X-Fi Vista Support Pack v2.15.0004 Driver SBXF_VTDRV_LB_2_15_0004A

6 04 2008

Quite a few people have contacted me asking about the Sound Blaster X-Fi Vista Support Pack v2.15.0004. The SBXF_VTDRV_LB_2_15_0004A driver seems to have vanished from the internet without trace. I know you X-Fi noobs are eager to get your hands on them, and maybe if I post it – you’ll stop asking.

Big thanks virtualex for the heads up, and daniel_k for the fixes.

< Compiled on Feb 13 2008 by Daniel Kawakami >

Supports both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Vista (including Service Pack 1)

Supports all X-Fi cards with a Hardware CA20K DSP chipset (OEM / Retail models)

Does NOT support the following OEM / Retail models:

– Host / software-based cards including X-Fi Xtreme Audio PCI and PCI-E
– any external X-Fi soundcards

This setup program will install the following items:

– Audigy series driver 2.15.0004.4
– APO Interface Module 1.30.00
– Audio Console 2.50.10
– MediaSource DVD-Audio Player 2.00.76
– SoundFont Bank Manager 3.20.20

Exclusive features in this unofficial driver:

– Dolby/DTS decoder (working on 32-bit/64-bit, requires Windows Vista Service Pack 1)
– DVD Audio (32-bit only)
– Hardware MIDI synthesizer (includes 2Mb, 4Mb and 8Mb SoundFont banks)

Release notes / Known issues:

– Windows Security warning during driver installation
When prompted with “Windows can’t verify the publisher of this driver software”, choose “Install this driver software anyway”.

– WaveRT Pull Mode enabled by default
Does not seem to cause any problems, but if you ever need to disable it, follow these steps:

  • run the Registry Editor (Regedit) and open the following registry tree:
  • Select Search (or press the F3 key) and type EnableWaveRTPullMode, deleting the value when found.
  • Restart the computer. Restart the computer.

For more information on WaveRT, access:
http://www.microsoft.com/whdc/devi […] tport.mspx […] Http://www.microsoft.com/whdc/devi tport.mspx

MediaSource DVD-Audio Player does not support the 64-bit edition of Windows Vista

– Built-in Decoder (Built-in Decoder (requires Windows Vista Service Pack 1)
To use the built-in decoder, make sure it is enabled in Audio Console.

Select “SPDIF Out (Creative SB Audigy (WDM))” as the output device of Select “SPDIF Out (Creative SB Audigy (WDM))” as the output device of your player and then configure the AC3/DTS filter to send the stream through SPDIF.
When you restart your computer, the Tone settings (Bass and Treble) may not be applied. Just readjust one of the controls one time per boot.

– Windows Vista MIDI Device Configuration Utility
Use this utility to change the MIDI playback device for 32-bit and 64-bit applications.
The driver installer automatically selects the first hardware MIDI synthesizer found.

All files are property of Creative Labs, Inc.

Copyright (c) 2007 Creative Technology Ltd. All rights reserved.

Mirror 1 (Rapidshare) – SBXF_VTDRV_LB_2_15_0004A -38.3 MB (40,230,029 bytes)
Mirror 2 (MediaFire) – SBXF_VTDRV_LB_2_15_0004A -38.3 MB (40,230,029 bytes)




29 responses

8 04 2008

Daniel… why oh why have you left us…

I know you’re more than angry on Creative… so do I…
but releasing updates for the AUDIGY series (and Live!) aren’t exactly supporting this company, because they don’t sell Audigy’s 1&2 and Live’s! nearly nowhere these days…
It’s supporting your fans… and people whose money don’t grow on trees like yours don’t… And they spend a lot of it, for a good sound card and get nothing (or nearly nothing in regards of the company’s support) with it…

I’m thinking of singing Elvis Presley’s song – “Only You” for you…
Don’t abandon us…. please… kindly please.
Come back…

12 04 2008

Will these drivers work with the Auzentech X-Fi Prelude 7.1?

More importantly, since I am so hesitant to upgrade to Windows Vista, is there any way I can have SPDIF-In decoding for Dolby Digital and DTS on WinXP using the Auzentech X-Fi?

I need this for a setup that involves PlayStation 3 > SPDIF-In to Auzentech X-Fi Prelude 7.1 > Logitech Z-5300 (Analog output only).

Greatly appreciate any help.

16 04 2008

I have an X-Fi Fatal1ty, Vista 32.

how do you exactly configure the ac3/dts filter to stream though SPDIF in mediaSource? I get no sound and cant uncheck the ac3/dts boxes. Very stuck and need help!

Anyone else having the same problems?

17 04 2008

mine still no sound for spdif

22 04 2008
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23 04 2008

I have just downloaded the daniel_k drivers. I have an x-fi fatality, creative s750 gigaworks 7.1 speakers, vista 32. Are these the correct drivers for my setup:


I installed them and they work just the same as my old driver package. The instructions mention I have to select the Audigy because it tricks vista into thinking your using an audigy card, but i’m only ever able to select x-fi. Anyone who has a similar sound setup as me downloaded these drivers?

Also no sound from spdif!!!

28 05 2008

I just want to be able to use my front panel ports and configure them/alter vol levels. (optical, line-2, mic/line, etc. I bought this card for recording and they expect me to drop cash on the card, AND pay for new drivers…funk that. so what do you think?

6 06 2008

I installed these drivers on my Vista SP1 64-bit OS+X-Fi Elite Pro system however there is still no decoder tab in audio console. Am I missing something here?


8 06 2008

PrEzi: As always; lol I with you right there. Just warn us before singing next time, mkay? :p

Niro: I have no idea about Auzentech X-Fi . We’ve never even looked at one. Auzentech never answered our request for a freebie.

Joey656: Thanks for the input. I’m sure it will help people. (Pssst everyone virus scan their torrents before running in case Joey is really some leet Russian hacker :p )

underpk: Speak to Joey656 (If you can speak Russian)

CJ: I always wanted the front panel for my Audigy2. I’m so glad I never got one. I learnt my “NO BUY CREATIVE” lesson from support issues like this. So, I think “Creative’s software development team need to get busy”. Clearly the product doesn’t perform as decribed on the box.

Amir: It does say – Dolby/DTS decoder (working on 32-bit/64-bit, requires Windows Vista Service Pack 1). Lets hope it gets fixed by the final release in July. (Who wants to bet it isn’t?)

9 06 2008

This ain’t MY torrent. I found it.

Anyway this is still causing me a little headache. I find that my side and rear speakers act as two channels – (left and right) only. Maybe if someone who’s downloaded the drivers and has had better luck than me than post here for all! Also any who successfully gets it working should also post on the official creative forums for everyone with the same problems. I’ve checked it out and soooo many people have the same shitty problem.

I’ve just about given up tweaking it and trying new things coz I always get the same result: hardware that only does half of what it should!

Also, I’m from the UK! Go on Arsenal!

10 06 2008

The new driver releases should fall early July. So until we have better driver components to work with -we’re all still missing features. 18months on and Creative still haven’t figured out Vista’s sound system. I’m guessing the next release after that will be August (not likely) or December (more likely)

Oh and, nomoregoatsoup also support Arsenal. 😀

10 06 2008

Early July sounds great. I hope your talking official dates here because I had no idea! I’ll go check their site now!

10 06 2008

Yep official releases were; betas in June – retail release in July. Most of the Creative drivers I’ve seen get released usually between 2nd-19th of the month -but don’t take my word for it.

19 06 2008

I hope they fix AC3/DTS decoding for X-Fi Elite Pro 2nd version (SB055A)

25 08 2008
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27 09 2008

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18 12 2008

Im using a xfi xtreme gamer – normal one. im regretting it. im on vista 64bit, and i have the logitech z-5500 speaker sys. im tempted to just forget it and let my speakers decode it all for me.

or are these drivers worth a go?

might move to Asus for sounds tbh..

19 12 2008

Benjarooo: I’m sure glad I never bought an X-Fi. I don’t think the Asus board will help you though. Asus is purely software based. You’d be better off with an Auzen X-FI™ Prelude 7.1 soundcard. It will sound better, get support and have a much better latency.

19 12 2008

There are new drivers from Creative. What happened to our modder???

20 12 2008

Creative introduced some hacker resistant CRC encryption, that’s what! It’s their intellectual property.. and nobody is legally allowed to see the “disabled features” part.

18 07 2009
22 07 2009
20 09 2009
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31 01 2010
Manpreet singh

Deniel bro i have audigy 4 and need drivers for it for windows 7 i have been using your drivers from my audigy value and audigy 2 now need for audigy 4

25 02 2010

Ola, what’s up amigos? 🙂
Hope to get some help from you if I will have any quesitons.
Thanks in advance and good luck! 🙂

4 03 2010

I just found this forum and I must say that I’m glad I did. I hope to bring something to the community as I have already found some interesting topics.

Hailing from the Dirty South (United States for those that don’ know).

10 09 2011
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