Old Game Reviews From Unreality.com

2 04 2009

I thought I’d begin posting some game reviews I wrote a few years back.

The site in question isn’t online anymore, so it’s nice that they should find a new home here. The reviews were written for www.unreality.com which was the premier Unreal Tournament fan site. Unreality hosted free clan forums, a massive file area and a warm community. If it was Unreal, you would find it here. The site’s owner Preacher was a tough Danish administrator. He enforced high standards, with dedication throughout the day.

With it’s diverse range of visitors from all around the world, the community evolved. The community became focused with all games, rather than just one. I reviewed several games while I was there, and even got to play editor for a while.

After much deliberation, the site changed direction. It moved away from it’s Unreal Engine fanbase. This was due to game’s demise of popularity mainly. Then everyone who was involved in the project started having children, getting new jobs. It later became www.fappin.com and focused more on the fun things in life. Nowadays, it’s only a user forum used by the hardcore elite.

So when you start seeing really old games being reviewed, you haven’t gone mad. I’m just rehousing the orphan reviews.






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