Creative Hound daniel_k Again?

9 06 2008

It seems daniel_K may be the victim of another witch hunt. No idea if this is fake or not, but it came from Make of it what you will, but I thought I’d post it before I go back to bed.

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To be honest, I’m a little suspicius about this e-mail, as it was not signed.

Whether it is real or not, I don’t want to be legally threatened.

Lets wait for an official comment from Creative.

Date: Fri, 6 Jun 2008 15:25:44 +0000
Subject: Stop the redistribution of Creative software

Hi Daniel,

Please stop the redistribution of any Creative software, otherwise we will take legal action against you.

Creative Labs

No “KTHXBAI“? I’m a bit suspicous of that email too. It’s obviously not Creative -duh?




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9 06 2008

Looks like daniel_k took out all the files from his Filefront folder.. Can anyone email me a copy of the latest SBL_VTDRV_LB_2_10_0001A.EXE (May 2008 build)?

gtlohwor at trashmail dot net

Thanks in advance!

9 06 2008
Cyber Feen

Seems like Creative has yet to confirm it’s official. The rather sparse wording does seem a bit …… odd.

10 06 2008

That email was fake

-(official creative answer)

–[Hi guys,

Regarding the e-mail:

Referring to the post by Daniel K with an email concerning redistribution of Creative software:

the email appears to be a fabrication; it was not written or authorized by Creative.

Thank you
The Sound Blaster Team

Forum Administrator
Creative Labs]–

10 06 2008

Yep -but the first one from Phil was real…

10 06 2008
Sean Lai

But this was months ago… they got Daniel onboard, they let him do his job
under the condition that his mods do not breach rights of any third parties which was initially the case and started the whole thing…

At the same time Creative decided to release new drivers and free ALchemy for Audigy users, so in the end it seems they learned something, while Creative customers have only benefited.

But this hoax email is just a very poor, and in fact immoral, effort to put Creative in bad light. I am afraid some people might think ASUS is behind that because of the bitter exchange they have had over EAX support. If that’s the case someone should lose their job.

10 06 2008

Yes it was months ago, and then they backed down and acted like it didn’t happen. Saying sorry or thanks to daniel_k wouldn’t have hurt anyone.

Personally I hope Asus make something better than EAX and bribe all the game makers!

11 06 2008
Sean Lai

They thanked him on their forums and offered support for any further mods under the condition that he does not breach rights of any third parties. The guy might be a smart programmer but at the same time he seems to be quite ignorant about the law. He took features that were licensed from Dolby for particular products and added them to cards that were not in the licence agreement with Dolby. That put Creative into a very tough situation where they would face charges from Dolby for letting Dolby licenced technology spread free. I can perfectly understand where they were coming from when sending Dan the the letter. But this fake letter and previous fake letters posted up on Creative forums leave a very bad taste. Like someone trying to get Creative down at any cost. Very very fishy.

12 06 2008

Firstly I have to say, I too agree with most of your post. I understand there must be some “tax” for those little Dolby Logos on product boxes.

The trouble for me is, my sound card had all those little logos on them. They contributed towards the choice of purchase that day, for sure. I bought that expensive card that day, but later found that driver revisions were removing features (for various reasons). At the launch on Vista the company tried to sell me back my environmental audio -yet I couldn’t even use more than 2 channels due to poor driver release. So sometimes it’s ok to bend the rules.

The wire coathanger may be used by car thieves, but it can also help you when you lock yourself out. 🙂

The company’s chose to ignore thousands of driver requests, unanswered e-mails and clearly was paying attention. They could have easily released drivers at no real cost – they never did. They obviously had our 5.1, ALchemy, working driver, Dolby (that we paid them for) and just didn’t give it to us… ….oh they gave it to Dell customers though.

It’s just a shame that all this happened.
The situation would have all been avoided had they just released the drivers.

5.1 support with nice dts, dolby is a humble man’s thing.
Nobody will get hurt or go hungry because a few people who never paid have it. I also imagine Dolby have bigger concerns than chasing the 0.00000001% of people distributing or using “illegal” files.

Sadly most people will see their Soundcard as “broken”, throw it away and add to their carbon footprint, and then pay a visit to their local store to buy a new Creative.

All because they never made a self extracting installer, people had to do it themselves. People then found where the “good stuff” was, and started fixing.

Fixing something that is broken is a really cool thing. Sometimes it gets fixed and it’s better than before.


12 06 2008

yar, I hear you, but if Daniel decided to add features that Creative wanted to add as premium to selected products than obviously this was not ok with them, still they actually allowed for this to happen!

Both sides came to agreement and now the issue has been artificially re-created and blown away out of proportion with one fake, I repeat that a FAKE and UNSIGNED e-mail that Daniel has, allegedly, received.

I am very concerned that someone might perceive this as a publicity stunt from ASUS PR who seem to be desperately trying to put their foot into the sound card business now and have been known for quite deceptive marketing in the past.

12 06 2008

Let’s face it we’ll probably never know who sent it.

Asus were moving in to the soundcard market long before Vista. They seem to be doing ok from it too. I personally welcome a wider choice of hardware..

*Hints at Asus to provide a Xonar sample for testing*

12 06 2008

Daniel Kawakami edited and removed all his driver files and posts.

“SB Audigy Series Installation Disc for Windows XP/Vista (new version, unreleased)” was never published :/

Would be very interesting to know if Daniel ever plans to publish it somewhere or if I have to buy a new soundcard.

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