New Team Fortress 2 Update Sneak Peak.

1 04 2009


So there we have it. The first unlockable of the new class has been revealed. You really have to hand it to Valve. Well over a year later and they are still supplying their games with new material. Team Fortress 2 was finished when released, don’t misunderstand. They just keep thinking up so much cool stuff to add to  it.

I was guessing that soldier would get the next update, or spy. As if there weren’t enough snipers already…. I know my kid will love it though.

If I had to pick the best game developer, based on support -it would be Valve regardless.




2 responses

2 04 2009

Why does it say ‘Made in New Zealand’ yet have a picture of Australia and an Australian flag?

2 04 2009

..because it’s pure madness. 😀

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