daniel_k’s SB Audigy Support Pack 3.7

17 03 2010

daniel_k has released SB Audigy Series Support pack version 3.7 (thanks for noticing tripoli). A lot of us were under the impression 3.6 was the last release. I guess he’s back in business, yay!
The new version boasts many welcome features, such as Audigy1 microphone fix, improved DDL & DTS encoding and much more. Check it out.

daniel_k’s SB Audigy Support Pack Version 3.7

by Daniel Kawakami

This software/driver pack is unofficial, not supported by Creative Labs.

Use it at your own risk.

Supports any model of the following Sound Blaster cards (based on Emu10kx DSP):

  • Audigy
  • Audigy 2
  • Audigy 2 ZS
  • Audigy 4

For Audigy SE/LS/Value and Live! 24-bit cards, click here for a compatible version.

Operating systems supported: 32-bit and 64-bit editions of Windows 7 RTM / Vista SP2 / XP SP3

Included in the pack:

  • Audigy series driver 2.18.0011.10 (latest beta)
  • ALchemy 1.41.02
  • Audio Console 1.32.04
  • DDL and DTS Connect License Activation 2.00.03 (*)
  • Dolby Digital Live Pack 3.00.03 (*)
  • DTS Connect Pack 1.68.75 [modified 1.03.04] (*)
  • EAX Console 3.00.56 (Windows XP only)
  • Graphic Equalizer 2.00.65
  • MediaSource DVD-Audio Player 2.00.78
  • SoundFont Bank Manager 3.21.02
  • Speaker Settings 2.00.60
  • THX Setup Console 2.10.43 (Windows XP only)

(*) Purchase and activation required, more info at http://buy.soundblaster.com.

Does this driver improve sound quality or performance? Are there any tweaks?

No, this driver does not improve sound quality nor increase performance.

No, there are no tweaks.

If someone states that its driver improves sound quality and performance, you are being fooled, cheated.

It is even worse that the so-called tweaks come from a person who is not EVEN technically acknowledged, does NOT know anything about Windows internals, software engineering and sound fidelity that all audiophiles always look for.

If you “feel” the sound better, that is the infamous placebo effect and there is no real proof that any tweaks work.

In fact, I have yet to see a driver that states in its release notes that it improves sound quality.

I’ve disassembled about every single .SYS driver, .DLL libraries and .EXE executables and found nothing.

There are some undocumented registry values, but nothing related to sound quality or performance.

Would the so-called tweaks even exist, they would be in my Support Packs, you can bet that.

Fixes and improvements:

  • Audio Console: DTS Interactive in Encoder tab
  • Fixes Windows crash (BSOD) when you restart, shutdown or suspend Windows with Encoder activated.
  • Fixes high CPU usage when DTS Interactive encoder is enabled on Windows XP/Server2003.
  • Fix the EAX Console installation error on Windows XP/Server2003.
  • Removes the Microsoft Audio Home Theater Effects to (try to) fix the static issue when playing audio using DirectSound interface.
  • Adds WaveRT interfaces for Windows 7/Vista
  • DTS Interactive encoder now works on Windows XP without any tricks.
  • Fixes a cosmetic issue on Audio Console, encoder status now says DTS Interactive.
  • Re-adds support for 64-bit OpenAL and 64-bit ASIO.
  • Fixes Microphone not available on Audigy1 cards on Windows 7 / Vista.
  • Enables support for WASAPI exclusive-mode event-driven playback, seems to be working just fine.
  • Fixes the enhancements errors in Windows mixer and Windows Media Player.
  • Adds Microsoft Audio Home Theater Effects for both Speakers and S/PDIF Out endpoints.
  • Includes Encoder Switcher to enable DTS Interactive on Audigy cards.
  • Fixes the Audio Console “Internal application error” when enabling the DDL Encoder on localized installs.
  • Updates Audio Console to display DTS Interactive in the Encoder tab when Encoder switcher is used.
  • Workarounds a bug that unexpectedly resets the speaker configuration.
  • Prevents an issue during installation on Windows 7/Vista that may result in low volume when certain enhancements are enabled.
  • Implements Hardware CMSS Headphone by using a workaround.
  • Updates all InstallShield setup scripts to support Windows 7.
  • Fixes installation INI to properly install applications depending on the detected OS.
  • Removes COM workaround for Equalizer, fixed by Creative.
  • Adds workaround to a memory corruption issue preventing Equalizer from starting on Windows 7/Vista.
  • Updates shared modules, responsiveness on certain applications is improved.
  • Enables CMSS2 and Stereo Surround.
  • Fixes 32-bit ASIO not working on Windows 7 x64.
  • Fixes Encoder not available on Windows 7 x64 (related to fix above).
  • Sets default speaker setting to 5.1 to properly reset configs to their defaults during install (fixes Bass and Treble levels not set to 50% on Windows 7 / Vista).

Undocumented fixes by Creative (not listed in the release notes):

  • Fixes the 6.1 speaker configuration is incorrectly available on Windows 7 64-bit (documented).
  • Fixes the Enable Dolby Digital Live check box not staying checked when Audio Console is closed.
  • Fixes Equalizer Out of Memory error.
  • Fixes Equalizer settings being lost on Windows 7 / Vista when speaker configuration is changed.
  • Fixes low volume on Windows 7 / Vista when default format is set to anything higher than 16-bit, 48kHz.
  • Fixes MIDI instruments in Melodic Pool not playing when speaker setting is higher than 2.1 speakers.
  • Restores missing Microphone option in Surround Mixer (documented).
  • Fixes Microphone mute, volume and +20db boost controls.

Release Notes:

Windows Security warning during driver installation

When prompted with: “Windows can’t verify the publisher of this driver software”, choose “Install this driver software anyway”.

OpenAL 2D benchmark in RightMark 3DSound crashes your system

Due to a driver bug, your system will crash if you run the OpenAL 2D benchmark using 63 buffers. No problem With 62 or fewer buffers. OpenAL 3D and OpenAL 3D + EAX benchmarks are not affected.

Details: DRIVER_IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL (0x000000D1) – ctoss2k.sys

System crashes when shutting down or restarting Windows if Encoder is enabled

Due to a driver bug, your system will crash if you try to shutdown or restart Windows with Encoder enabled.

Details: SYSTEM_SERVICE_EXCEPTION (0x0000003B) – ha10kx2k.sys

There is no DirectSound hardware acceleration on Windows XP 64-bit (x64)

The Audigy driver does not support 64-bit addressing, disabling the DirectSound hardware acceleration and causing multichannel sound to be played only in the stereo channels (front left/right).


  • Install the 32-bit (x86) version of Windows XP.
  • Limit to less than 4GB the amount of RAM available to Windows
  • Enable the “Memory Hole” setting in the BIOS Setup, if your motherboard supports it.

Microphone issues on Windows 7/Vista 64-bit (x64) with 4GB of RAM or more

Audigy driver does not support 64-bit addressing, resulting in random issues with the Microphone (static, robotic or distorted voice, white noise).


  • Install the 32-bit (x86) version of Windows
  • Limit the RAM available to Windows to less than 4GB
  • Enable Memory Hole in BIOS Setup, if your motherboard supports the setting

MediaSource DVD-Audio Player system requirements

  • 32-bit edition of Windows 7 / Vista / XP
  • Any Audigy 2, Audigy 2 ZS or Audigy 4 card
  • Built-in Decoder on Windows 7 / Vista (requires Service Pack 1)

To use the built-in decoder, make sure it is enabled in Audio Console.

Select “SPDIF Out (Creative SB Audigy (WDM))” as the output device of your player and then configure the AC3/DTS filter to send the stream through SPDIF.

When you restart your computer, the Tone settings (Bass and Treble) are not applied.

Just readjust one of the controls one time per boot.

Advanced EQ and Special FX not available on Windows 7 / Vista

These presets don’t work on Windows 7 / Vista.

There is no sound in games with OpenAL support on Windows XP

Disable Advanced EQ and Special FX selecting “No effect” before running the game or program.

Equalizer settings are lost

When you run a game with OpenAL support or using Creative ALchemy, the Equalizer settings are lost.

Just run Equalizer and the saved setting is loaded automatically.

Tone settings are reset when speaker configuration is changed

Bass and treble settings are reset when speaker configuration is changed.

DTS Encoder Switcher

The Encoder Switcher is now part of Audio Console.

A shortcut is created in the Programs -> Creative folder in Start Menu.

For additional info, read thoroughly the ReadMe.txt file included in the \EncSwitcher folder where you extracted the Support Pack.

On Windows 7/Vista, when using DTS Interactive encoder, you MUST use ANOTHER SPDIF Out device, otherwise the CTAudSvc (Creative Audio Service) won’t work properly (high CPU usage).

Hardware CMSS Headphone

To use the hardware CMSS you need to select “Disable all enhancements” in the “Enhancements” tab on:

Playback Devices -> Speaker Properties

Now check the Speaker configuration in “Playback devices”.

If it is Stereo, run Audio Console and change it to 4.1, 5.1 or 7.1 and only after that change it to Headphones.

This procedure ensures that CMSS(1) will work after a Windows restart, otherwise only CMSS2 will work.

MIDI Device Configuration Utility for Windows 7 / Vista

Use this utility to change the MIDI playback device for 32-bit and 64-bit applications.


File: Audigy_SupportPack_3_7.exe
CRC-32: 03c3523b
MD4: 3831c698ec41860145358c305c8372cc
MD5: 4f4a6049bd6fbdb531c31a8ba6da96fc
SHA-1: c33ed80184da738c5f32e390333f4163bc4471b1

To verify the file hashes, I recommend HashTab.
Remove all apps, driver then remove the Creative folders in the Program Files (x86) and Program Files folders.


Rapidshare (uploaded by daniel_k)

Sendspace (uploaded by NoMoreGoatSoup)

All files are property of Creative Technology Ltd, unless otherwise noted.




19 responses

17 03 2010

Thanks for letting us know. Hopefully my quirky Platinum eX can handle a driver makeover this time.

17 03 2010

Does this support X-Fi cards and if not will there be a release that does?


17 03 2010

I believe Windows update has the latest driver for X-Fi package 2.18.0014 version dated 03/06/09. It’s basically a signed version of the 2.18.0011

Let’s hope there is an X-Fi support pack 3.0 soon!

17 03 2010
Mark Merenda

Congratulations to Daniel_k, I’m finally listen to my headphones on my Audigy2 ZS Notebook in Win 7 64…

Unfortunately a lot of options such as EAX or CMSS2 when I use an mp3 I listen to “micro-bleeps” instead of ambient surroundings…

anyway thank you very much… I really appreciate your hard work for us and I’m still using a hardware should not throw away in future… For commercial and economic/ecologic rights too… hehe…

22 03 2010
Mark Merenda

Hello everybody, I found another bug that is ASIO digitalizing has sound problems as CMSS and ambient surroundings… 😦

Hope you find fixes as soon as you can…

24 03 2010

Thank you for this support pack, you’re doing creatives job for them. It’s much appreciated! I still can’t believe I burnt money on this soundcard… 🙂
At least its nearly fully working now!

28 03 2010

I don’t like to install these until I check that the checksums given above are wrong. I downloaded these from both mirror and they were

CRC32 hash: 03C3523B

SHA-1 hash: C33ED80184DA738C5F32E390333F4163BC4471B1

Perhaps you changed something and forgot to update the CRC and SHA-1

29 03 2010

Yep it looks like daniel_k forgot to ammend the CRC, well spotted. I’ve edited the post to reflect this. Thanks for noticing!

28 03 2010

Hello Daniel

Thank You so much for Your drivers. Just installed windows 7 and i was really sad and mad that the drivers from the original cd with the programs didn’t work, nor did the 5.1 speakers work.
I think i am really satisfied with your drivers and they seem to work great !
Thank You so much and i can’t believe You that You are helping us so much.

Just one thing. In the balance settings, the rear speakers seem to have much lower volume that the front ones, so that i have to maximize the rear and minimize (45%) the front ones, in the balance settings. Had to put the sliders in the equalizer higher.
Also stereo focus slide bar does not seem to work with the CMSS2

Ohhhhhh just found out the problem, so i will write it here.
I had to go to control panel-> Hardware and sound –> sound–> speaker–> hit the configure button and select 5.1 and so on….. The sound from the rear speakers went up by itself !!!!!!

Thank You so much again !

31 03 2010

Anyone else’s audio turning distorted after a bit of use. I have to switch the speaker set up in the audio console to get rid of it.

31 03 2010

Yes Wobbles. This bug has been present in all Audigy drivers since Vista’s launch. I usually experience it if I play a game, with music playing in the background. Two webpages with audio is enough to break it too. 😦

1 04 2010

Im on win 7. these drivers have been the 1st I’ve installed on this OS. never bothered going through the whole rigmarole of installing the stock creative drivers. This support pack is the way creative should distribute their drivers. This bug is not usually a problem because alt tab or ctrl alt delete can get me out of a game to change the speakers. but I just started playing modern warfare 2 online which means I cant drop out to change it. Im having to play whole team deathmatch rounds with distorted audio T_T
Looks like im gonna have to bite the bullet and get a new card. any recommendations for a low latency music production / gaming card? theres like a 101 xfi cards now. I’m not sure if I should go near creative with a big stick now. there customer service is terrible.

6 04 2010


I used the standard Creative Drive for Windows 7 until now.
After installing the support pack 3.7 and activating eax, I was impressed by the sound through my headphones.
But after a while (1day) I suddenly experienced one bluescreen after another.
I changed to the Pax Driver Suite but Its not the same.
Also I couldn’t open any Creative Tool. They always tell me, my card is not supported.
My System:
Creative Audigy 2
Windows 7
Intel Dual Core
6GB Ram
8800gt Nvidia Card

Anyone could help?


7 04 2010
Trackballer » Bad Company 2: Enabling 5.1 Surround Sound on Audigy Soundcards

[…] a blog containing a wealth of information for Audigy users. I was surprised to see that Daniel Kawakami had just released a new support pack for the Audigy-series sound […]

8 04 2010

I just notice that this package uses a beta driver. Last night, my system crashes while I play back a large orchestra MIDI file on Finale 2010, which I did not experience for quite sometimes. I also notice that the 3.5 & 3.6 package uses the same driver. Should I install the “Creative Sound Blaster Audigy series driver 2.18.0011 Filesize : 37.62 MB, Released on 13 Jul 09?

19 04 2010

Running Windows 7 x86 Ultimate and Audigy 2 zs notebook.
For the life of me, I couldn’t get the DDL/DTS encoder to work. I have it activated, but everytime I clicked on the box in audio console to enable encoding, it gave me an “invalid parameter” error…un-installed and re-installed the DK support pack 3.7,3.6 and after a while, even 3.5 (all clean) but to no avail.
Finally gave in and downloaded the NEWEST audigy drivers and now, i can enable the DDL encoder just fine, but due to the lack of an encoder switched specific to this newest driver, I can’t go to DTS. Oh well…I hope DK comes out with a new pack that can fix out woes.

17 05 2010
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11 06 2010

there is a new version 3.8, here the official post from daniel_k:

SB Audigy Series Support Pack 3.8 (04/19/2010) – Creative Labs

31 10 2012
download WinRAR 2.00

Gracias por compartir esta gran herramienta, a pesar del tiempo no hay otra herramienta que me guste mas, potente y flexible.

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