Freakin’ Me Out

25 07 2009

Check out this stunning mix from East Anglia’s premier DJ, Paul ‘Midas Touch’ Taylor.


“Freakin’ Me Out”


@ 320kbps

(Pitched down style mix) – one 4 z headz!!

Lots of seriously deep stuff on ‘ere from “Dancin’ In Outer Space” to deep-tech acid house style – all pitched down for a different feel.

This mix is a grower, it’s not an instant fix (like so much heard it all before house that I’ve grown to hate!), so it will sneak up on you and keep you interested for a very long time!! 🙂

For anyone else wishing to learn further about Midas Touch, mate-in-a-state, Charge Clothing or any other part of the Midas Touch network -please see the following links.

Mate-In-A-State – Hilarous site, perhaps with some adult related content.

Getting it Sorted – Find all the latest mixes here. (Talent scouts click this one)

Facebook – Join The Midas Touch Social networking Group

Charge Clothing logo – Keep on…




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