Street Fighter IV Benchmark

17 06 2009

The release of Street Fighter IV is only a couple of weeks away, on 3rd July 2009. I’m so excited about this game FINALLY making it to PC. Thankfully the release is part of the “Games For Windows” range. For anyone in the know, that means your (up to 4) XBOX 360 controller(s) will work beautifully. I have a wireless XBOX 360 controller hooked up to our Windows 7 media rig… so this game is going to be a real bonus in our house.

Anyway, Capcom have released a handy little benchmark tool to see if your PC is fast enough to run it.


Street Fighter IV  Benchmark Link 1

Street Fighter IV Benchmark Link 2

Our rig scored Rank A @ 1366×768 – 8xAA – 16x AF details & models at high and soft shadows at highest. Serious eye candy!




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