Audigy Series Vista Driver Pack

26 08 2007


 Download Latest Version Here

No More Goat Soup has recently posted about the various work-arounds and fixes for Audigy Series sound cards in Windows Vista. Today, I’m pleased to announce an improved Vista driver install package. Before installing any new drivers or software, please take a moment to download and install Guru3D – Driver Sweeper. FnF has updated this release to include a whole bunch of Creative files & entries that cause drivers to fail to install, or not install correctly. Many, many common issues are resolved by simply running this BEFORE installing new drivers.

Audigy Series Vista Drivers
Release Notes
Version 2.15.0002

This setup file is intended for Windows Vista. The driver should support:

  • Creative Sound Blaster Audigy including Platinum and Platinum eX series
  • Creative Sound Blaster Audigy 2 including Platinum, Platinum eX, and Value series
  • Creative Sound Blaster Audigy 2 ZS including Platinum and Platinum Pro series
  • Creative Sound Blaster Audigy 4 Pro and Sound Blaster Audigy 4
  • Creative Sound Blaster Audigy 2 ZS Notebook PCMCIA

Known issues:

  • Applications from the original Sound Blaster Audigy CD will not work with this download.
  • Users are advised to use Audio Console included in this download to change speaker configurations.
  • This driver does not support DirectSound®-based EAX games.
  • This driver does not support 6.1 speaker mode.
  • SPDIF passthrough is supported on Vista 32-bit only.
  • Requirements:

    • Windows Vista 64-bit or Windows Vista 32-bit
    • Creative Sound Blaster Audigy audio devices listed above.

    Version History:

    • Utilized Creative Audio Console™ from previous official release
    • Updated device drivers to SBXF_PCDVT_LB_2_15_0002 dated 10th May 2007
    • Replaced ctac32k.sys and ctdvda2k.sys with the Dell driver counterparts to provide better functioning AC3 decoding support and SPDIF in features.
    • Added “Goat_Says_Read.txt” to install package

    Install Instructions

    • Simply download from the mirror of you choice, extract files to destination of your choice and run the setup.exe

    Download Driver Pack 2 (Recommended)

    Download First Release Driver Pack

    Speakers cmss Decoder




    34 responses

    26 08 2007
    Working 5.1 Audigy Series Vista Drivers « No More Goat Soup

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    26 08 2007
    Getting Your X-Fi or Audigy’s Dolby and DTS To Work In Windows Vista (SPDIF IN Working Too) « No More Goat Soup

    […] The follow method is the advanced manual method. I strongly suggest you try the recently added Audigy Series Vista Driver Installer Package before you try this manual […]

    28 08 2007


    Thanks for all the work you had by compiling these for us… CL should pay you for this…
    By the way it worked just fine for me on Vista32 Ultimate running Audigy 2 ZS Platinum.
    CL should have shame on this subject…


    29 08 2007
    Robert Souders

    Hi again….

    Also again, many thanks for all that you have done….

    Well, I bit the bullet and pulled out the Audigy 2 from the XP, and parked it into my new Vista 32 Ultimate machine.

    I must be skipping a step or two, but I did not get the rear channels to function after installing your new package. (Although I did screw up and left the old board software in….I will go back to square one and delete all audio and start again….maybe I answered my own question)

    Any ideas why no go?



    29 08 2007

    I couldn’t get the rear channels until I used driver version 2.15.0002

    Check that you don’t have driver version 2.12.0002 installed.

    Some users are reporting that 5.1 resets to 2.1 channels after every restart with drivers 2.15.0002 also.
    This a Creative Labs driver issue that affects X-Fi and Audigy series. Hopefully they’ll release a newer version soon.

    5 09 2007

    Thanks! I think this driver also fixed an issue I had with Cakewalk Sonar 6, where the Soundfont menu item was disabled/grayed-out. I have an Audigy 2 Platinum on Vista Home Premium.

    5 09 2007

    Awesome stuff! Thanks for the feedback, Steven.
    We love success stories! We wish you and your Audigy2 Platinum a long and happy life together!

    9 09 2007

    Hi pal,

    First thanks a lot for having enlightened us while creative dubious commercial strategy was keeping us in the dark and enticing us to spend more money on their latest cards… Their lack of respect toward customers and greed for money only deserves this lesson from aware users like you.

    Now I have one problem and a suggestion:
    After installing this latest driver pack for my audigy 2 zs with vista, although all the tabs appeared in the audio console, unfortunately the SPDIF Input Settings is greyed, preventing me to select an external source to be sent to the built-in decoder. Do you have an idea on how could I solve this ?

    Then I noticed that once installed, this driver package didn’t enable the enhancements tab in the speakers properties, from the Playback devices menu. So I extracted your package, used your trick by modifying the driver info file, rebooted then the tab was there. So I thought maybe for your next update you could do the same to allow our fellow users to have by default those nice enhancement options like room fill.

    9 09 2007

    Hello, thanks for giving feedback.

    To get directly to the truth, 2.15.0002 driver seems to cause more problems on Audigy2 zs than any other card, mainly the decoding features.

    We’re currently testing files in the latest Creative beta drivers, and hope to finish compiling something better soon.

    We’re also considering a speaker enhancement “option”, but it’s unlikely to make it into the default install package for a couple of reasons. Mainly, it will most likely add in file protection issues, a complication we don’t personally like.

    We are still considering adding in an advanced install with a small warning/disclaimer/explaination though. At worst we will most probably provide another installer link once the final package has been tested fully.

    Again, thanks for providing valuable feedback.

    11 09 2007

    Installed the driver on Vista 64-bit with Audigy 2 ZS notebook and it is working perfectly however AC3 and DTS decoding is not working. There is no decoder tab in Audio Console.

    12 09 2007

    Amir, this has been reported by several Audigy2 Zs owners. We are currently researching a possible fix for the few that this issue affects


    13 09 2007
    Audigy Drivers « No More Goat Soup

    […] Download: Audigy Series Vista Drivers 2.15.0002 […]

    17 09 2007

    Hello i have audigy 2 NX usb with remote is there any way to get working drivers for my card and full functionality of remote in vista ??

    17 09 2007

    sumbudy help me 2find Audigy 2 Suorround mixer n EAX console for vista… please gv me link, information or anything please

    18 09 2007

    Daniel K has released a software package that includes both remote control features and surround mixer.

    You will need to delete ALL Creative entries before using otherwise it will not work correctly..

    You can download the complete unofficial (but fully working) software package here.

    …and you can find a complete list of files to remove before installing here.

    Hope this helps.

    21 09 2007

    Want to thank you for this drivers for vista. I have even got my 7.1 speakers to work 🙂

    22 09 2007

    Most welcome, glad it worked for you.


    23 09 2007

    Thanks for your work. Recently installed low profile Audigy SE into a new HTPC Vista build. (There are so few low profile cards availble, so choices limited). I really need 5.1 passthrough so am trying your drivers. However, driver build will not install. I get error message “no supported device found”. Is this a limitation in the driver?

    23 09 2007

    Sadly the Audigy SE is a crippled version of the Audigy. All audio processing is done via software.

    SB Live! 24-bit, Audigy SE / LE and X-Fi Xtreme Audio are the same and require different drivers/applications.

    Sorry, but these drivers are only intended for those listed on supported hardware section.

    Creative Sound Blaster Audigy including Platinum and Platinum eX series
    Creative Sound Blaster Audigy 2 including Platinum, Platinum eX, and Value series
    Creative Sound Blaster Audigy 2 ZS including Platinum and Platinum Pro series
    Creative Sound Blaster Audigy 4 Pro and Sound Blaster Audigy 4
    Creative Sound Blaster Audigy 2 ZS Notebook PCMCIA

    28 09 2007
    Odin Tyralothe


    Thanks for putting this together and making yourself available! I think it has taken me a step towards getting 5.1 sound back… But I am not quite there yet.

    Im using Vista 32bit, and have a SB Audigy 2 ZS Platinum. I followed the instructions as best as I could; Downloaded and ran the driver sweeper, and installed the driver package located on your website. After wiping the drivers, I restarted the computer and ran the setup file I downloaded here as fast as I could, because Vista right away started looking for drivers.

    When I open up the audio console and select the speakers tab, there are no options listed in the drop down menu. I would be greatly appreciative of some idiot proof instructions on how I’m suposed to go about getting 5.1 surround back? (specifically, how to make the front centre, rear left and rear right speakers work). Is it possible that I’ve simply re-installed the old drivers while thinking I was installing your driver package?

    Thanks in advance.

    28 09 2007


    I’ve seen the “empty speaker selection” bug more than any other on Vista/Creative. I was hoping driver sweeper would clear up all the extra files, but it seems like manual deletion is the only hope for the more difficult entries.

    Pay particular attention to:
    C:\Windows\{*.CDF *Under Vista, requires additional actions to be successfully deleted, see below.
    To remove .CDF files, type the following two commands in the Command Prompt (requires Admin Privileges or UAC disabled):

    takeown /f C:\Windows\*.CDF


    cacls C:\Windows\*.CDF /G User:F

    User is your username, which must have admin rights. Answer Y (yes) to confirm the changes.
    Now close the prompt, open Windows Explorer and delete the files with filenames like these:


    Everytime I’ve had this bug (quite a few times now) a simple mass uninstall and deletion of these files always cures it.

    The full list of files can be found here:

    Good luck!

    30 09 2007
    Robert Souders

    Hello again…..

    Once again, many thanks to Dan and yourself for soldiering on with this….I have reinstalled the two part download, but I am not certain that I have done this correctly…..(this is for Vista 32 BTW)

    Could you please give specific instructions about the process after the two part download? I somehow managed to unpack the first half, and then the Creative install began…..but it seems that the second half of the download is not needed….it looks identical, so now I think I have missed something….I guess I need a hand hold thru the RAR parts…..then, how to reinstall…..I did, BTW, use the driver clean up uninstall program you are promoting, and yes, it works like a champ…..

    Also, I noted today on the Creative bitchsite (excuse me, website) that Daniel is on the verge of releasing a new update……I saw your responses also….

    Thanks for your help….I just do not use the RAR stuff, and I think I have omitted probably a very basic operation…..


    30 09 2007

    To make Daniel_k’s ISO just drag a selection over the selected icons (parts of iso), right click on one of them.

    A menu should appear with options to extract to various locations.

    Hope this helps

    30 09 2007
    Robert Souders

    Hi, again…..

    I guess I still don’t quite get it…..I downloaded both files again, placed them both in the same folder, selected both, and right clicked on the second file (which is part 2)……I then selected “Extract” to a new folder……the first one extracted, then at 50%, it said that I am duplicating the same file…..I answered NO to replacing……I do now have one file, but is this the correct proceedure? I just open this one new file up and install? What, then, is the purpose of the two part file?…..Thanks…..I am not a novice, but I do not have experience with ISO stuff….it just seems that I am going to reinstall what I already stumbled through…..also, I am going to assume that I should burn this to disk, but in my prior attempt, I just installed from the desktop…..all the stuff kinda seemed to be there, but I am willing to try again….


    30 09 2007
    Robert Souders

    Hi once more…..

    This seems to work a-ok…….thanks again for your help…..but, it does seem to be just as my awkward hit and miss first install…..I still don’t understand the need for the two download files, but who cares……only program that does not function is the Diagnostics…..I get an error message that this is unsupported….any ideas on that? Looking forward, as are you, to the new Dan K. software fix…..


    2 10 2007

    Hi Goat,

    It is great to see you handling all this stuff where as the stupid Creative Labs anus punchers are doing nothing but ripping everyone off.

    I was just wondering, if I grab this pack and install it, will my games work in 5.1 surround? Or will I still need that stupid Alchemy software which hasn’t worked for me so far?.. (I have a standard SB Audigy card but I could have spent 60 bucks on a handjob instead)

    D 😉

    2 10 2007


    Your game should work fine in 5.1, but there will not be any EAX support for environmental echos and better 3D positioning. If you can get the EAX working – it will sound way better from supported games. For games with OpenAL support – it will sound the same regardless of ALchemy.

    I’ve also just added a newer driver installer, maybe your ALchemy will work better with those drivers.

    …and 60 bucks sounds a little expensive. Try to shop about a bit. 😀

    2 10 2007

    Hi again Goat,

    I tried to install the software but it says that I need windows vista?? I have got vista! I also checked compatibility mode and it does not have xp mode or any of that checked either… hmm.. I must admit, I have been playing around with drivers quite a lot since we all experienced this stupid problem and I also tried to run Driver cleaner. Upon uninstalling the drivers and then jumping into driver cleaner to make sure, it just does nothing at all. No error message or crash. But the creative driver is still detected by it.

    The other thing is that some of these supposed drivers available don’t even recognise my audigy card any more either?? Does this call for a Vista re-install? …. I hope not! If that’s the case, I may just drop back to XP pro sp2 and hope that a Direct X 10 will be written for it soon…

    If all that fails, then I may take your advice and shop around for a cheaper hand party! (I do live in Australia so $60 is supposedly the norm. They call it a “rub n tug” over here ;P)

    3 10 2007

    Hmm stranger and stranger…

    I’m afraid that I can only think of one thing left to try.
    Before your Windows has booted, hold down your F8 key to access the Window’s Boot options.

    Here you will find the option to “disable driver signature enforcement” and allow the operating system to use unsigned files.

    The only time I’ve come across umm.. Vista not recognising Vista was with graphics drivers. This worked for me after disabling this-hope it does for you.

    I should add, that I think this needs to be done every time you install “suspect” drivers. I’m pretty sure it resets back after a reboot.


    5 10 2007

    Thanx Goat, I’ll give it a try and will message back if I get it to work. I never knew about that disabling driver signature tactic and I appreciate all of your help 🙂 All you need now is for some hardware scientists to create a soundcard based on YOUR knowledge of decoding and we will all start buying “GOATCARDS!” instead of frigen Sound Blasters!!

    Either way, if this fails I don’t think I’ll be using Vista much longer.. It’s impossible to play games that don’t have an openAL force thru. I mean look at the options – 1: Install XP Pro Sp2 and you will get surround sound for every game out there but your visuals won’t be as good not to mention engine performance from Direct X or 2: Install Vista and get your engine boost performance from Direct X and lose 50% of entertainment value just because your sound is SHIT! And even then, if Vista defaults to realtime software based sound coding, there goes a bit of your visual performance too!! Catch 22? More like catching turds from the creative microsoft skies!

    Anyway bro, I’ll keep playing around with this coz it’s actually quite fun. Seen as though Creative and Microsoft are both jacking each other off now looking at all of us falling for this corporate fiasco.

    D 🙂

    6 10 2007

    Yeah I’m kind of confused about Vista/DirectX10/performance and everything.

    I’m forced to dual boot to XP to use our Wii/Wifi or to turn my graphic card’s fan down to a quiet speed. With XP drivers, my Vista runs really great, but install anything Vista official and I lose 30% PC power.

    ..and like you mentioned, DirectX10 isn’t going to be released for XP. It’s looking like dual boot is here for quite some time. At least I still get to use MCE2005, which is faster than the Vista effort. 🙂

    Anyway.. I’m begining to ramble. I really should get back to pulling software to pieces.

    Best of Luck


    19 01 2008

    Sorry to say but after installing the *UPDATED* Unofficial Audigy Series Software CD for Win2000 / XP / Server 2003 / Vista 32/64-bit drivers my keyboard dies within 5 minutes (random time delay) and my machine beeps ever so often when
    I type. 3 beeps over a few key presses and it dies. Gonna try a sys restore. I am
    XP Pro service pack2 it has happened on 2 instalations now.

    20 01 2008

    To all of you Guys who keep getting this error msg when ever u try to remove the previous driver “”Error: You have previously installed drivers without rebooting. Please reboot and try again.””

    I’ve tried every thing including :
    – Guru3D – Driver Sweeper.
    – CCleaner to clean up the registry .

    but i had no luck with i tried to installed the driver manually instead of clicking the setup.exe .go to the device manger in your control panel and locate your SB Audio sound Card then click on update choose the director where the drivers are located ” Vista Decoder 2_15_0003 \ Drivers\
    then click next–>reboot -> click the setup file now.

    30 03 2008
    Creative Shuts down Driver modder. - Page 2 - TechEnclave

    […] what I’ve pm’d nash is for the audigy drivers for vista I guess they work for the X Fi as well check this out […]

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