My Experiences With Virgin Media’s Appallingly Dreadful Service

22 11 2009

3 months on, and Virgin Media have taken no action. The fault still remains, emails ignored.

It’s time to RAAAAAGE again. This time about UK internet (loss of) service provider, Virgin.

fed up virgin

I’ve been an optic-fibre broadband customer at home since the cables were laid in 1999. First it was Cable & Wireless, which later became NTL. I had a great connection, with the lowest pings you could imagine. I always pay my bills, and rarely breach the bandwidth limits.

Then one sad day, Richard Branson decided to take over my internet. For the last few years I’ve had the same reoccurring problem. My connection would become unusable at peak times. It’s been becoming a joke recently, so I emailed them for an engineer. I had engineers out, and it got better. Now the problem is back again. So I emailed them again.

…and I emailed them again.

…and again.

…and again

A week or so passes and still no reply whatsoever. I decide to call support.

When I called support (which cost £8.60 to get  through!!!!) I got to speak to a lad on ext.6903.

His suggestion was to record a few speed tests and email the results to him.

  • Great!” I thought and asked for the address to send them to.
  • You’ll have to ring up again.” he said.
  • What? Just to get an email address from you. Can’t you just give me that now?” I asked perplexed. “That will take me another hour, just for a contact address…That’s nearly £10 again!
  • Yeah, I’m sorry. Just ask for **** on extention 6903″. The Virgin guy answers.

I have no intention of waiting on hold for another hour just to submit information that Virgin Media should be gathering themselves.

I DO NOT work for Virgin Media, I employ their services at a monthly fee. Yet I find myself putting days of work in here, while Virgin do what exactly? A fix seems unlikely at this point, as does the payment of my next bills.

If you are a thinking of becoming a Virgin customer, DON’T DO IT. Your broadband speed could be the speed of dial-up – like ours is. What’s more the support folks are too busy to answer your concerns.

Let us take a look what my 10mb gets. Remember this is the higher 10mb package -not the starter one. £30 per month, with support costing almost £10 per call.

I even decided to sign up on the Virgin Media support site.

…and still there’s no reply from them. Almost two weeks later. They say they “aim to respond within 3 days” too.

So if you feel like being ignored, paying £20 to submit a fault, getting dial-up speeds for £30 a month, waiting for nearly an hour on the phone, waiting weeks for a mail response  – call Virgin Media today!

If you’re upset with your Virgin Media service, feel free to join the long list of people with the same issue. You can find my original whine over on the Virgin Media Support Forums. It’s amazing to see the amount of customers they are neglecting over there.





29 responses

27 11 2009

I’m with virgin. Thank god my contracts just ended. Can’t wait to get away from them.
I, like you Goat, was perfectly happy with NTL.
Virgin came along and screwed it all up.
The service they provide is dia-f*cking-bolical.

28 11 2009

They wote to me yesterday, and asked me to confirm it had been fixed.
It took several attempts just to load the reply URL. Now it’s the weekend, with no chance of a fix. We also enter in to week 3 of barely usable internet.

NTL would have sent an engineer out the very next day, and fixed it. They would have at least provided a reason.

Which ISP are you going for, Tom?

30 11 2009

BE or ZEN are suppossed to be good.

1 12 2009

Make sure to check your distance from your local exchange before making a jump to adsl2 services. should give you enough information to make a good decision.

I worked for Virgin Media for 10 years, and the frustrating thing about them is that when it’s working it’s great. You get almost all of the bandwidth you pay for at a very low latency. Unless you’re a business customer they don’t believe you have a fault unless many people from the same area report it.

1 12 2009

Thanks for the info guys. I’m cancelling and making a claim as soon as possible. NMGS is planning a holy crusade Vs Virgin this week, so It all helps. Be and Zen are supposed to be good. I’ll be able to check their sites come 11pm…

There’s a BT exchange very close to me. Regarding the peak slowdown, I know exactly what you mean, AndyT. It never effected me here, but recently it’s pointless to even use the internet between 4-11pm. It takes me 30 seconds just to open google at peak time.

My son can’t play online, which drives me crazy. I can’t pay for a internet service I’m not getting. It’s getting worse daily. The support team have had me here, there and everywhere. I return call wouldn’t hurt….

Anyway, here’s my connection today. I hope somebody looking for a new ISP sees this, and realises how bad Virgin are.

Peak time:


2 12 2009

Well done!
Virgin Media are a joke. Try ringing them and you will probably be speaking to somebody in India. Chances are that if you have a technical problem, they will probably try selling you an upgrade. Even their engineers are diverted to India when they need assistance!
Why is a communication organisation as large as Virgin using non-UK call centers?
How come NTL managed the company so much better? Could it be that customer service was a greater priority?

2 12 2009

Roger: I do believe NTL cared about customers more. If I ever had an issue, they would send an engineer out the next day -however minor the issue was.

I’ve thrown down the gauntlet to Virgin, and filled out yet another complaint form.

I am writing to you again, in the hope somebody can finally resolve my broadband issue.

I’ve been contacting your company many times during the last month, by many methods in an attempt to restore my internet properly.

Sadly your support team has failed me repeatedly. I’m at the point now, when I would like to leave. It’s too expensive to ring you, the online complaints get overlooked and the web forums are a joke.

On the 10th of November, I contacted you regarding our loss of internet at peak times. I recieved no response.

I phoned (at the cost of £8.60 and 50 minutes wait). The support guy, called **** on extention 6903 was super unhelpful and suggested another hour long phone call.

I’ve been trying to draw attention to the issue on your forums at:

Paul Morris from the Help & Support Forum team, suggested an issue with “the UBR” I was connecting to. He later asked me to verify it was fixed.

Eeerr…. no, it’s exactly the same. Response from Virgin? Eeeeerr… No.

I have a perfect broadband connection for most of the day, but at peak times the connection degrades badly. My son is unable to do his homework. It’s quite unusable and of no use whatsoever to my family.

I’m hoping you can restore internet to my home at peak times, but have no faith left.

I hope that somebody at Virgin can finally ring me. Perhaps even listen to my concerns. I’m 100% disatisfied with my ISP, your service, response times and general lack of communication.

Three weeks later, and I still have no clue as to when my family can have the internet we pay for in the late afternoon.

I look forward to your reply.

If you fail to respond, or give this matter priority it deserves – I expect no further Virgin bills, and an engineer to call and pick up this practically useless modem.

I’m also documenting this online. It’s very concerning to me, and quite a bad way to treat paying customers!

You can find my full account of your savage treatment in the following link.

I’ll post here the results. I’m guessing they won’t reply again.

2 12 2009
Doc Doom

forget virgin mate -get sky instead
virgin are bound to be trouble

how they can f*ck over so many folks and still remain a virgin is questionable

2 12 2009

Well another day without explanation.

nice score <– Normal

gheyscore <– 26% Packet Loss….

lolwtf <– £30.69 Virgin 4mb

3 12 2009

Further updates: ***** from Virgin Media phoned….. my old work phone number – so I never got to speak to him. Genius. I have supplied my mobile number on several occasions….. He didn’t leave a surname, phone number or anything.

Will my broadband ever be fixed?
My only option now is to ask to borrow a Virgin phone. Another day of crippled internet.

Virgin really like to make their customers do all the work…

Travelled to grandpa goat’s house. Used the Virgin line.

Waited for a few moments…

“No sorry I have no idea who ****** is either.”

“No sorry I don’t have a contact number for complaints department.”

I did receive the offer of an engineer to ring me on the correct phone number, between 7pm-8pm. Then they can ping the modem.

….three weeks to ping my modem, Jeez.

Fail again, I guess. One more wasted phone call. I knew I should have asked to speak to Mary, she has been with the company from day one….

Anyway. Let’s have a look at today’s peak slowdown shall we?
Please notice how, as the evening progresses, the ping-jitter-packet loss increase.









3 12 2009

No phone call from Virgin as promised…. TERRIBLE SUPPORT! 3 weeks and no information that helps. Time for complaint form number… uhm… 5?

*********** <— MY PHONE
***************@********.com <– MY EMAIL

Hi I complained to you a few days ago about my unresolved broadband issue and your brutal customer service experience.

Today, one of your employees ****** rang me to negotiate. Sadly, he didn't read the phone number on the complaint form and rang an old work number.

I dialed 150 from a family member's Virgin landline.

I got to speak to one of your support representatives ******** ****** who arranged for an engineer to phone me between 7pm-8pm this evening to confirm my issue.

No call was received, and my broadband still has it's daily fault.

It is becoming clear to me that your company do not want my business. I feel it would be in my best interest to sever my account now before I get messed about any further.

Please don't forget to check my blog, where you can find all of my bandwith/ping logs. You'll also find a log of the correspondances I submit here.

I look forward to your reply, even if it's three weeks too late.

4 12 2009

Cancel your Virgin broadband. Give us a try. I know you will be happier with our packages!

TT RobbieG

4 12 2009

Next morning 5am.
No other Virgin Media users are awake yet, so the connection is 100% perfect.

Monday 7th December…

    Our issue is still unresolved. No engineer. No responses to the fault or complaint in any way shape or form. Just a crappy internet connection, and the urge to spread this information to any other would-be Virgin customers.

    Lets check out the packet loss today.

    Non-Peak Time
    Lovely connection, but it’s early. No doubt the connection will degrade.

    Peak Time
    30 seconds between each hyperlink/page load. Terrible connection. Dial-up would be faster. 13% packet loss -Yikes!

    Nearly four weeks. Two calls to support. Several complaint forms and we’re still no further forward. No doubt the bill will arrive this week.
    Extra special thanks to all those people on the Virgin support team.

8 12 2009

Well I got a response today!

Hi *********
KANA EMAIL REF: 17441154

Thanks for getting in touch about an issue with your Virgin Media service.
I apologise for the recent issues you have experienced.

I can see from your records that since sending this email, you have contacted our helpdesk regarding this issue. I hope my colleagues have dealt with the issue efficiently and provided you with a suitable and acceptable resolution.

If however the solution is not to your satisfaction, or the issue has reoccurred, please reply direct to this email and I will investigate immediately and endeavour to resolve the situation as quickly as possible, and to your satisfaction.

Thank you for your patience in waiting for a response.
Please accept my sincere apologies for the current issue you are experiencing.
If there’s anything else we can help with, please let us know.

Kind regards,
**** ******
Econtact Support Team
Virgin Media

Aaah somebody is listening finally! Within minutes I had my reply typed up and sent off. I have yet to receive a reply though.

Hello ****,

Thank you greatly for taking the time to contact me. There has been no resolution to my issue. As yet no progress has been made and the daily fault still remains.

Every day, around 4pm to 7pm, our family internet connection deteriorates badly. It’s got to the point where we can’t realistically browse websites until 11pm. This is quite a big problem for us, our son comes out from school and wants to play online games.

I’ve tested all our cables, even installed a brand new Dell PC out of the box. I’ve tested the connection on console devices such as the BBCi Player on Nintendo Wii. I’ve removed our router, changed my CAT 5 cable and connected the cable modem 18″ from the wall socket. All of my diagnostics point to the issue being a Virgin Media one.

Our connection is suffering incredible packet loss and ping issues between 4pm and 11pm. The connection has varying bandwidth too. One moment it’s 10mb, the next it can be as low as 1mb -then back up to 10mb the very next second.

I phoned support and spoke to **** on extension 6903. He suggested I “do some speed tests and phone back”. This phone call cost me £8.60 and clearly wasn’t any help whatsoever. I already had speed test to submit and it made no sense just to hang up and wait again just to submit them. I had no desire to spend another fifty minutes waiting again.

I’ve asked for answers on the Virgin support forums, where I found many users complaining of the same ping problem. Here I submitted the speed, ping tests and modem logs and any other information that may be helpful diagnose this issue. There, I was asked by **** ****** to confirm the issue was fixed. Sadly, it still seems the same.

I was phoned by somebody at Virgin called ******, who phoned the wrong phone number. I tried to return the call, but sadly he didn’t leave any contact details. I had no other option but to phone support again. Here I was advised by ******** ****** that an engineer would phone me during peak time, to ping our modem. Of course, no engineer ever rang.

Our error only happens at peak times, and I suggest it could possibly be overloading? In the weekday mornings, we get an almost perfect connection. If we try at 6pm, it feels like dial up to use. I’ve had the same package and connection here for several years, since NTL. It’s always had perfect low pings with zero packet loss… until November 9th. Now we can get as much as 26% packet loss at peak time.

Perhaps it would be possible to restore our afternoon/evening internet to us? If this isn’t possible, I can see no reason to keep this appalling service. It cost us £39.29 for last month’s tediously slow, 4mb broadband connection with 26% packet loss. It’s just not serving our family’s needs or requirements, and it’s costing way too much time and money trying to resolve it.

I apologize if I appear to be the aggressor in this issue. It’s been nearly four weeks of diabolical connection and lack of information regarding it. I look forward to your reply and perhaps even finally making some progress in this matter.

Many Thanks
**** **********

Let’s see the packet loss problem today shall we?

This fault has been here for four weeks tomorrow, I believe. 33% packet loss. I could probably get better internet from a coathanger!

8 12 2009

Just been reading about Xilo.
Their Pro LLU services comes highly recommended.

8 12 2009

There do appear to be some advantage and disadvantage with LLU providers though. You can do some reading here:

9 12 2009

I followed the second link & it recommended TalkTalk for my area. It seems like a really good deal to me too.

8Mb ADSL2 connection with 40GB limit, 18 months contract, Free install, £83.88 for the first year @ £6.99. The package also requires telephone line rental @ £11.49. They also do a month’s trial with no obligation!

Virgin is costing £368.28 per 12 months. It really sucks hard at peak time, and the support takes four weeks, let’s not forget.

TalkTalk will cost £362.63 for 18 months with unlimited anytime local calls.
Thanks Tom, that’s confimed my next move for me.

9 12 2009

Just got the Virgin bill in…… £30.69 for 4mb broadband.
Now I’m angry, and my litter bin is a bit more full.


Really poor support, service and totally the worst ISP on the planet. One month later


I will never use Virgin shops, planes, telephone, broadband, TV ever again. The super-substandard service reflects badly on all Virgin products and services.


“Essentially the normal issues that may arise on the network are not causing this issue so it is proving slightly illusive. We are working hard to get this resolved for you as soon as possible.”

The last engineer I saw, told me the street furniture outside was old and overloaded. Perhaps that’s why the fault is so illusive. UGH! FAIL!

<– 5:06pm
<– 5:18pm
<– 7:08pm
<– 7:39pm

10 12 2009

Well I give up Virgin Media and their lieing support staff win. I’m leaving them today. They had 30 days to resolve my issue, or contact me with a progress report. Instead all they can do is send me a bill and post me all types of spam regarding their TV service.

Good bye Virgin, your broadband service has failed me. Your customer care team failed me even more.

Our connection is still very terrible. Another afternoon of unusable Internet kicking in. Another day without customer care or any other member of Virgin’s team contacting me.

This is day 30 a whole month’s subscription, which I refuse to pay for. 24% packet loss and it’s not even 6pm yet. I’ll be continuing this topic at this blog where I can freely say what needs to be said about Virgin Media and their waste of time support helpers.

Clearly this forum is just as pointless as the Virgin complaint procedure and the Virgin support lines. There’s no answers to be found, no further actions, just more BS responses. You would expect a whole month of complaining about a fault would get see some action from support. …but no.

Just cancel my account and pick up my cable modem, please. I can’t take any more BS.

11 12 2009
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26 12 2009

Virgin Media have slowly become a company to avoid like the plague over the past 12-18 months or so, since re-branding from Virgin (and several other brands) to become Virgin Media. Not only is the connection speed, as you point out, no better than dial-up used to be in the bad old days now, but they’ve also outsourced to using the abysmally awful Gmail for the provision of their e-mail services. That’s Gmail, who decidedly to ‘redefine’ email by cack-handedly attempting to implement ‘threaded’ conversations, meaning that all subsequent replies to a given message are shown next to the original message in your ‘Inbox’. Or in your ‘Sent Items’. It really depends where the conversation started, you see, not who subsequently sent what to whom – don’t go expecting to see messages people have sent you in reply to your emails in your inbox; that incoming mail now appears in your Sent Items, silly! However did we cope before with that mad system whereby *incoming* mail always appeared in our *Inboxes*, and our *Sent Items* folder only ever contained the messages we’d actually *sent*? ….wait a moment.

The best ‘feature’ of all with this outsourced Gmail/email/communications-mixer-upper-er, though, is that if you use technology other than their web interface to access your e-mail, such as Thunderbird or Outlook, than you now get copies of messages *you have sent other people* appearing in your own inbox in those programs, because that’s how Gmail has implemented the threading functionality mentioned behind the scenes – messages you send become a special kind of item CC’d to yourself, which the webmail interface knows not to present as incoming mail, but which other popular programmes do obviously still interpret in that way. Confused?, you will be. This smack-you-in-the-face gobsmackingly-obvious error happens regardless of whether you use POP or IMAP settings on your third party mail application, despite what their crappy support line operators will tell you, after you hold for 40 minutes and pay handsomely for the privilege of being subjected to their ill-informed ‘advice’. You wont find their ‘online help’ much use either – just lots of outdated links throwing up 404 errors. Muppets.

Lastly, they seem manifestly incapable of taking my payment each month now, when I never had any problems under the old ‘Virgin’ umbrella. Each month without fail for around the past 6 months, I have received an e-mail suggesting there is no valid method of payment on my account. Yet, lo an behold, when I go and make the payment manually using the exact same Debit Card I have registered with the automated system, miraculously there is no problem.

They’ve gone from being a company I was happy with for some 5 years, to one that I wouldn’t touch with a bargepole nor recommend to my worst enemy. I’ll be changing this month, as soon as my migration authorisation code comes through to move to a new ISP.

3 01 2010

I agree whole-heartledly with everything you said Rachel. My favourite parts of your post were:

  • “….after you hold for 40 minutes and pay handsomely for the privilege of being subjected to their ill-informed ‘advice’…..”

    “……I wouldn’t touch with a bargepole nor recommend to my worst enemy….”

  • I think you hit the nail on the head, right there. Anyway, today our slow internet problem returns! It wasn’t as bad, but now it’s back on the attack! Let’s check the ping today…

    F U VIRGIN 1
    F U VIRGIN 2
    F U VIRGIN 3
    F U VIRGIN 4
    F U VIRGIN 5

    F U VIRGIN 6

    ….and still **** ****** from econtact support team, (the guy from Virgin who was looking in to our complaint) still hasn’t contacted us. He last wrote on the 8th of December, which I replied to the same day.

    …and a few hours later the broadband is back to normal again. Until 6pm anyway…
    F U VIRGIN 7
    F U VIRGIN 8

    11 01 2010

    Please don’t forget, Virgin Media has really super-bad support. The support forum, telephone helpline and econtact support are terrible.

    I’ve now had this issue for 3 months, and not one employee has contacted me with an explanation, estimated time of fix or anything. I’ve spent £10 on calling support. I’ve visited their support forums loads of times. I’ve sent hundreds of fault reports and complaints. I’ve emailed them countless times. I’ve had an engineer promised too… which never ever called as promised. I’ve had the totally useless econtact support team reply to my mails, just to ignore my responses.

    Yet they still keep sending me bills. Another one arrived today. Are they taking the piss or what?

    They can’t address faults, or even publish details on the service status page. Thank god I never trusted them with direct debit.

    If you are thinking of joining Virgin Media – DONT DO IT. The service will no doubt be faulty, and they don’t address their customer’s concerns.

    Yet another day with huge packet loss at peak times. They want me to pay £30 for this? My contract doesn’t mention limited connectivity anywhere.

    If anyone from Virgin head office reads this, I’ll gladly surrender a list of employees which basically aren’t doing their job properly. Let’s face it, it shouldn’t take 90 days to answer a customer’s fault complaint.

    I find it amazing how the support system is so broken, yet the billing system runs like clockwork.


    UPDATE 19/01/10
    Virgin Media phoned finally….. THE WRONG NUMBER AGAIN!!!!!
    I’ve sent yet another response by email, high priority with read request.

    Somebody attempted to contact me again today, but sadly you are using the wrong phone number still.
    Please resolve our ongoing peak time issue! This is beyond a joke now.
    It’s well over 2 months of Virgin miscommunications and line faults.
    We still have no information regarding it.

    If you look at our account details, you will see our payments have now ceased.
    I hope that somebody can finally deal with our fault.

    Many Thanks

    <– Still sucks. Sent Virgin "a few" emails again.

    2 02 2010
    sheila allan

    Virgin Media !!! what a joke!!
    first they tell me i can keep my number from BT then they change it costing me alot of money in reprinting my business cards, then i spend over 3hours configuring my broadband down the phone to them which they charge me £17 in call charges for the priveledge, I pay my bill then they cut me off, and keep in mind this is all with in 1 week of been connected to them, everything starts to work ok after 10 days then the phoneline goes off again, what a fucking useless company i certainley do not recommend them, I thought BT was bad but these guys take the piss there as bad as talk talk if not worse.
    you cant get anywhere with them when you ring email or right to them they just fob you off and you allways get a different reply to your query when you ring them up. Its about time branson started putting money into his customer care and stopped spending it on spacecrafts… useless wankers! GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR

    2 02 2010

    I ❤ you sheila allan! You said what I'm thinking!

    Lovely peak time packet loss. 20% Good job.

    7 02 2010

    I’m afraid that for a while, I was one of those annoying geezers at the user-forums stating that: “Oh yes. I can get my full 20Mbit speed pretty much any time of the day or night!”
    Well, that was two years ago, and I no longer live out in the sticks but in a fairly typical, over-populated city area.
    Also of course, it was ‘Telewest’ back then.
    My word how things have changed in that seemingly short period.

    Last night the 20Mbit connection that I pay handsomely for was blazing away at an erratic 2Mbit (+/-), although typically, it’s more like 5Mbit during the eighteen hour period when I might possibly need to use the Internet.
    There’s no doubt that the service (ha ha “service”) is massively over-subscribed, although I doubt that TV service customers or 50Mbit customers are suffering anything like as badly as the rest of us.

    Anyway, the speed thing is now a fact of life for cable users.
    It hardly seems worth mentioning since it can only possibly get worse without any type of restructuring, re-investing or adoption of better technologies.
    The only reason that I re-enlisted with VM was that British Telecom somehow manage to achieve the impossible by being worse than VM, in both technical service and customer support!!

    My main reason for the comment here was to give you a laugh with my most recent experience.
    Somehow, my mail (bills essentially) from VM have been reaching me, addressed with only my name (amazingly, spelled correctly) and the name of the street.
    Not my flat number or the building number, in a street with 60 plus properties.
    So fool that I am, I assumed that I could simply call them and correct this simple oversight.
    Well, they did change it apparently.
    They changed it to the same wrong address.
    So I used their online form, thinking that if they could see what I was trying to communicate with them in black and white, they may actually understand, and yes they did change it.
    They changed it to the same wrong address, again.

    The email reply as follows:
    Hi Neil,

    Thanks for your e-mail to Virgin Media about the correction in your

    We’re sorry to hear that your address was incorrect in our records.

    We’ve already updated your full address on your account so all the
    future correspondence will be sent to you at:


    Goes on to tell me that I should now phone them again about getting an email account (which I’ve been trying to acquire since I moved two years ago) if I want to be able to use (the utterly useless) online help facility.

    It should be exasperating and unbelievable, except that British Gas, BT, Aviva (my insurance company) and almost every other big company you deal with lately are all equally incompetent.
    I have nothing against the idea of out-sourcing or Indian call centres in theory, but in reality, it would be nice to occasionally speak to someone who actually understands even vaguely what you are talking about, rather than just mimicking the English language.

    My next attempt will be at their mail address: PO Box 333, Swansea.
    I’m not expecting any miracles though.

    It’s an absolutely pitiful state of affairs, in this day and age, when we’re apparently living in a technological wonderland, an information age, that we’re forced to choose between dumb, dumber and dumbest for virtually all of our essential services.
    In my bitter experience (right from the dark era of 28k dial-up) that could never be more applicable than to UK’s Internet provision.

    7 02 2010

    hehe I loved your post too, Neil!

    I’m glad I’m not the only one who’s thinking “better the devil you know” too. I might write them a snail-mail too. Phone, mail, online web support, econtact web team, user forums have all failed to provide an explaination.

    After the snail-mail-fail, I guess I’ll be left with appearing in person…
    Thanks for sharing your experiences too.

    oh the pain of paying for this crap


    10 02 2010


    I’m sorry to hear about the problems you’ve been having, this definitely needs investigating.

    If you can send us over some details then I can get straight onto it, I’ve requested your details over on Twitter and included our e-mail address to get in touch.



    10 02 2010

    Thank you, Sam. I have forwarded my details.

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