Wen Iz New Driver, NoMoreGoatSoup?

7 03 2009

OK there’s been quite a few hate mails regarding the lack of driver release around here. For a couple of years now we’ve been tinkering with numerous ways to improve the stability and quality of Audigy drivers. So I thought I’d post an official response to “wen iz the new driver?“.

Well it’s coming soon. 🙂

The more knowledgeable among you may remember all the trouble daniel_k got himself in to. Those who don’t, you can get all the shocking details of Creative’s treachery here. Anyway, as a consequence, Creative have added in uber file protection to prevent 3rd party developers from revealing their secrets. That really put a dampener on development, sorry. We’re still experimenting with different things though. I’d have to say the new driver concoction is shaping up quite nicely. As soon as we’re happy with the release, it’ll be posted.

Over the next few weeks you can expect to see some further development in the official Creative drivers too. Creative will soon release Dolby Digital Live support for Audigy. This is great because it won’t work with drivers in their current state. Creative have two options.

  • Release the Dolby Digital Live pack without new drivers. This might be the case. A while back Creative tried to sell ALchemy to Audigy users, while the drivers didn’t even except anything above stereo! If this is the way it is, x64 users can forget it due to stupid x32 driver limitations.
  • Update the Audigy series drivers.

Creative have been saying now for a while Dolby is coming, and it has been delayed twice already. I’m beginning to feel like the unsupported customer again. They said it would be ready at Christmas, then again in the first Quarter of 2009.

We’ll have to see what happens. I bet they’ve conveniently forgotten about us Audigy owners again, though. Either that or the product won’t work.

I bet they drop Support for Windows 7 too.




8 responses

8 03 2009

there have actually been some additional driver updates by daniel k in the creative forums that haven’t been posted here..
not much has really changed though, but atleast the new ones support cmss2 and windows 7.

9 03 2009

Toph: CMSS2 is evil. There’s no reason to use it at all. If you’re looking to expand stereo sources to multispeakers, AC3Filter or FFDShow provide better quality with real AC3.

CMSS is pure evil, IMO. The first thing I do is turn it off. It creates issues with games, and I suspect it’s the source of the infamous “popping noises”.

15 03 2009

CMSS2 is awesome man and it is not the same thing as stereo expansion.
CMSS2 really gives digital music and wonderfully rich analogue quality, as if you were playing Vinyl.
I love Dan K for bringing it back, even if it is a bit temperamental.
Stereo expansion sucks ass on the other hand.

15 03 2009

Maybe Creative are going to drop Audigy support but instead release a version of X-fi MB that supports Audigys? I’m pretty sure they did something similar with the Live a long while back where they tried to sell a software upgrade for the card. Mind you X-fi MB is unsupported by the DTS Connect/Dobly Digital Live pack.

Anyway Creative are notorious for being tremendeously flexible with their deadlines. If you’re lucky, perhaps the DTS Connect/DDL pack for the Audigy will be out by 2020?

15 03 2009

Forgot to mention, does anybody know of any whole system OEM that actually uses X-Fi MB? I’m aware Dell uses Integrated Sound Blaster Audigy HD software edition or whatever it’s called but the first I heard of X-Fi MB was with Gigabyte. I’m wondering if any of the OEMs might already have DTS Connect/Dolby Digital Live support on their version of X-Fi MB. For that matter is there any OEM with support for it via the Audigy software edition? Or do they all rely on chipsets like the Realtek 889DD etc which have Dolby Digital Live or whatever support.

16 03 2009

I think you really need to update your page, I found my drivers that I needed for Windows 7 on their support site.

18 03 2009

I’m sorry but CMSS2 is pure distortion and twisting. Channel mapping and upmixing sources regardless of it’s origin. If you want purer sounding audio, it’s best left off. It is kind of speaker fill too, otherwise what is the purpose?

It’s up to what sounds better to you personally, like that crappy Crystalizer thing. If you look in to it on the internet -I’m sure you’ll find some interesting graphs with SNR and distortion levels blabla. I’m not trying to convince people not to use it, I just hate it.

I would NEVER buy a motherboard with Creative onboard. Look how limited their support was for the mass produced Audigy 4. Imagine now the small amount of motherboards equipped with Creative not C-Media or Realtek. Whoever makes the Realtek drivers is a genius. The most trouble free software in the world. It’s very basic, but never fails me. I use mine for optical connection, and I wouldn’t dare start using Creative’s SPDIF. Eeeww.

I’m guessing you have one of the newer (but super crap cut-down rebranded version) Audigy SE? Or perhaps you’re talking about daniel_k’s 2.18.0001W7 support pack? Either way the latest drivers anyone has (including daniel_k) for Audigy 1/2/4 are getting old. They’re not fully working with Windows 7 and barely hold together on Vista. The latest drivers are Creative Sound Blaster Audigy series Vista Driver 2.18.0002 and it’s rubbish.

20 03 2009

I really only use CMSS2 for my tv card and for movies and music (although it says CMSS1 is supposed to be better for music.. i find it to sound alot less richer)..

I was like you to start with. No matter what.. it IS upmixing so there is going to be a loss in quality..
But at the end of the day it’s just the best you can do for music and videos with stereo sound with our audigy’s in the current state (i’m using an audigy 2 zs).
DSP plugins don’t cut it.

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