Street Fighter IV PC Release Date Announced

1 05 2009

It seems Capcom don’t hate PC gamers after all. Finally they have (kind-of)  announced the release date for Street Fighter IV. The game will be on store shelves in Japan on 2nd July 2009. European and North American dates have yet to be confirmed. However the following news release leads me to believe we won’t be waiting too much longer. Xbox and PS2 owners already have their version, but now us PC users can practice our uppercuts (and fireballs!) once more. It even sports Games for Windows sleeve and logos. The good news doesn’t stop there, either.


The PC port of the game will come with a few additions. Firstly, a new graphics shader engine. I can’t help but get a little excited over this, personally. The Xbox and PS3 versions look incredible, but I can’t help but wonder what real hardware will play like. The screenshots show four different renders; Normal, Poster, Sumi and Suisai. I’m unsure what “suisai” means… but that image looks lighter and softer. Now sumi are Japanese ink sticks (I think), and that image has defined edges. Poster just looks too over bright and glossy on my display. I welcome simple customisations like this. Very good stuff indeed. I would have liked a cartoon-like cell shader though, Capcom. Tsk..

The PC version will also feature more alternative costumes for the challengers. Hopefully this won’t include a pink robe for Ken this time. There are also rumours circulating, that additional challengers may also exist.

The Japanese version is being shipped with a special Joypad too. It remains to be seen whether or not this will be included in European or North American retail versions. Personally, I doubt it.

I should really also mention, that multiplayer will not extend cross platform. I don’t think that will be a problem somehow though. Not for me anyway. I despise all of my Xbox friends who own this game already, and have no wish to play with them. *sulk*

Don’t take my word for it. Decrypt it for yourself, with the help of google’s translation service.

“PC Version, Release date announced!”夏希Shiozawa

皆さん、こんにちは! Ladies and Gentlemen, Good afternoon!
まずはお知らせです! Notice is first!
ここ数日のあいだに、4/24に配信されたタイトルアップデートに関して、 During the last few days, 4 / 24 for delivery to the title update,
いろいろなお問い合わせをコメント欄にいただいています。 And the comments received various inquiries.
このブログですべてにお答えすることはできないのですが、 The answer to all this blog is not,
皆さんが困ったときに参照することができるよう、対応を進めています。 You can see the problem when you are working.
お知らせできる段階になったら、このブログにももちろん書きますので、 Notice if levels can, of course, we write this blog,
よろしくお願いいたします! Thank you!

さて、今日はいよいよPC版の発売日を発表します! Now, all the PC today announced the release date!

2009年7月2日(木)、 2009 July 2 (Thu),

日本先行発売! Japan leading to release! ! ! !

So, faster than anywhere in the world, has decided to release in Japan! !
イエーイ! IEI! !

希望小売価格は、税込7,340円。 Suggested retail price is 7,340 yen including tax.
対応OSは、Windows XP/Windows Vista。 Supported OS’s, Windows XP / Windows Vista.
もちろん、ヨーロッパ、東欧、北米でも発売されていきますよ! Of course, Europe, Eastern Europe, it will be released in North America!

そして肝心の内容ですが、基本的にはコンシューマー版とまったく同じです。 And what’s important is, is essentially identical to the consumer version.
Xbox 360®版のタイトルアップデート後の状態が、そのまま移植されている感じ。 The state of the Xbox 360 ® version of the title after the update, it has been transplanted intact.
ただし! But!

ちょびっとだけ、ほんとにちょびっとなんですが、 CHOBITTO only, I’m really CHOBITTO,
コンシューマー版から新たに追加した要素があります。 There are new elements added to the consumer version.
先日、モナコで行われたCAPTIVATEというイベントで軽く公開したので、 Recently held in Monaco CAPTIVATE event so that the public light,
もしかするとすでにご存知の方もいらっしゃるかもしれませんが、 It may also come in and maybe you already know,
エクストラタッチというものが追加されましたっ! After the addition of a REMASHI EKUSUTORATATCHI! !
これは、いわゆる“シェーダー”ですね。 This is the so-called “shader”.

Now that looks pretty neat. Not just all that hypnotic text, but the screenshots too.

I just can’t wait until July 2nd 2009. So all you PC gamer Streetfighter fans, I have to ask; AreY0uKen?





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13 07 2009

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