2008
Baren, you are amazing Daniel, last night i was just installed my “Audigy gamer” driver on my vista business great for me, and everything works fine, like audio console, eax, equalizer..

when i am listening music from windows media player, it work fine so far, but i don’t try for watch movie from media player yet, and also for games. But when i tried movie file, like movie trailer, i used windows media classic and it seems so lagging for me. i don’t know maybe it’s a codec files or something else. i’ll try to look again.

Tomorrow, i’ll update again about my Audigy Gamer driver again, hope there are no troubles or crash with my vista business

4 06 2008

ok..i’ll update for the driver this time, yesterday i only try to play mp3 file with this driver, but last night, i watched dvd movie with windows media player and also i played game GRAW2, everything works normally and no crash with the movie or the game..oh, i forgot , before of that, i installed X-Fi crystalizer of audigy driver.’s a good driver, and with X-Fi crystalizer, i have a better sound quality of my Audigy Gamer sound card..once again, Thanks are Rocks…!!!

5 06 2008

Yes, I echo Chris’ question: Where is the 64bit Vista gameport (Audigy 2 ZS)driver?

8 06 2008

I just formatted my PC and installed these drivers, but the CMSS 2 does not sound the same as before. Also, I changing the percentage of front and rear does not seem to make a difference to the output either 😦

9 06 2008

Hey can anyone give me a working link to the above mentioned driver pls.

18 06 2008
Langlang Buana Yudha

give me more explanation about this driver please

20 06 2008

I would like also the most updated link for the Sound Blaster Audigy series Vista Support Pack.

20 06 2008

Latest Sound Blaster Audigy series Vista Support Pack

21 06 2008

Hi i just purchases a new laptop with a Logitech 2 zs sound card..
And i just discovered i cant use it with windows VISTA..Can u pls give me the link to where i can download the latest/Stable one pls…thanks

21 06 2008

Thanks daniel!

22 06 2008

thanks daniel! i don’t think i have any issues anymore…. wtf, i’ve been waiting 2 years for this. three cheers buddy we all owe you a beer

will the software crystlizer install and work with this new build?

22 06 2008

would this fix some of the known issues like not being able to decode dolby digital and DTS?

22 06 2008

My name is daniel but im not daniel_K. I just reupload his modded drivers.
Crystalizer should work on this drivers.
Crystalizer for Audigy

Julian read info 🙂
– Dolby/DTS decoder (working on 32-bit/64-bit, requires Windows Vista Service Pack 1)

26 06 2008


I’ve been used the new official beta drivers with Alchemy. I’m unable to configure the balance of the speaker (like in the configuration within XP) nor to activate my subwoofer…

My Question now: Are these funktions enabled with these drivers here?

Many thanks for the effort to bring drivers to the users, which normally should be released from creative as they collect the money -.-


PS: pls forgive my bad english 😉

1 07 2008

i have installed SBAX_PCDVT_LB_2_15_0004EQ for my audigy2zs on vista 64. there is an option for stereo surround. but i have no stereo surround in itunes or media player 11. only front left an front right and sub are working. does anybody hava a reason why that would not work?

1 10 2008

I’ve got the Audigy 2 ZS and I’m on Vista ult. 32bit. Back in XP I had THXcon and surround sound mixer which gave me the option of setting Digital and analog. On XP I had my sound card connected to my onkyo reciever that way I could watch movies through 5.1 home theater system. Now I don’t have that option on Vista. Any Suggestions?

9 10 2008

Audigy SE to X-Fi Xtreme Audio (1.04.0079 modded drivers)

Daniel K was the first one that modded the X-Fi Xtreme Audio drivers for Audigy SE. The last X-Fi X-treme modded for Audigy SE are 1.04.0078.

What I did? I modded the 1.04.0079 X-Fi Xtreme Audio drivers for Audigy Value, Audigy SE / Audigy 2 SE, Audigy LS, Live! 24-bit .

More information you can find here:

What you gain? You will have the same sound on Audigy Se like on X-Fi Xtreme Audio.

[b]Drivers modded for Windows XP 32 bit and 64 bit:[/b]

Main site –

Mirror 1 –

Mirror 2 –

Mirror 3 –

Mirror 4-

– Driver for Windows Vista / Windows XP v5.12.01.621
– APO Interface Module 2.06.00
– Audio Console 2.40.14
– Console Launcher 2.40.09
– Host OpenAL 1.00.14

[b]Drivers modded for Windows Vista 32 bit and 64 bit:[/b]

Main Site –

Mirror 1-

Mirror 2 –

Mirror 3-

Mirror 4 –

– Driver for Windows Vista / Windows XP v5.12.01.621
– APO Interface Module 2.06.00
– Audio Console 2.40.14
– Console Launcher 2.40.09
– Host OpenAL 1.01.08

The modded drivers were tested by me on XP 32 bit, XP 64 bit, Vista 32 bit si Vista 64 bit. All worked nice.

10 11 2008
rudy gonzales

I’m wandering if this by a remote possibilty, be daniel k. kawakami , from hawaii i believe . who served in vietnam around jan 70 , mos 76T20 , send me a e-mail thanks, rudy (speedy)

11 11 2008

Sweet crackling sound of creative drivers. Winxp sp3 is system…

12 11 2008

Rudy: daniel_k probably won’t read that here. He won’t have access to your account info either, so he won’t read your email address. Maybe email him yourself at

Hope this helps!

7 12 2008
Jose Iglesias

In the XP world, I had been using my Creative Audigy2 ZS Platinum edition mainly for LP to CD conversion. I even used their software to do some initial digital file editing. Prior to entering the Vista World, I removed the Sund Blaster Card from the PCI Slot and the Drive from the front of the PC. Once in Vista I replugged the Sound Card i the PCI Slot and remounted the Front Drive in the PC. Performed all internal connections between the Front Drive and the Card. Restarted the PC and noticed the Vista installed its on Driver. Didn’t think much of this and proceeded to install all the drivers recommended by Creative for Vista.
The 5.1 Speaker set up works fine, however, I have lost the option of being able to use the record feature for Analog/AUX input in the Front Drive. (Never mind SPDIF and other inputs). Though, I am able to record under the option “What U Hear”, when playing a CD on the DVD-ROM Drive or when listening to a song in the internet.
I have contacted Creative. They have been understanding. However, no success. The latest set of instructions is about 6 pages long. Give me a brreak. All I need to do, I think, is to prevent Vista from installing its drive and use the downloaded update from Creative to use their drive.
How do I prevent Vista from installing its drive?
Thank you

7 12 2008

hy everyone.
can anyone help me pls. i have a Audigy Sound Balster 5.1 Advanced HD model SB0160 sound card and i’m running windows vista business 32-bit. vista installed for me a driver from creative but the problem is that only 2 speakers are working. i’ve downloaded from creative support site the drivers for audigy series but when i try to install it says it’s unable to find a supported product.
where can i find the driver or what sould i do. thanks

8 12 2008

Jose Iglesias: I’m sorry I don’t have a front panel to test. Lots of people simply removed the front panel when Vista arrived. Sorry, I can’t help.

chaos: Perhaps CTHelper.exe is running. Perhaps they should have called it CTFubar.exe -regardless I bet it’s the source of your issue.

Perhaps check this link on how to remove that nasty startup entry.

16 12 2008

nomoregoatsoup: thanks for your advice but it didn’t worked, i’ve disabled the CTHelper.exe and CTXFIHLP.EXE but no good…finally after a long research i had some success with an aplication from Creative called Creative Alchemy which restores hardware accelerated audio so that you can enjoy EAX effects and 3D audio when playing DirectSound 3D games in Windows Vista, the good news is that you can also use this application with other application related to sound (winamp or media player,etc.). now thanks to this app i’m able to hear 4 speakers FR, FL, RR, RL and the subwoofer when listening to music or watching a movie. The strange part is that i hear the center speaker only when making test 😦 i’ll search to make it work but don’t know when, for now it’s good to hear 4+1 speakers.
hope this post help!

17 12 2008

Chaos: Alchemy is for games.. up to 7.1 discrete channels. I wouldn’t recommend it for Winamp or WMP etc. There are much better ways of getting “multispeaker” to your media than EAX “echo” effects.

Have you tried installing AC3Filter and setting up a matrix for your videos? I just turn off CMSS in the Creative Audio Console (CAC- always makes me laugh) and set up my own 5.1 speaker selection. It won’t do mp3 multispeaker. The “Stereo Surround” effect where it mirrors L and R to the surround using simple delays.

I much prefer a genuine dts, Dolby Digital or Dolby ProLogic II decode. It’s probably better suited for 5.1, but has options for 4.1, 3 channel etc.

18 12 2008

nomoregoatsoup: first of all i dont have a Creative Audio Console (CAC which makes me laugh too) on my pc, i’ve allready told you that vista instaled for me just the driver and that because when i try to install the Creative sound Blaster Audigy driver from Creative support site (SB24_VTDRV_LB_1_04_0077.exe – the name of driver package) I get the following error “the application is unable to find a supported device and will now close”
I’ll install an AC3Filter and do what you told me and after I’ll give you a feedback. thanks

18 12 2008

chaos: The trouble is “5.1 Advanced HD model SB0160” is quite legendary, yet mythical.

Creative, still to this day, don’t list the model on their product support list! They probably haven’t written the device code in to the driver. A quick google reveals you are not alone. I’m guessing when it was new, it was OEM or brownboxed.

Whenever strange issues like this arise, it’s usually the drivers. I think trying different drivers would fix this. Maybe try kX Project drivers first and see if the installer detects it. I’m pretty sure that would work -it even supports Live! cards.

Good luck!

5 01 2009

me Error I-001 write out the install.( Sb Audigy 2 Platinum )

11 01 2009
Bob L

“Goat” … !

Could use your help here (big time). I’ve had a project going for over a year that I use an Audigy 2Z Platinum to record with. Since I’ve had new hard drives installed I’m having a lot of trouble getting things working again. Tried the kx project drivers – they might be good – but sure haven’t been able to get them to work better then I had before.

If you could e-mail would really appriciate your suggestions – and I could explain in more detail.


14 01 2009

Divinity31, download the drivers again from a different place.

The one floating around rapidshare is corrupt and will give you Error I-001.

17 01 2009

what is the current link for dan k’s latest? can’t seem to find it and scare to go to rapidshare

23 01 2009

Hi nomoregoatsoup. I’m using Audigy 2 ZS Notebook. Please tell me, does your Vista drivers suitable for making music(Midi-Audio will be used) in Vista. I’m still on XP, cos latest official creative drivers still don’t do good job for me in Vista. I’m working with 48Khz and 24bit, btw. Thanx.

22 02 2009

Dear nomoregoatsoup!
I’m using Audigy 2ZS and Vista 32bit. I have a problem with the loading of SoundFonts. The level of Soundfont Cashe is 0 and I can’t change it. Help me please.

27 02 2009

i have vista x64 and audigy 2 zs i like mod to xfi but dont search drivers daniel_k links broken please daniel or somebody put drivers in new links. this drivers links are broken too. sorry my english i speak spanish

17 03 2009


I use this driver with Audigy 2 ZS and Vista Ultimate x64, the only thing that I miss is Advanced EQ in 7.1 mode. Is there a way to enable it? I’m using this soundcard for music listening mostly, and I like this drivers because they have CMSS2 i don’t play mush of games but the titles I have played worked like charm (Farcry2, NFS:UC, Fallout3), everything is working without Alchemy.

Like I said is there a way or better driver to gain Advanced EQ in EAX + CMSS2?

Thank you for your help and keep up the good work 🙂

18 03 2009

Sorry I meant Advanced EQ + STEREO SURROUND

29 03 2009
Pavel from Czech Republic

I want to give a big thank to Mr.Creator of this patch/driver/utillity , it is definitely better way , than buy a new ultra sensation , absolutely necessary Creative X-Fucking I , if you installed MS Vista .
The sound is now (mostly in the games ) really great , because audio console was weak and didn´t support any options . It´s like in the gold times of Windows XP 🙂 .
Ok , enough of this , i have games to play so THX onemore time and , may the force guide your spirit thatway for the long time

Creative Labs and Microsoft are really fucking in the same hole ( we´re in the hole ).

9 04 2009

I’m getting error message “I-001” when installing Creative Smart Recorder.
Someone here posted “download drivers from another place – Rapidshare’s are corrupt.”
Thank you, but WHERE do I find a different set of drivers and how do I know if I’m DLing a good version of them? It takes an awful long time to get them – 700 MB.
Does anyone know how to fix this?

15 04 2009
Creative Labs and me… a personal journey of sound | COMMANDER TIM

[…] new operating system. But for the last few months, an ingenious fellow by the name of Daniel_K has been taking Creative’s shoddy drivers for their Audigy series of cards, and molding them into something […]

16 05 2009

How can see the old school mixer in Vista to choose MIDI as input in recording? I use the latest Audigy 2 drivers. Nothing else.

8 07 2009

The download files are no longer available 😦

24 07 2009

thanks, you helped me a lot

14 08 2009

Hi!! great Drivers from DanielK thanks for posting here, I have a problem with the latest driver from DanielK “SB Audigy Series Support Pack 2.0” In windows 7 RTM 7600, Can you help me to enable de SPDIF IN Volumen controls in Windows 7 Mixer? I dont see where can I enable my Optical Input in this version of drivers, is this a bug? I hope you can Help me sorry for my bad english Cheers!! and thanks!

15 01 2010
Creative SB and Win 7? - -

[…] links to more drivers:…niel-kawakami/…istawindows-7/ __________________ Windows 7║Fan […]

15 01 2010

The latest version of daniel_k’s support pack can be found here.

3 02 2010
El Mugroso

Using Audigy 2 zs notebook, and sonarLE. No problems recording. BUT can’t seem to be able to record the effect of the Creative Equalizer.

I use 2 spakers and can record the stereo wave as I hear it… I push the equalizer and the sound I hear is affected, but wave being recorded DOES NOT capture the effect of the eq. It continues recording the same. What input can I give to the sonar audio track so it also records the equalizer?

I’ve tried then all and none gets it. I have sonar in Asio mode.

I also tried audacity and also, effects I can hear in speakers but they DO NOT record.

Any hints, solutions?


3 05 2010

I like this content so much.Imagination is more important than knowledge.

5 05 2010
Windows Vista Google Alerts for 30 March 2008 |

[…] Sound Blaster Audigy series Vista Support Pack – Feb 24 2008 by … By nomoregoatsoup The application does not support Windows Vista 64-bit and setup will close with an error message. – WaveRT Pull Mode enabled by default Does not seem to cause any problems, but if you ever need to disable it, follow these steps: … No More Goat Soup – […]

28 10 2010
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8 08 2011
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fantastic submit, very informative. I ponder why the opposite specialists of this sector don’t notice this. You must continue your writing. I am sure, you’ve a great readers’ base already!

28 08 2011
hp mini 210 review

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26 02 2012
Kx-mb 1500 | TagHall

[…] . KX-TES824 Guía de funciones . Samsung Galaxy Ace2 Especificaciones | iElectroBlog . Sound Blaster Audigy series Vista Support Pack Feb 24 2008 by … . BANTAM BRC-40 1941 […]

16 07 2012
5 01 2013

Thanks for finally writing about >Sound Blaster Audigy series Vista Support Pack – Feb
24 2008 by Daniel Kawakami No More Goat Soup <Liked it!

18 03 2013

I love reading an article that will make men and women think.
Also, thanks for permitting me to comment!

4 09 2014

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I wonder how much attempt you put to make the sort of wonderful informative
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