How To Enable VSYNC On Borderlands

21 01 2010

Mrs nomoregoatsoup bought me a lovely copy of Borderlands from Christmas. It’s a fantastic game, with lots of action. Several things annoy me about it though. Firstly, that stupid Gamespy rubbish. Losing connection to Gamespy servers quite happily murdered my single player extravaganza. Secondly, the game features no options for enabling vsync in the game menu.

Vsync improves image quality in game, by syncing your monitor’s refresh rate with the video adapter. Some people (like me) can notice strange horizontal lines every few seconds. This is caused by lack of vsync, and is known to most people as “tearing”. Imagine you have a 60Hz monitor. If your adapter is drawing 80 frames per second, you’ll end up with a difference of 20 frames being overdrawn. This creates hiccups in perfomance and looks nasty. With vsync enabled, your video adapter will draw 60 frames a second to match the monitor – drawing 60 frames a second.

Anyway, Borderlands uses the Unreal engine, so we can enable vsync to cure this.

  • First navigate to to the WillowEngine.ini

C:\Users\YOUR USERNAME\My Documents\My Games\Borderlands\WillowGame\Config\WillowEngine.ini

  • Next we need to find the following values. Press CTRL + F to search quickly. Change the False to True


Save the WillowEngine.ini file and restart Borderlands. Now you will notice improved image quality and performance. That is providing your graphics card can keep up with your refresh rate.




4 responses

7 12 2010
Sound proofing

Paul Cezanne~ We live in a rainbow of Chaos.

24 03 2011

Thanks a lot!!! =)

16 06 2016
Lee Collins

cheers m8

1 11 2017
Marco Nadal

Thanks for that, this fix is still working on AMD Radeon RX470 in 2017!

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