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4 04 2009

I am imagining some of you here will be new to the concept of adventure gaming as a genre. I myself ploughed through numerous mysterious shenanigans on Monkey Island, for example. I always enjoyed the perplexing puzzles and alternative control methods. For me, it was nice to take a break from the button bashing frenzy that comes with most first person shooters I play. If one thing somewhat aggravated me about the typical adventure game, it would have to be the stereotypical, two dimensional graphics. Let’s face it; the adventure games up until now have all looked a little dated compared to games of other genres released at the same time. That was until The Moment of Silence came along.

mos3 - Some of you may remember it as

The narrative behind the game is set in New York, 2044. You are Peter Wright, a communications designer working for a prominent and illustrious company handling many huge consumer corporations. You find yourself working at home late one night when you are disturbed by outlandish noises coming from the apartment next door. Upon additional investigation through the peephole, you are amazed to see an abundance of heavily armed SWAT police kicking in their door and arresting your neighbour. The police disappear; your adventure begins amidst a shroud of mystery and mayhem.

The controls and navigation for The Moment of Silence are far from complex. The left mouse button controls interaction, the right button is your look key. The only other key you’ll need is the “M” key. This will bring up your handheld communication device, the messenger. The “H” key is handy for displaying clues in the form of on-screen icons. I can almost hear people saying “This game sounds too easy”. You’re wrong, very wrong. From the inauguration, I feel this game will bewilder and bamboozle even the most hardened adventure gamer. Once Peter has collected a few objects, the puzzles really begin. Items that are stored in the inventory can have more than one use. Furthermore, items can be combined together to make a different product entirely. This really is the thinking gamer’s genre.

The graphics in the game are primarily a two dimensional affair. Nevertheless they are nothing short of ground breaking. Two dimensional roads unceremoniously slide to the next scene, passing through a three dimensional viewpoint. I found this a truly pleasant transition effect that I’ve never seen before. The cut scenes are a astonishing example of what full motion video should be like in the 21st century. I’m convinced you’ll be persuaded by the time you’ve seen the introduction sequence. To my astonishment, I only found one configurable option in the graphics hardware setup, 2x Anti Aliasing or 4 x Anti Aliasing. That might give the more knowledgeable ones among you an idea what I’m talking about. Uncomplicated items, such as the microwave found in the work restroom, are rendered beautifully. The detail levels are quite frankly, astonishing. As you progress around the local cybercafé, you are invited to interact with numerous computer related components, rendered perfectly to match their authentic counterparts. This game seriously forces you to acknowledge the age of photorealism has arrived.

Graphics and cut scenes aside, the plot is quite deep and meaningful. The storyline is understandable yet enthralling. Although I should forewarn you to expect a plot laced with deceit and the same moral dilemmas which many of us face today in the real world. It seems so futuristic, yet always appropriate.

Another high scoring factor for me was the general conversation with the actors. The characters interact well with the seemingly endless dialogue at their disposal. Some characters may take more persuasion than others, so don’t be afraid to deal with them in the fashion they deserve. Soon you’ll be hanging with the thugs on the corner, the reefer crazy hippy and lets not forget the ranting lunatic in the park!

To conclude, simply the finest, most technically advanced adventure game to date.

You can find out more information about The Moment of Silence by visiting the official homepage.

If you like the look of this game, why not try the demo from the File Area?

Pros: Gripping plot and cinematic effects. Very Challenging.

Cons: Limited replay value, but that’s assuming you can complete it.

Minimum System Requirements
Reviewers System Specification
Graphics (1-5) 5 Mostly 2D but photorealistic.
Sound (1-5) 5 Dolby 5.1 Great environmental effects.
Gameplay (1-5) 4 Maybe too slow or too difficult for some players.
Replay (1-5) 3 I’ll probably play it again, but I’m not exactly busy right now.
Overall 4.25




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