Daniel Kawakami Says Goodbye

4 04 2008

Daniel Kawakami has posted a farewell to the Creative Labs community. In his post on the Creative Labs Forums, he elaborates further on the purposely disabled driver features.

Super Contributor

My goodbye message to all supporters with some clarification and my legacy

Unfortunately, the situation did not change for us.They did say an updated Audigy driver would eventually be released, but don’t be optimistic about it (their priority is the launch of X-Fi 2).What I can say for sure is the features I’ve enabled will not be made available in an official driver update.Although I still have my doubts, they’ve said I would not be threatened if I provided patches instead of the actual binaries, because of licensed technologies built into them (Dolby/DTS).While this could even be true, most of the disabled features are Creative’s own technologies, which means they’ve disabled them on their own choice.That’s funny when people think you are an idiot.They were after me and, on a chat session, they asked me what I’d like from them, as if I were expecting something.They’ve promised me a free X-Fi 2, but I told them it was not necessary, because I was getting a couple of cards from other companies that contacted me.

Well, at least they are getting flammed all over the web and they are certainly mad about it and I could feel it while chatting with them. That is an enough reward for my hard work.

I’m not releasing a patch to enable DDL on any X-Fi neither Crystalizer for Audigy because, as they’ve pointed out to me, providing an alternative for their customers is good for them and increase their sales, specially when someone is doing it for free. Given the current situation, I cannot let this happen.

I just hope their competitor companies do something about it.

And I really hope people don’t forget this.

Thank you very much for your support and your donations.

Best regards,

Daniel Kawakami

Below are the links for my drivers, beware where you download them from, I’ll add CRC32, MD5 and SHA-1 hashes to all files:

SB Audigy series Vista Support Pack v2.15.0004EQ with Equalizer (02/24/2008)SB Live! series Vista Support Pack 2.10.0001A (03/07/2008)

Gameport support pack for Vista 32-bit (x86), updated on 02/01/2008

SB Audigy Value/SE/LS & Live! 24-bit Windows Vista Pack 1.04.0077B (02/06/2008)

SB X-Fi Xtreme Audio Windows Vista Pack 1.04.0078A (02/06/2008)

There are people asking my PayPal account (dkbox2000@hotmail.com), so I’ll leave this link. Thanks again.

I really felt sad as I was reading through it. Daniel has helped thousands of people world-wide. Then I reached “I just hope their competitor companies do something about it” part. Now that part sounds promising.

A sad day indeed. We’re on our own now guys.

To be continued…


“We Need You daniel_K”.




24 responses

4 04 2008

We will miss you mate… You’ve made my card come to life in Vista…
Now I’m only left with one choice – either use KX Drivers OR use another card…

4 04 2008

Amen 😦

6 04 2008
LL Cool D

You know, the latest and greatest package (Feb 08), returned by Audigy2 zs to its former glory. Superb, bright, powerful.

It’s a shame to see you bow out of the arena. Creative have not silenced a hero, but created a legend.

Thank you and may God guide your hand.

6 04 2008

daniel_k may have given up supporting Audigy series – but here at nomoregoatsoup we aren’t done yet. Not until our Audigy’s work correct.

There are several interesting Audigy driver projects under construction, and not just on this site either! There are YouPax offerings, kX-Mixer and many other modded sets under construction. I’ve seen a couple of audigy crystalizer and working dts/dd decoders in the making too..

Watch this space…

Peace out, Goat

6 04 2008

I hope youre right Goat….
I would be very happy to see the Crystalizer and DTS/DD decoder on my Audigy…

13 04 2008

Having just installed Daniel_K’s drivers for A2ZSPP on Windows XP, I have to say the man is a genius of magnificent proportions. The installation was painless as opposed to YouP_PAX, which I suffered with for many years, in some cases having to even do a complete fresh install of XP. I seriously hope he continues his work in secrecy. God knows we need people like him to make us feel we haven’t wasted our hard earned money on products that by all means deserve more support and enthusiasm than Creative gives them.

One thing’s for sure, X-Fi 2 can go fuck itself. Auzentech’s X-Fi Prelude is the closest I can get to utilising Creative’s fancy features without directly buying their crap.

13 05 2008

This is to a guy that did nothing than support a bunch of people, i was about to go crazy with my x-fi card running on vista and was ready to trash it, but then i found Daniel K’s drivers and all i can say is THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! I bought my card not knowing all the problems that it had on vista, and the fucked up support from creative (like if they care, cause they already got my money) blaming everybody else instead of backup his products, and yeah creative might have an increase in sales but to make a profit they need to fire all the bunch of lazy stupid motherF**** programmers that keep getting paid for drinking coffe and just a thought when some company hires Daniel and we know his writing the drivers, who do you think we are going to support your “Fatal1ty” or the “X-fi 2” or the “Kawakami X-fi 3” card….

13 07 2008

I need the Audigy SE drivers, the ones I tried here didn’t work and those links he gives are DOA

14 07 2008

Yep. The PayPal link still works though 😀

19 08 2008
Computer forWritten » SB Audigy 2ZS + Vista x64 - calibration etc…

[…] looks like Daniel Kawakami has stopped working on his stuff as referenced HERE. It looks like Creative has made ALchemy free and released new drivers 2.18.0001 […]

23 09 2008
Statisfied by Sound Groynd Erruption!

Im really crying because only one did real support was Daniel … still , I must agree with Creative Labs. in the meaning of their copyright – its their deal and business how to lie and screw end-user. Simply – if support sux – don’t buy Creative product … but You, people, STILL bought them … And this makes logical question – WTF you are thinking with?!!!!!!

So – again – thanks to Daniel, but – creative got copyright and patent and license to distribute their software for their hardware, even if they simply cut down some code from driver in case of “Less good and featured sound card”, even if only thing mainly differs in Creative Labs. product is packaging.

So – all those, who claim to hate Creative – think, what you wold do … I’m not sure if i would no use this approach to earn cash, even if its basically amoral.


Have fun and feel power of music by using Audigy Value / LS / LE / 24-bit sound card with X-Fi drivers 🙂

18 12 2009

Thank u Daniel, for your hard work…u gave hope to my hopelessness and truly resurrected my Audigy 2 ZS by ur God given genius !!!!

4 11 2011

I’ts sad to say, but I have had a sound card since the original one of the Originals “Sound Blaster Pro” When computers didn’t come with sound cards, since then I have purchased only Creative Cards for all the computers that I have had. Last Card was a sound blaster zs 2. This one isn’t supported in win 7. Because of this! I will never purchase another Sound blaster Card ever. When I do, it will have another break out box, and it will be another company with much better Support!!!…

Fairwell Sound Blaster, I’m done with you like, like I was with Adlib sound cards before I went to you!! -Mark- 32 years old .

1 01 2013

wow, wooo huuu

After i read many post, the way he did is took the newer driver from newer X-Fi card that run on Vista and tweak it to run on older Audigy card.
the problem is the Windows Vista incompatible to the Audigy older board?

i think this is cause by the lack of manpower, which they develope new hardware, new driver, new Windows driver structure, fix the bug for the driver of many model?,

and probadly the developer for the older card had retired, no body know how and work on newer Windows Vista that use new driver architecture.

that mean the X-Fi function is not hardware, but software driver program,
same thing like the Nvidia GTX600 series that support Adaptive Vsync,
TXAA, FXAA, i got GTX560Ti, i update it to the latest driver it work for the
new function from GTX600 series.

hardware is controlled by software driver; that mean the Hardware is programable by the Driver software.
it was not sure the hardware really support the new driver function, and will not damage itself or emitting excesive radiation hazard?,
if it will damage, it could be the capacitor, or nearby computer component?

or the old card was capable to run X-Fi Crystallizer, Dolby Digital Live,
DTS Connect, EAX 5.0 ?

The sound card is expensive, the Dolby Digital, DTS and THX is a trademark from other company, technology from other company that they have to pay for the patent license to be use it on thier product.

the Dolby Digital, DTS and THX hardware but had been develope into software emulation by the advancement of computer program.

i checked the Stock of CREATIVE, the highest peak at Feb 2000, the Sound Blaster Live!, the stock drop and up, drop againt and up..?, the main problem started with Windows Vista at January 2007, many older card did not get updated to follow up with it.

the cause for the stock not stable or drop, many people use motherboard onboard Realtek sound and did not look for better sound.

rumour said the recon3d with THX is not very good? it could be the Speaker not capable to meet the requirement?

noticed the latest Soundblaster Z dont have the THX?
replaced with SBX Pro Studio. will it good?

Noticed the ASUS motherboard have alot of PCI slot, and Xonar sound card.

the fighting between Realtek, Asus and Creative,
is chinese fighting game among chinese, he he he….

The Creative Labs, is a company Founded by Chinese from Singapore,
The Nvidia, is a company founded by a Chinese and two other American,
Acer, Asus, Gigabyte, MSI, Kingston, HTC, Enermax, REALTEK, those company also found by Chinese.

that person was a Japanese?, in 1930s the Chinese communist and
Chinese Nationalist was fighting each other, then Japanese invasion…

i am chinese.

1 01 2013

i still use the Sound blaster, because i never use Windows Vista and never experiance any problem. I am still using the Audigy with Windows XP at that time, and last few years ago i skipped to windows 7 with X-Fi Titanium Fatal1ty Pro, what to care soo much about the Live! card? Audigy? dont have to upgrade to newer windows and retain it with Windows XP, because the newer Windows on higher requirement, it use more RAM, Storage space, Processor Speed.

1 01 2013

The sound quality is really big different, i play the ARMA2 FREE, the MI-8, MI-24, APACHE, Osprey, Frogfoot fly by can stun, excited the player,

Play the World Of Tanks, tank engine sound, Shell Hits,… can stun the hearts

i connect it to home theater with SPDIF TOSLINK cable, really great.
The TOSLINK is Japanese Tech, very good.

beside sound card, it did rely on speaker for good sound.

1 01 2013

however, he did a good work, but it involve in modifiying files that need permission from the patent owner.

1 01 2013

i played the Men Of war game with the X-Fi sound card, the game had a bad sound quality, the machine gun sound bum bum bum buum, i check the youtube live test firing video, the MG42 sound very sharp and loud.

i downloaded and play with GSM mod, the sound changed to near real.

Beside the sound card, the speaker system and the sound data quality as well affect the entire sound quality, not to direct bleem on the sound card, that i
read many forum, review post said they got not too much different on improvement. ?

4 01 2013

If it does violate the copyright?, i think the Creative, Dolby Digital, DTS, THX, are very kind for not taking any procecution action. did the Creative give permission for him to modify the driver software?.

everyone know the Sound Blaster perform better.
I got one Soundblaster X-Fi Titanium Fatal1ty Professional work on Windows 7 pro 64bit with Intel i5-2400 processor, Asus P8P67 LE motherboard, Gigabyte GTX560Ti graphic cards. update Gigabyte GTX560Ti to Bios version F13, Asus motherboard Bios… , everything excellent.

i read the forum about the error I-001, the unsolved problem, i got few clues on the problem that probadbility came from…, base on my usage experiance.

I downgrade my pc to Intel G630 processor and Asus GT620-1gd3-L graphics card for mainstream lightweight usage. With my X-Fi sound card remain installed at PCI-E x1 slot 1. i started the computer boot to windows, everything is working as usual, play Men of Was games.

I downloaded the Asus GPU Tweak, install and run it. click the Live update to update the VGA BIOS, updating the Bios and wait. then, bios updated complete, restart computer.

booting back to windows, suddenly the X-Fi sound card is missing or undetectable from the Audio HQ, Speaker Mixer, SB Diagnosis software, but
detectable at system device manager.

i solve it back with using the original SB X-Fi software driver CD, by clicking repair during installation. restart the windows, it went back to normal operation.

perform windows update from Microsoft.

after few weeks, suddenly the problem ressurect with worsen condition, the SB X-Fi missing in everywhere, missing in the device manager as well.

i remove the sound card from the motherboard, and uninstall every creative related software, delete all related driver, related folder and fix registry using CCleaner freeware.

i reinstall the sound card back into PCI-E x1 slot 1, noticed the windows detect the soundcard and attempt to install the driver from windows, wait for long time to complete, i download the latest driver from Creative, installing with error I-001 for the CADI fail to install… it repeat the same problem with the original SB X-Fi software driver cd.

The Driver installed and listed in device manager, SB X-Fi propertiers.
But the Creative Audio HQ, Speaker Mixer cannot detect the Sb X-Fi. A full weird problem. but there were sound came out from the SPDIF which i linked it to Home theater.

i am not very sure the problem started from which way, but i list down the suspect problem:

1st – ASUS GPU tweak live update on VGA BIOS, that alter and flashed the

2nd – The Sound card Damaged?

3rd – The Motherboard component damaged?

4th – The updated windows deny installation of creative certain files?

5th – The CCleaner had deleted something in the Windows registry that
required for the X-Fi software installation?

6th – EXTREME HIGH LEVEL HACKING/VIRUS ? attacked that altered or
Flashed the Sound Blaster X-Fi ? because i dont have any problem
using it with Intel i5-2400 processor that built in with “Intel® Trusted
Execution Technology” and Gigabyte Graphic cards. The intel G630 did
not built in with “Intel® Trusted Execution Technology” ?

either complete reinstall the windows or install the sound card on different PC
to test for functionality?

4 01 2013

i reinstall the sound card back, boot up windows, run windows update,
install auto update and online update to the just release version 2.17.9, the error I-001 repeat.

noticed, the sound card and motherboard did not damage, did not flashed or altered. probadly lock-up at the windows “hardware” registry. where the SB X-Fi is only allow to be install once only? by the windows system? ???

THE suspected problem update:

1st – ASUS GPU tweak live update on VGA BIOS, that probadly alter the SOUND BLASTER X-FI at windows “hardware” registry, cause it to be missing and lost contact between the hardware driver in device manager and creative software ?????

4th – The windows “hardware” registry record was write protected and prevent any new installation or overwrite or delete??????

5th – The CCleaner had deleted something in the Windows registry that
required for the X-Fi software installation?

6th – EXTREME HIGH LEVEL HACKING/VIRUS ? attacked that alter the SOUND BLASTER X-FI at windows “hardware” registry? because i dont have any problem using it with Intel i5-2400 processor that built in with “Intel® Trusted Execution Technology” and Gigabyte Graphic cards. The intel G630 did not built in with “Intel® Trusted Execution Technology” ?

the solution was to restore from back-up? if avaliable or Complete format the PC, clean reinstall windows…

but i am using my own complicated experimental procedure without modifying anything, to link up the creative software and the SB X-Fi hardware and driver,
that failed with CADI, ERROR i-001. it work with complete original hardware function.

remove every creative related software, driver, registry (include CClean everything), left over files. remove the soundcard from computer. restart the computer with onboard sound. clean any remainning creative related. shut down computer.

install creative sound card back into pc, boot up the windows, run windows update to install X-Fi driver from Microsoft. restart pc, go to Bios setting,
disable the onboard audio, save and restart.

insert X-Fi driver software CD and install all. (My DVD-RW drive function weirdly that will read the motherboard DVD driver but cannot read the X-Fi driver Software cd that was free from any scratchs, soo i download from creative website). During the installation process, when the first ERROR i-001 message pop-up, do not click anything.

open explorer or mycomputer, go to X:\windows\temp , copy the two folder named CRF000 and CRF001, paste it to desktop or X:\ or anywhere you like but not in windows folder or program folder. repeatly Click ok for the following error message pop-up. restart computer after installation complete.

boot up to windows, check either CRF000 or CRF001 folder contain CTShared\CTRedist\Cadi, go to ?:\???\CRF001\CTShared\CTRedist\Cadi,
click SETUP, start the installation, wait for ERROR i-001 or setup.inx message pop-up, dont click anything, open explorer or mycomputer, go to ?:\Program Files (x86)\Creative\ShareDLL, copy the CADI folder and paste it to ?:\Program Files (x86)\Creative\ .

NOTICED that the CADI installation stuck at registry updating section where the setup.inx and error i-001 message pop-up. repeat click ok and finish the installation and restart PC. at windows, go to ?:\Program Files (x86)\Creative\ , CUT the CADI folder and paste it inside ?:\Program Files (x86)\Creative\ShareDLL folder. restart the windows.

click start, go to creative, click any one of creative software except auto update, click console launcher, noticed the software had link-up with the driver and hardware. but cannot select speaker?? go to ?:\???\CRF000\Drivers\support\amd64 or ?:\???\CRF001\Drivers\support\amd64 , look for ctzapxx.exe, click it, click yes, select driver installation, select overwrite existing shared creative audio driver files, select wdm drivers, click ok, start,
restart pc after complete. Noticed the PC speaker is selectable in console launcher.

if step 7th not work, Reinstall all the creative software and driver, repeatly click ok, restart pc, go to step 7th.


i dont know what wrong, it could be the complex new windows hardware driver architecture system, but the first windows boot up from first installation, first X-Fi software driver installation, no such problem, when i use the X-Fi titanium Fatal1ty pro for long time withIntel i5-2400 processor that built in with “Intel® Trusted Execution Technology” and Gigabyte GTX560Ti that was flash to the latest version.

4 01 2013

above procedure is for Windows 7 64bit system

6 01 2013

run latest updated MSE fullscan with no virus detected, i noticed the EQ preset is missing in the SB mixer. i recover the DVD-RW functional that the drive and the CD free of any damaged, recover the X-Fi software driver CD and save it to USB drive, noticed the error I-001 message repeatly pop-up with installation from X-Fi software driver CD or network update.

however i solved all the problem with advanced complicated procedure within last 10 minutes ago without reformat and reinstall window on the pc, i am very tired and hungry, i dont type the procedure here, it is too long. nothing damage on the soundcard or PC.

no more error i-001 pop-up message, creative software link up with hardware driver, selectable speaker configuration, selectable and saveable EQ preset.

i am using windows 7 professional 64bit sp1 with latest update to now,
recommended dont run “LIVE update” from anything.
suspect it could be virus or hacker intrussion, or files system corroupted?
recommended to use the processor with built in “Intel® Trusted Execution Technology”

9 01 2013

i just noticed a different between Dolby Digital Live and DTS connect after i use the X-Fi with spdif toslink to home theater for long time,

The Dolby Digital Live run at 16bit 48Khz format,
The DTS Connect 24bit 48Khz format,

previously i always set the sound format to 24bit 48Khz and play at Dolby digital Live that will have cracking sound at certain sound. i did test the DTS connect, that have no cracking or less cracking.

it should be the wrong setting that did not match the playable sound format.

9 01 2013

i also found the clues rumours about the , X-Fi titanium, Recon3d and the Z,
the updated X-Fi titanium got THX as well in the speaker configuration but the THX logo did not appear in any related application.

the THX is accurate sound tuned for accurate speaker positionning?
X-Fi Titanium got THX, Dolby Digital Live, DTS Connect,
Recon3D got THX, Dolby Digital Live, Crystal Voice-better for analog speaker?
Z got THX, Dolby Digital Live, DTS Connect, Crystal Voice,

the 24bit 48Khz in the DTS Connect

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