*UPDATED* Fix Punkbuster On Windows 7 (Restriction: Unknown windows API Function)

25 02 2009

Well first off,  it’s been a while. I’ve been really busy over the Christmas/New Year period. I’m sorry for neglecting you all, but I really haven’t had anything to rage about. That was until yesterday… We all like Windows 7, right? I imagine most people do considering it’s the most reliable, speedy operating system that Microsoft have released to date. I’ve been a Microsoft partner for several years, and I was very keen to try both Vista and Windows 7. I liked Vista, but I loved Windows 7.

All my minor software bugs vanished. I’d even go as far as to say Vista drivers work better on Windows 7 than they do on Vista! I mustn’t forget the games. Oh god -the frame rates are so much better due to the streamlined architecture of Windows 7. My Call of Duty games played like crap on Vista. As soon as Vista saw DX9 and DX10 shaders, my PC would heat up like an oven and frame rates would plummet. Then I installed Windows 7.

Oh man this was better. It was faster than both XP and Vista. I don’t think I’m alone in this chain of thought. Many hardcore gamers quickly adopted Windows 7 as the “Gaming OS”. The rock solid stability matched with Vista drivers that had matured quite nicely made it a perfect choice for everyone. I played Call of Duty and man it was good.


Trouble is.. Microsoft have just released a very nasty update. Anyone playing a game with Punk Buster on Windows 7 can expect to get kicked as soon as they join a server. The screen will go black and they will see something like this.

Restriction: Unknown windows API Function [131131]

Wow that sucks. Somehow in the last 24 hours everyone’s online fun has been killed. What’s to blame? Punkbuster? EvenBalance? Microsoft? Here’s what I blame…

Windows Update: KB967062 A software update is available that addresses common application compatibility issues in Windows 7 Beta View products that this article applies to. Beta Information This article discusses a beta release of a Microsoft product. The information in this article is provided as-is and is subject to change without notice. No formal product support is available from Microsoft for this beta product. For information about how to obtain support for a beta release, see the documentation that is included with the beta product files, or check the Web location where you downloaded the release.

Well I’ll be removing this update to confirm it’s the cause -but it looks pretty much certain at this point. Let’s see what the kind people at Punkbuster say, shall we? They can help us!

Anyone posting about Windows beta’s not be supported by Punk Buster will have their thread locked with a link to this post. Even Balance has stated they will not support BETA OS’s period. Were not Even Balance so it’s no use whinnying about this on this forum. Use their ticket system to voice your complaints, pro’s and con’s as to why you think this is wrong.


System Restore and removing this update doesn’t restore Punkbuster.


Ok seems you can run PunkBuster on Windows 7 after all. After lots of messing about, I’ve found this works well, but only on Windows 7 build 7000.

* Enable Vista compabitility for PnkBstrA/B.exe in c:\windows\syswow64 and c:\users\your_username\appdata\local\punkbuster.
* Running above files with administrator rights.
* Enable Vista compabitility for C:\Program Files (x86)\Activision\Call of Duty 4 – Modern Warfare\iw3mp.exe
* Run iw3mp.exe (cod4 mp) without administrator rights

Thanks to zaggynl for the fix! I played for an hour on CoD:W@W Punk Buster Server! 🙂


14th December 2009

EvenBalance have sorted out many issues. If you still have problems, please use the official utility for your Operating located below. It’s the quickest and easiest way to fix everything PunkBuster related.

Download: PB.exe from EvenBalance




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25 02 2009

It seems that all Microsoft do is ruin itself.

4 05 2009

Evenbalance is to blame here – Linux looks like windows, because can you guess, people are comfortable with windows.

21 06 2009

Linux doesn’t “look” like anything. Linux is an open source kernel, not an entire operating system. There are several linux-kernel based distributions like Ubuntu and Fedora. These distributions use open source windowing systems and window managers like Xorg, Gnome, and KDE. These are the applications that have interfaces that you probably think resemble windows. Well the truth is all user GUI’s from MacOS, to windows, to Gnome, and KDE ALL kind of look the same because they are all evolving in the same niche and they are all copying each other. There are many windows features that have been copied from MacOS and open source windowing systems.

25 02 2009
Helen Hunt

I thank my stars that I don’t use Windows any longer. Linux is doing it for me now 🙂

25 02 2009

pochp: I’m hoping they will address this issue. There’s already quite a buzz brewing over on the Technet forum. If they have any sense, they’ll consider it a priority.

Helen: Please refrain from using those rude words around me! Linux users would eat their burgers outside the bread, just to be different! 😛

6 03 2009

no need for the last step.

6 03 2009

Pochop: this is not a microsoft problem. The problem is in punkbuster. PB is not compatible with windows 7, because win7 has new api calls. PB will release a new compatible version when win7 is released. They don’t support beta’s. Remember that win7 is still in beta.

BTW: no fanboy, but win 7 beta has been awesome for the few months i’ve been running it. It’s in beta and i haven’t noticed any bugs at all. Im also running a heavy setup, since im usin photosho, illustrator, dreamweaver, apache, mysql, php everyday at work. Yes im using only win 7 now, and do all my work with it. Im also running professional music software with lots of vst plugins and everything from works perfect.

Im also playing games like cod4 everyday, yes with PB enabled thanks to the compatibility mode. non PB servers can naturally be plaid with no compatibility mode, but since it won’t matter if its on or not, i just run the compa mode on all the time now.

People who are still in XP or moved to other OS’s, run with old hardware and are affraid of the new UI’s win vista and now win 7 brought along. They dont seem to realize that they are actually holding back the industry, since they are so many. Things like 64bit OS might come after next 2 installments of win, since developers don’t need to push it to the limits, due to these vast amount of XP covards and MS haters.

You are not supposed to think that every new OS should run better, with your old hardware, but vice versa. New is new, old is old. Luckily for all of you the new win7 is based on vista, so every software from it runs in win 7, except PB, because of the nature of the program.

Blah blah blah

13 03 2009

“People who are still in XP or moved to other OS’s, run with old hardware and are affraid of the new UI’s win vista and now win 7 brought along.”

What? I like to run what’s fast. If I hold up the industry, it’s because I don’t like their new product. I happily use recent GNU/Linux operating systems. When it comes to a product from Microsoft, I will let it get old before I use it. It’s stable then. Windows 7 IS looking a lot better at the moment then previous builds of “stable” Windows, I won’t deny that.

If Punkbuster would fix the issue, I would use my beta copy of it. At least on a separate drive.

I’ve been using GNU/Linux for a little over ten years now so it’s not the “scary new UI” of Vista or Win7 that scares me. It’s the “awesome” stuff I’ve seen come from Microsoft as far as Windows is concerned.

29 04 2009

heh.. well said…

16 03 2009

Thank you so much for this! I almost stopped playing COD4 because I had to reboot into Windows XP. I know windows 7 is a beta and I shouldn’t use it as my main OS, but it is rock solid.

18 03 2009

Thanks for clearing that up for everyone. I agree with you that Windows 7 does require newer hardware too. I think people are just stubborn and hate spending money. Once they do finally upgrade, they wish they had done it sooner. Windows 7 runs quite well on not-so-powerful hardware too. Things like micro-sized netbooks and things. Ancient Pentium III users need to get real and install W98.

Exactly, we need Even Balance to update. It’s not that difficult to add Windows 7 support. They just need to add a few entries, and tell us to do a quick run of Pbsetup.exe

Oh and see what I said to Helen. Same thing applies, freak.

Glad to help. but you really should be getting some bolt action rifle skills in W@W!

23 03 2009

Ok, but i try to apply those advices on COD 5 WaW, but no luck, it didnt work, always this “unknown windows api function”

24 03 2009

Yeah, mine stopped working again. I think The recent Windows Defender updates rocked the boat.

Come on Even Balance!

30 03 2009

I dont even find these punkbuster files or anything similar on my pc. Still i get get afters wanting to play BF2…

What am i doing wrong…

30 03 2009

The files are usually hidden, as they are system files.
If you visit the Folder Options in Control Panel, you can find the “hide system files” option.

31 03 2009

Helen hunt……how are the PC games working in Linux?

29 04 2009

as it does in windows 7… just without the punkbuster problem heh…

31 03 2009

This does NOT work.

31 03 2009

It worked with build 7000 for me, and many others. I couldn’t get it to work after 7057 though. 😦

6 04 2009

Thanks, but doesnt work Win 7 X64.

8 04 2009

Not anymore it doesn’t 😦

Come on EvenBalance!

14 04 2009

Great, I just found this blog entry via Google. I was so happy until I noticed that you guys were complaining it doesn’t work on x64 anymore. God damn, how bad I hate EvenBalance, screw their PunkBuster … it does more harm than good! Even with their “Anti-Cheating Software” enabled there are tons of cheaters around -.-

15 04 2009

I agree. Punkbuster isn’t very effective at all. Especially when we get kicked for not cheating!

18 04 2009

Listen ive been following your instruction.. but i cant find the syswow64 thingy.. are u using the 64b version? i already show my hidden files but cant find it. if so is there another file for 32b?


18 04 2009

btw since you seem to know windows 7 pretty good.. do you a solution to error 1208? I cant reach network disk.. i see it in the netwerk center, i can enter trough browser for admin but i cant map the folders or enter.

tnx again 😉

19 04 2009

Hi mementomori. Yes, I’m using 64bit windows (because I’m 1337 like you). The system folders are hidden, and will need to be “shown” in Control Panel\Folder options.

The network thing is a pain in the ass, however. I believe it happens with Vista x64 too. It not only affects network drives, but RAID drives and even normal drives. To this day I’ve never been able to get W@W’s shortcuts to work in any 64bit O/S. I used to use disc to start, which really doesn’t help the network drive user, I know.

It’s an unresolved issue sadly. If anyone else knows how to fix this, I’d like to know too. Sorry I can’t help further.

19 04 2009

ok tnx.. if i find something i will let you know. my version is 32bit. But eventhough i made the folders to show there is no such file.. for 32bit its syswow32?

btw.. i got it to work for the 32bit version without syswow file. At first it didnt work but then i also applied the vistasettings to punkpusterb in the programfiles of cod. After that no more.. well at least for some time now 😉

still your article helped me through!!

19 04 2009

There’s no syswow for 32bit, from memory. Glad to hear you got it working, though. Game on! 🙂

25 04 2009
Bob Jane

All in favour of burning Even Balance to the ground, say I!
All Opposed?

25 04 2009

não consigo jogar

28 04 2009

With Win7 7100 x86 and x64 no Problems with PB

28 04 2009

Anyone can confirm and/elaborate on comment of “7100tester “?
im downloading 7100 rc now, will rep. back.

28 04 2009

Tried all of these settings on 7100 build, x64. No go, still kicked by PB for the unknown API call.
I’ve tried various Compatability Mode options (Vanilla Vista, Vista SP1/SP2, etc) , restarted PB services, etc, all to no avail.
Interestingly enough, on my build 7000 install, 32bit, PB required no help and no adjustments – The software “Just Worked” as they say.
Anyone got any more advice? :/

29 04 2009

Sadly we’re all in the same boat, I think. I’m unaware of a fix that can dig us out of this hole. Aside from a Punkbuster update anyway. I too can get build 7000 to work flawless. It really annoys me.

Since I updated from it, Punkbuster hates me.
What’s build 7100 got to offer? I’m using 7077 at the moment, but I’m considering switching back to 7000 for some good CoD:W@W multiplayer loving….unFz!

Bob Jane:
AYE!!!! :angryface:

29 04 2009

To be perfectly honest, there’s nothing about 7100 that’s worth breaking my games – the differences are all too minor, although there are presumably a number of under-the-hood optimisations. If I could do it over, I wouldn’t bother upgrading.
What’s interesting is that this afternoon I managed to play CoD4 for about two hours without being kicked by PB. I thought perhaps I’d fixed the issue, but shortly after I got kicked for the same API issue.
I really wish there were an easy fix. :/

30 04 2009

ive done everything like you said and not work

30 04 2009

Well i got it working like a charm with very little effort. I”ll sum up my course of action wich led to this relief 😛

> fresh install Windows 7 RC 7100 x64
> installed catalyst 9.4 (for fully support of my HD4850, i dont like wdm)
> Installed Battlefield 2 Deluxe (includes special forces)
> Installed patch 1.41

Tried running the game, but got kicked on PB not being able to update, something i’ve had on other OS’s

> Downloaded PBsetup from evenbalance, ran it and added BF2.exe to the updater, and updated PB.

Then applied “run as administrator” to the shortcut on my desktop as well on the actual BF2.exe file. After that i was able to play online on PB enabled servers.

NOTE that i did not! use any compatibilitymodes, except “run as administrator”.

Works like a charm!

17 08 2009

yeah after doing exactly that, bf1942 works for me too now (win7 ult32)
-updated pb manually
-removed all compatibility options from pnkbstra/b and game exe
-ran bf1942.exe as admin
-didnt use xfire for server searching and connecting like i normally do

not sure which part did the trick but thx lredev 🙂

30 04 2009

Hi! Its such a thrill to hear that we can get over the punkbuster thing after all!
i m a new user to Windows 7 and i just spent the whole day trying to figure out how not to be kicked by pb when i m playin CoD4.
Still.. i couldnt find the syswow64 thing u mentioned..

Can u help me please??

30 04 2009

lredev – perhaps Battlefield 2 doesn’t perform the same API call that makes PunkBuster suspicious. Certainly just running CoD4 as administrator doesn’t help me in any way.

Eddie – The syswow64 directory only exists in the 64-bit versions of Windows 7. Are you running 32-bit? In that case, I imagine that the pnkbstrA/B executables will just be found in C:\Windows\System32 – Although don’t take that as gospel.
Also, which version of Windows 7 are you running? Are you running build 7100? To date, I haven’t found a way to get PunkBuster running properly on build 7100. Still messing around to try to fix it though.

30 04 2009

Yeah.. I can’t find a way to get CoD 4 or CoD 5 to work with anything but Windows 7000 either. 7056 didn’t work, nor did 7077 for me.

I’ve ordered a new HDD. When that arrives I’ll have a play with Windows 7100. Perhaps the issue only arises from “upgraded” Windows 7 installs? Anyway thanks for the information Nicholas. I think I’ll try it when the release candidate becomes available to the public.

If I can’t resolve it, I guess I’m duel booting to Windows Vista again… or perhaps a Windows 7 build 7000 with update disabled…

2 05 2009

In regards to the issue with CoD4, I’ve been searching around a few forums and found one that seemed to be helpful. It involved running services.msc, finding the PnkBstrA/B service, going to the “Log On” tab in properties, and checking the box saying “Allow service to interact with desktop.” – However, since the PnkBstrB service is only created & started by the PnkBstrA service once you’ve started a game, this presents a little difficulty. Someone helpfully wrote a batch file which sets the requisite permissions on the services every 60 seconds – so even if you leave a server and join another, presumably the service will still be given the correct properties.
It has worked for me for several hours gameplay at different points in time during the day today, but as always, ymmv.

Batch file contents as follows:

sc config PnkBstrA type= own type= interact
sc config PnkBstrB type= own type= interact
timeout 60
goto start

2 05 2009

Oh – forgot to add – my install is a freshly formatted drive, no upgrade path. It’s unfortunate that I can’t run 32 bit. Or rather, I could, but I’m not sure I’d want to lose more than half of my 8GB of RAM…

4 05 2009

Nicholas, I think u might have something there. If it works u will be the hero of all cod4 (and other pb games) players! but could u please just ellaborate on this batch file. how do u create such a file and ofcourse put it into action?

Assistance would Be awesome.


4 05 2009

I’ve been playing with the batch file a bit. I’ve been kicked once since using it still, so perhaps it’s not working. It certainly seems to have lessened the frequency with which I get kicked. It could also simply be a placebo putting my mind at ease.

Morne: The batch file is easy. Simply copy the contents in to a text file, and make sure it’s renamed as a ‘.bat’ file, not ‘.txt’ and you’re done.
Or you could download the one I’m using from here.


Make sure when you run it, you right click it and select ‘run as administrator’

4 05 2009

Ok thanx alot will try it tonight when i get home. But it looks like im going back to Vista.

5 05 2009

nicholas on win7 7100 32bit ur .bat file doen t work, maybe u can try to set time out <20 secs

5 05 2009

Windows 7 RC (build 7100) 64bit – Punkbuster – Call of Duty 4

Getting kicked for “PB Kick: Unknown Windows API Function [1311**]” ?

Make sure UAC is turned off before doing this! (and you’ve restarted since doing so). Ensure all traces of PB are uninstalled before doing this… even if you uninstall COD 4 through Windows you will need to manually delete the folder from x86 program filed.

1. Install Call of Duty, but click no to installing Punkbuster.
2. When this has finished, run pbsvc.exe from the disk.
3. Downloaded pbsetup from the even balance website. If you already have it downloaded, delete everything but the .exe from the folder its in.
4. Run pbsetup and choose the install directory for COD 4 (in C:\Program Files (x86)\Activision\Call of Duty 4 – Modern Warfare)

Check these two locations… There will be two new folders in the below locations, and the files in each should be the same:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Activision\Call of Duty 4 – Modern Warfare\pb

5. Copy your ‘players’ folder (if you saved it from your previous build) to C:\Program Files (x86)\Activision\Call of Duty 4 – Modern Warfare

6. Run the game, and enter a multiplayer pnkbuster game. Chances are you will be kicked after not long, wait till this if you can to exit the game.

7. Check again in the file locations i mentioned before, and you’ll notice some different files:

FROM C:\Users\jimbonbon\AppData\Local\PunkBuster\COD4\pb
COPY pbsv.dat, PnkBstrA.exe, PnkBstrB.exe, and PnkBstrK.sys
TO C:\Program Files (x86)\Activision\Call of Duty 4 – Modern Warfare\pb

FROM C:\Program Files (x86)\Activision\Call of Duty 4 – Modern Warfare\pb
COPY pbcl.db, pbns_c.dat, and the ‘scrnshot’ folder
TO C:\Users\jimbonbon\AppData\Local\PunkBuster\COD4\pb

You should have the same stuff in both directories now.

Right click all instances of PnkBstrA.exe and PnkBstrB.exe and set to run as admin (to be honest I think it will work fine without doing this, but its what i did)

Try running the game now…

Hope this works for you, post back if it does, it certainly did for me! Feel free to pass this on, just don’t forget to mention my name 😉

5 05 2009

Two hours and its now failed 😦

So close.

6 05 2009

Thanks Nicholas and jimbonbon for the input. I’ll get a new W7RC install sorted and try both methods. Fingers crossed.

6 05 2009

No worries. I wouldn’t worry about my way too much, it went and failed eventually! Same though, it did last a LOT longer than anything else i’ve tried.

Have rebuilt that main PC onto Vista 64, but will build a spare PC onto Win7 tonight and try some more niggly ideas…


8 05 2009
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10 05 2009
windows 7 7100 punkbuster - Overclock.net - Overclocking.net

[…] indeed there is check this link out i used it and it worked… https://nomoregoatsoup.wordpress.com/…-on-windows-7/ scroll down and follow instructions […]

10 05 2009
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25 05 2009
windows 7 and cod4 - FeverClan

[…] 7, together they get problems with pb. idk if any1 else found the answer yet, but i gotz it 😀 Fix Punkbuster On Windows 7 (Restriction: Unknown windows API Function) No More Goat Soup […]

30 05 2009

Bon avec Windows Seven RC (build 7100) avec d’autre build 70XX cela ne le faisait pas si on joue avec des jeux ayant la protection PUNKBUSTER lorsqu’on lance une partie en ligne on obtient un message d’erreur « unknow Windows API fonction 131133 » dans mon cas (mais il semble que les messages peuvent varier)
Donc pour réussir à Jouer à Battlefield 2142 sous Seven il utiliser le mode de compatibilité non pas sur le .EXE de Battlefield 2142 lui même mais sur les .EXE de PunkBuster !

Pour ce faire trouvez PnkBstrA.exe et PnkBstrB.exe dans C:\Windows\System32 clic droit /propriété /onglet compatibilité/ il faut cocher la case “Exécuter ce programme en mode de compatibilité pour :” et sélectionner le système d’exploitation.
Sinon CTRL MAJ ESC /gestionnaire de tache/processus sélectionner PnkBstrA.exe ou PnkBstrB.exe clic droit /propriété et regarder le chemin pour les trouvé et faire la modif, si ils n’y sont pas, lancée le jeu, ensuite ALT TAB pour revenir sur le bureau retour dans le gestionnaire de taches, cette fois il devrait y être
Moi j’ai mis Windows XP (SP2) et ça marche! Vous pouvez aussi tenter Vista SP1

Solutions pour Seven 64b fournie par un ami
Pour Seven 64 bit /windows/SysWOW64 pour trouver les fichiers PnkBstrA.exe et PnkBstrB.exe. mode compatibilité vista sp1, et sa doit marcher.
Sinon CTRL MAJ ESC /gestionnaire de tache/processus sélectionner PnkBstrA.exe ou PnkBstrB.exe clic droit /propriété et regarder le chemin pour les trouvé et faire la modif ci dessus.

PS il semble que cette manip fonctionne aussi pour d’autre jeux ayant aussi cette protection anti triche (tel que FFOW ou COD 4), si vous faite cette manip sur d’autre jeux ou d’autres messages d’erreur merci de faire un retour d’infos pour le bien de tous

EDIT By nomoregoatsoup: Added a rough translation..
Hello Good with Windows Seven RC (build 7100) with other build 70XX that did not make it if one plays with plays having protection PUNKBUSTER when one launches a part on line one obtains an error message “unknow API Windows function 131133” in my case (but it seems that the messages can vary) Thus to succeed in Playing Battlefield 2142 Seven pennies it to not use the mode of compatibility on the .EXE of Battlefield 2142 him even but on the .EXE of PunkBuster! With this intention find PnkBstrA.exe and PnkBstrB.exe in C:\Windows\System32 right click /propri be /onglet compatibility it is necessary to notch the box “To carry out this program in mode of compatibility for: ” and to select the operating system. If not CTRL MAJ ESC /gestionnaire of spot/process to select PnkBstrA.exe or PnkBstrB.exe right click /propri be and to look at the way for found and to make modif, if they there are not, launched the play, then ALT to return on the desk return in the manager of spots, this time it should be there Me I put Windows XP (SP2) and it goes! You can also try Vista SP1 Solutions for Seven 64b provided by a friend For Seven 64 bit /windows/SysWOW64 to find the files PnkBstrA.exe and PnkBstrB.exe mode compatibility Vista sp1, and its must go. If not CTRL MAJ ESC /gestionnaire of spot/process to select PnkBstrA.exe or PnkBstrB.exe right click /propri be and to look at the way for found and to make modif Ci above. PS it seems that this manipulation also functions for other plays having also this protection anti cheating (such as FFOW or COD 4), if you made this manipulation on other plays or other error messages thank you to make a return of infos for the good of all

31 05 2009

Thank you for the translation of my text

9 06 2009
Helen johnson

This is interesting, despite the fuzz about this issue, it appears they have not made any effort to address it. Now you see why people feel that MS is crap!

21 06 2009

Helen johnson, it’s because Windows 7 has a different operating system version number. Punkbuster hates unknown OS. That’s all.

I’m all for bashing m$, but you can’t blame them for Punkbuster’s restrictions!
Naughty Girl!

21 06 2009
pink tiger

hello, i have win 7 7201 build, play bf42, and the punkbuster massage is that: unknown w api function [131136]…

is there any trick to work my win 7 [131136] with the punkbuster?
without reinstall new type or version OS..

21 06 2009

hey guys, download this- fix for the issue. spent the better part of the day finding it.


25 06 2009

I tried that WSUS and that didn’t help with the problem on my system.

27 06 2009
Punkbuster meldingen Vista en Windows 7

[…] blijkt Windows 7 een security patch uitgebracht te hebben waarmee PBSVC niet overweg kan (zie ook Fix Punkbuster On Windows 7 (Restriction: Unknown windows API Function) No More Goat Soup) Bij het connecten vanaf een Windows 7 machine naar een server verschijnt er een Windows API […]

30 06 2009

Can now confirm that windows 7 build 7100 and PB work together for ET, pb today released an update that seems to have addressed the unknown win APi kicks. 😀

30 06 2009

P.S stil have to tell windows to allow pnkbstra and b intereaction as obove but other than that it all works 😀

6 07 2009

“P.S stil have to tell windows to allow pnkbstra and b intereaction as obove but other than that it all works ”

How we tell that? 😛

7 07 2009

lol by doing what the above page is all about, goto services and tell it to interact with desktop etc, basically the above page works now with the latest PB update, no more kicks (at all) provided you make sure you follow the steps on this webpage. Provided you have the latest punkbuster update installed you’ll be good to go.

15 07 2009

I see that the problem has still not been adressed. Fucking sucks, wanted to play some CoD2 after like a year or so. I’ve tried the fixes on this site, yet none seem to work.

20 07 2009

Yea , i have the same prob. I’ve set every pnkbstr exe to a compability state but im still getting kicked after 4min

20 07 2009

Hi, well what can be done with windows 7 7600 x64? as u have fixed the 7000 problem.

and also on my version of windows (shown above) COD5 / WaW works fine on PB servers, no idea why but it works, shame COD4 doesn’t. x(

Please help!


24 08 2009

Dude.. i got the same problem. freakin’ me out.

6 09 2009

Punkbuster is fixed now. They have updated it to support Windows 7 RTM.

I fixed it by using pbsetup.exe, instead of the other crappy utility.
Works like a charm now!

3 11 2009

See above but Cod4 with Admin.Start game Alt Tab out of it,go to services and set Punkbuster A and B both to Allow this service to interact with the desktop and Alt Tab back in the game.Do this every time you start up windows or after closing it and play it again later.Also (don’t know if it means something but)even with cod4 mp checked with run as admin start it with mouseclick left and run as admin. Works for me.I use Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit RC.

14 11 2009

ohh i have windows 7 build 7100 and i agree windows 7 is great(better than vista)

15 11 2009

Fix works great…many thanks

21 01 2010

these really works, on win7 x64 7000, just check in folder options to see hiden files -> in Control Panel\Appearance and Personalization, thanks very much for posting these, you are the greatest :)))))))

28 01 2010

My brother is running the Joint Ops: Combined Arms game which uses PunkBuster. He is on Win 7 and gets booted after perhaps 2 min–and there is no update on the EvenBalance website for Combined Arms, Typhoon Rising or Escalation. He is running a 32-bit system, is not a server and I am responsible for making his stuff works as he doesn’t know which end of a screwdriver to use.

Can anyone assist me? Thanks in advance…..

3 12 2010
Sisus NoName

I am acusing Punkbuster for spyware. DO NOT USE PUNKBUSTER.

20 01 2011

PB failed for me, Opened a ticket after my attempt to fix the problem somehow got me a Global Ban…


Just wanted to go down memory lane…

25 02 2011
Bust A Room

This a really good article. I found some related information on http://bustaroom.org and got it all taken care of. Thank you!

18 09 2011

UNINSTALLED UPDATES AND RESTARTED GAME AND PLAYED TWO HOURS .this is a ms problem win 7 pro’hope this helps

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