Audigy Series Vista Driver Pack 2

2 10 2007

No More Goat Soup are pleased to announce the second improved and updated Vista driver install package. Before installing any new drivers or software, please take a moment to end your CTHELPER.exe process. Then download and install Guru3D – Driver Sweeper.

FnF has updated the latest Driver Sweeper release to include a whole bunch of Creative files & entries that cause drivers to fail to install, or not install correctly. Many, many common issues are resolved by simply running this BEFORE installing new drivers.

Audigy Series Vista Drivers

Release Notes

Version 2.15.0003

This setup file is intended for Windows Vista. The driver should support:

  • Creative Sound Blaster Audigy including Platinum and Platinum eX series
  • Creative Sound Blaster Audigy 2 including Platinum, Platinum eX, and Value series
  • Creative Sound Blaster Audigy 2 ZS including Platinum and Platinum Pro series
  • Creative Sound Blaster Audigy 4 Pro and Sound Blaster Audigy 4
  • Creative Sound Blaster Audigy 2 ZS Notebook PCMCIA

Known issues:


  • Windows Vista 64-bit or Windows Vista 32-bit
  • Creative Sound Blaster Audigy audio devices listed above.

Release History:

    Version 2.15.0003:

  • Utilized Creative Audio Console™ from previous release.
  • Replaced ctac32k.sys with the Dell driver counterpart to provide better functioning AC3 decoding support.
  • Updated device drivers to SBXF_PCDVT_LB_2_15_0003 ( 20th September 2007
  • Adds MIDI Playback
  • Adds EAX® Effects
  • Adds PCM stereo output through Optical Out
  • Adds Line-in connectivity
  • Adds SPDIF passthrough (supported on both Vista 32-bit and Vista 64-bit) *UNCONFIRMED / MAY NOT WORK*
  • Adds Recording capabilities.
    Version 2.15.0002:

  • Utilized Creative Audio Console™ from previous official release
  • Updated device drivers to SBXF_PCDVT_LB_2_15_0002 dated 10th May 2007
  • Replaced ctac32k.sys and ctdvda2k.sys with the Dell driver counterparts to provide better functioning AC3 decoding support and SPDIF in features.
  • Added “Goat_Says_Read.txt” to install package

Install Instructions

  • Simply download from the mirror of you choice, self-extract files to destination of your choice and run the setup.exe contained in Vista Decoder 2_15_0003 folder.


Speakers cmss Decoder




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2 10 2007
Audigy Series Vista Driver Pack « No More Goat Soup

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3 10 2007

Is this better than using the latest X-FI drivers with EAX Console installed?

3 10 2007

Of course! 🙂

It is the latest drivers (20th September 2007) and of course it has the decoder tab!

3 10 2007
Mike Pags

I installed these new drivers and they are working wonderfully under Vista. Thank you for doing this because if you didn’t Creative won’t help.

3 10 2007

Is it possible to get this on something other than rapid share? Will anyone create a torrent and seed it maybe?

RapidShare is saying too many people are downloading on both Mirrors.

THANKS in advance!

3 10 2007

Glad to be of assistance, and happy to extend the life of your perfectly good sound card! 🙂

3 10 2007

Oh and Doug, I’m uploading now
EDIT: Mirrors added

3 10 2007

after removing the old drivers and instaling new one – i still could not play DTS DVD :-((((( (vista 64/audigy 2 ZS)

3 10 2007

i do not have section decoder in audioconsole… 😦 even i uninstall it an reinstall from download 😦

3 10 2007

The “missing decoder tab bug” in the audio console, sadly this seems to be a prominent issue with some people’s Audigy2 Zs. We’re currently looking into this issue, but it’s a very tricky issue to find. The bug doesn’t happen to every Audigy2 Zs owner, and seems to be a bit hit and miss. All the clean installations we’ve tried with our driver packs display the decoder tab perfect, and sadly we are unable to recreate this issue. We are however aware that this issue is affecting some Audigy4/Audigy2 Zs installs. We’ve in the process of gathering data and any information or data we can gather will be passed on to the powers that be.

I hope this is some help

4 10 2007
Mike Pags

Too bad you can’t do the same thing for HP’s scanner drivers for Vista. They have royally screwed over a lot of people with older scanners and they will not provide any drivers for Vista. Their response is that customers should go out and purchase a new compatible scanner. I think they feel the same way Creative does and drag their feet on developing proper drivers so that people will go out and buy a new sound board. They are losing more customers than they are gaining in sales.

4 10 2007

wew new driver already ??? ^^’ any sourround mixer in this new driver ???

4 10 2007

I changed my “setup.exe” to Window’s XP compatibility mode and then used the XP scanner drivers on my Scanjet 3400c
As far as I remember, it was purchased around 1997-1999 and works wonderful in Vista.
Worth a shot!

The only application included with drivers is the Creative Audio Console. If you want working surround mixer, you will need to download
Daniel K’s Unofficial Driver CD.

4 10 2007
Mike Pags

I have done all those things with the scanner and it doesn’t work so I have Vuescan. I always trusted HP, Logitech and Creative but this is too much. It is not like Vista was a big secret. When I purchase anything new I am going to look at other brands.

6 10 2007

Hey there

Thank you so much for this updated driver!

I currently use Audigy 2 Value. And this latest driver sorted out all the problems I have experienced. The sound is crystal clear now, and now frustrating static anymore either!

Thank you for doing what Creative should be doing! 🙂

6 10 2007

Glad to help, and thanks for providing feedback! 🙂

7 10 2007

Hi there,

i reinstall vista 64 and as a first drivers i installed the audigy – i still dont have decoder tab but in vlc player im able to play dvd with DTS sound.
MY configuraditon:
CPU: core 2 duo 2Ghz
MB: Intel DP965LT
VGA: Ati radeon 2600 XT DDR4
Sound: Audigy 2 ZS
OS: Vista 64 Home Premium

I have one more Computer with Audigy 2 ZS + Vista 32 Home Premium – on this computer i have decoder tab in the audio console – and im also able to play the DTS DVD in VLC player – not in PowerDVD.
Im writig this just as feedback – becouse it seems that even there is not tab decoder – the build in decoder feature is switched on.

8 10 2007

I forgot to post,
I also no longer have the “Audio Enhancements tab in audio setting of Vista, where you can select things ar Room-correction and Speaker fill (they didnt seemed to work anyway when I turned them on)

8 10 2007

Ok I also have a problem here,

When I test my 5.1 config in windows audio setup the rear speakers work fine.
But when I test them in creative’s speaker config app. and in Counterstrike: Source,
the sound of the rear 2 speakers kom from the front/mid speakers.

How do I fix this…

8 10 2007

Firstly I think VLC has a built in dts software decoder, like PowerDVD does. The “missing decoder tab bug” in the audio console, sadly this seems to be a prominent issue with some people’s Audigy2 Zs. We’re currently looking into this issue, but it’s a very tricky issue to find. The bug doesn’t happen to every Audigy2 Zs owner, and seems to be a bit hit and miss. All the clean installations we’ve tried with our driver packs display the decoder tab perfect, and sadly we are unable to recreate this issue. We are however aware that this issue is affecting some Audigy4/Audigy2 Zs installs. We’ve in the process of gathering data and any information or data we can gather will be passed on to the powers that be.
I hope this is some helps, but I know the next driver release will help more.

The “surround coming through front” bug is due to the “Creative Speaker Settings” application being built for Windows XP. It’s quite normal, and as you pointed out – the Windows speaker test works just fine.
Sadly, NoMoreGoatSoup had no hand in the Unofficial software install CD project. You’ll have to chase Daniel K (on the Official Creative forums) for that bug!

8 10 2007

Do you know of anyway to use this updated driver with Daniel K’s software CD? I’m assuming this would uninstall the old software and force the control panel to be used.

9 10 2007

Yes you can always do an “advanced” install of the software CD, unchecking the older disc driver option.

These drivers should be okay to install over the CD also, but if issues arise you may have to fully remove files and install drivers first.

9 10 2007

I love you. It worked.


9 10 2007
Creative sound distorts under high hard drive activity. - Microsoft Windows Vista Community Forums - Vistaheads

[…] resources on future developments on Vista Audio and alternate drivers etc. Audigy Series Vista Driver Pack 2 No More Goat Soup Windows Vista – Creative […]

10 10 2007

I can install the last driver pack just fine but when i try to install this new one it says it is not compatable with this version of windows. but i am using vista 64 and have an audigy 2zs platnium. i also have no decoder tab and i would really like 5.1 through the optical in on my face plate. thanks for all the hard work you guys are doing since you cant depend on creative any more you are a life saver.

10 10 2007

Thanks for providing feedback Bill, Chad (We love you too).
We’re hoping to release a newer/better set soon, so your input will be of great use.

The next release will be optimised for Audigy2 Zs…. fingers crossed.


10 10 2007

First, thanks for youre effort to keep the cl customers happy.
My question: will you ever provide a driver for a xifi card? Becaus with the original driver is my soundcard silent( it’s not recognized by windows)

11 10 2007

uhoh! Wondering if any insights on this one:

Initially after installing Vista, I was not aware of this driver pack. I installed whatever the latest version of the Creative-supplied install pack on their website was (about a week ago). After much wailing and gnashing of teeth for realizing how lazy and inept creative is at making my expensive hardware work properly, I found this site. I installed the goat-pack over the creative junk, ignoring the suggestion to use the driver-wiper ( I have renter’s insurance, it’s ok to take wild risks). Everything seemed fine, actually everything was pretty much fine.

Here’s my conundrum:
I use intelliremote ( for my remote control since I hate mediasource. This was fine. However, I later changed my PCI slot for the Audigy card, which promptly quit working, and I had to go about the task of reinstalling drivers. I used the driver wet-wipes mentioned here and installed the goat-ware. The sound works great, but intelliremote has quit recognizing MIDI hardware which it apparently needs to pick up IR signals from the external box. For all I can tell nothing is substantially different, except it seems that installing goatware over creativecrap left some remnants of MIDI or IR code that worked, which are absent from goatware. Has anyone else noticed any oddities in the MIDI driver department? Should I be seeing a MIDI Device category in Vista device manager? I don’t remember if there was one before, because before, well, I didn’t really care.

Thanks for any insights! And I still love you goat 🙂

11 10 2007

Sadly none of our goats own an X-Fi. Personally I loathe the card -sorry.
If we ever do get our hands on one, we will give it a try. At the moment we have no plans to play with X-Fi. Audigy series use 1/5th of the resources that X-Fi use.

Hmm that is strange.. Audigy can be fussy about the slots and IRQ they are given. I can’t check the device manager of my Vista at the moment, but the XP machine I’m using doesn’t list MIDI in the device manager either. As soon as I get back on my Vista rig I’ll do a few tests and have a probe about with MIDI.


13 10 2007

Er .. Installed these yesterday and the driver pack .. everything sems to work fine .. got 5.1 sound too … but there is one small thing I’ve failed to get working … In the Audio Console, under the decoder, I’ve selected “Use Built In Decoder” .. and in my mediaplayer, i’ve made audio out as “SPDIF”.
Previously in XP in this configuration whenever I played a 5.1 AC3/DTS file, i would get a popup on screen from the cretive drive saying a Dolby/DTS sound is being decoded … but under Vista now, there is no such thing .. also playing thee files only gives stereo sound.
If I set the application to decode to 5.1 , then everything’s fine. It’s just that when I set them to SPDIF it’s not woking like it used to under XP.
Any ideas ??

Thanks anyway for this wonderful release !!

15 10 2007

It says it is not compatable with this version of windows. I am running vista home basic.

15 10 2007

Wow great improment! No more crackling sound 🙂

One thing left for me (Vista 64+ZS2):
I have conected a Sonos ZP80 to the CD Digital-in.
No sound(in XP fine).. in Audioconsole under Bitaccurate i can see it detects the signal.

Is CD Digital/SPDIF-in still unsupported? or is it because i also have the “missing decoder tab bug”

15 10 2007

I still have crackling sound issue…. When my HDD gets busy winamp etc goes crazy.
Also I can’t play Crysis because of the cracklings, pops etc.

Has anyone got a fix for that? I did reinstall Creative, nforce drivers today, with no effect.
I have heard that it was due to soundcard sharing an IRQ with some other device.
Anyonew got any info on that?

16 10 2007

Hi there,

Firstly thanks for the driver and the work you’ve done.
I have Audigy 4 and It seams that it works fine on my config with one small problem i’ll describe below.

I made clean Vista Business installation (on a reformatted harddrive) without installing any driver for the sound card. No sound controllers or anything in Control Panel… Then i installed your driver.

I haven’t noticed any problems so far – the music and games run smooth and
quality is good and there is just this problem with CTHELPER.

Every time i shutdown, reboot, etc… the PC, i have this “End Program” error window asking me to “kill” the CTHELPER.exe because otherwise computer (Vista) can not shutdown itself…

Any suggestions you may have are welcome?

17 10 2007

Hi again goat!

After all the fun of re-installing Vista and XP vice versa, I have stumbled upon a very interesting and quite surprising Audigy surround sound solution. Well, is it a soloution? Or is this a brand new problem..

Ready for this?

XP drivers for the Audigy Value sound card WORK in the Vista 32 bit OS! Yes. I shit you not. Surround in gaming happens to work as well. I got surround in Bioshock, Company of Heroes, Advanced Warfighter 2, Neverwinter Nights 2, Medieval Total War 2 and the mother fucker king of all games, Oblivion. Keep in mind that my setup is an Audigy Value pissweak $60 sound card. (The same price as a handjob etc)

EAX becomes available in these games too, so I don’t know what the hell is going on. Vista desktop checks the obviously useless 5.1 sound test as all the other drivers do anyway but the best part is that the games do actually work and there is no fake reverb surrounds or anything like that.

I know what you guys will want to ask for next, and that is obviously which version of the drivers of XP etc.. As soon as I get home tonight, I will get the exact version and post a link to it immediately. It’s just that my home internet is disconnected at the moment so I will have to sneak things off on my work computer in which case give me another day.

Unbelievable, but hey if it works then Creative Labs can eat my ass.

Watch this space

17 10 2007

Allright! Here is the driver name.


It is built on th2 20th of April 2007 and I am dead certain it is an XP driver. It is about 52 megs in size for it has the whole console package etc..

I can’t for the life of me remember where I got it from but this will give you EAX under VISTA 32 bit without the use of that Alchemy shit. Also remember that I have only got a Audigy Value card too, so I don’t know what will happen with any other cards.

I suppose the creative labs site is a good start to find the driver, unless they have GOTTEN RID OF IT!!!

I hope this works for the gamers as it somehow is working for me!

D 🙂

17 10 2007

hey was just wondering if this will work for my audigy value… pleasse pleasee say yes!

17 10 2007

ermmm.. it keeps saying it cannot detect and suitable hardware on my com.. why is that?

19 10 2007

I’m also missing the decoder tab, running Vista 64-bit and Audigy 2 Value.

20 10 2007
Terry Hau

I randomly get blue screens whenever i start playing anything that has AC3 audio. It is set to passthrough. Could this be related to the files you replaced with DELL.

20 10 2007

Hi goatsoup,

I appreciate all efforts to release newer, updated drivers for Windows Vista. But honestly, there’s hardly anything different about this release than the offical Creative drivers… except for the decoder tab.

No Stereo Surround, no CMSS2, no speaker configuration, just the crappy audio console still.

20 10 2007

I have an Audigy 2 ZS Platinum. This version made my CMSS stop working 😦

I don’t know how I did that, but sometime ago I’ve installed the official drivers and then I update with 2.15.0002 and to my surprise, there were more tabs in Audio Console, 6.1 audio (I don’t know if it would work because my setup is 5.1), CMMS, CMMS 2 (working) and that “double stereo” option (working as well) in CMMS 3D tab, the decoder tab and so on.

Unfortunatelly now they’re gone and I don’t know how to bring them back 😦

20 10 2007

I’ve just used Windows System Restoration and CMMS 2, Surround Stereo and the Decoder tab are back again 🙂

First I tried to restore to the point these new drivers were installed, but the “new” features were still disabled

Then, I realized there was another restoration point just minutes before, with APOIM setup. I restored to that point and success, the “new” features were back.

The point is, if my Windows Vista x64 is working with CMMS 2 and Surround Stereo, then it is possible and there must be some way to enable it in other PCs. Maybe it has something to do with this APOIM stuff…

22 10 2007

I un-installed the Vista drivers as per your manual instructions. Vista installed it’s own drivers on reboot….can’t seem to stop that no matter what. Sound is working but CTHelper crashes on boot up. If the driversa work i can live with that.

Thank you.

23 10 2007

I have the Audigy 2 ZS and Vista Ultimate, but if i install the driver the sound quality is very bad, because “signal improvement” is switched on(don’t know how it’s called in english vista version, I have the german….) but the option to deactivate this option is not available, if I use the creative original vista driver the sound quality is also bad, but if I switch “signal improcement” off, the sound is normal, if it’s on songs sounds like 56 kbit/s songs -.-* , know somebody this problem???


28 10 2007

Kaspersky detects this idiot called “TT” to be a spamming little worm who’s likely to get banned.

Remember, drivers are a backdoor into your system. TT knows a lot about backdoors, obviously.
Also remember Goat edits idiots’ posts.

…but always scan ANYTHING you download. just in case.

28 10 2007
John I. Parichuk

As you seem to be rather knowledgabe about the Audigy series of sound cards, I am hoping that you may possibly point me in the right direction.
I have a FIC VC19 motherboard with a Audigy Platinum installed. From day one the soundblaster detection program has never been able to detect my sound card despite what PCI slot I plug in into. Yet BIOS and Windows detects it.
While running XP, I was able to install the drivers using CTZAPXX.EXE. I am now running Vista Ultimate. If I use the original CD (circa 2002), I can install the drivers although they don’t work. If I use any of Creative’s driver packages or your Vista Decoder package and try to install using CTZAPXX.EXE, the program says it installs the drivers and asks for a reboot. However, upon reboot, the drivers are not installed. Do you have any suggestions?


— John

28 10 2007


Do you by any chance have the Crysis SP demo installed ? I too have a Audigy Value card, with Vista 32-bit, but I get crackling sounds whilst playing the game. I have creative’s vista 32-bit drivers ( 9 Jul 2007) installed at the moment, but if the XP driver version that you installed, fixes the problem, then I’ll gladly install them…

Please let me know or anyone else here that has a Audigy Value card, with the XP drivers and Crysis SP Demo



30 10 2007

I run Windows Vista Ultimate 64bit and I have a Audigy 2 ZS, and I’m also missing the decoder tab.
Is there another way to activate SPDIF, maybe by editing the registry?

31 10 2007

Will this fix my problem when i play music, i only get sound from my front 2 speakers ? I have already followed the instructions to delete all the Creative files that needs to be deleted.

So the final question is will this fix the problem whereby i only get sound from my front 2 speakers ?

31 10 2007

Dalibor have you tested those XP drivers on Vista with the Crysis SP Demo ? I’m getting really weird sound cracking and popping with the official drivers for the Audigy Value which are written for Vista exclusively..

5 11 2007

LATEST X-Fi driver (didn’t test it with Audigy 2 yet)

Download SBXF_PCDVT_LB_2_15_0004.exe (52MB)

5 11 2007

update : Not working on Audigy (needs to be modded)

5 11 2007

UPDATE 2 : There IS a way to install them manually in VISTA over the 2.15.0003 drivers – just need winrar to extract, then manually ipdate drivers -point to SBXF_PCDVT_LB_2_15_0004\Drivers\wdm folder – voila !

5 11 2007

Vista AUDIGY Driver Modded by PrEzi

This is the orginal Creative X-Fi driver with modded (to make it install from setup.exe for Audigy cards).
Added is the Audio Console from driver version
(to work with Audigy-series Cards, don’t know how to mod
the new Console to work with Audigy).
Tested – installs fine and works !

Just download and run the exe – it unpacks and runs setup.exe
Feedback is welcomed.
Nomoregoatsoup – you can mail me at e-mail adress I’ve provided –
it’s valid as it is.

Download IT ! (45MB)

7 11 2007

We’ve been playing with drivers too….

We’ve noticed that the quality of isn’t as good as the drivers. I don’t know what Creative have done, but the newer driver *crackles* more than it should. We’ve also noticed sound distortions with OpenAL games. At least it did on Audigy 2 and Audigy 4 systems we tested it on.

Personally, we prefer 2.15.0003 but thanks for taking the time and effort to contribute. I’m sure it will help somebody out, at least providing further driver choices. 🙂

13 11 2007
American Night

Yeah! Worked like a champ. Jittery playback is gone completely with 215003! Thanks.

14 11 2007

I’m with the goat soup on this one. (or / 2007-10-25) seems to have reintroduced loud crackling at initialization. Also, with the later drivers, my Audigy 2 ZS Notebook seems to refuse to let itself be uninitialized causing lockups on removal and complaints from the ‘Safely Remove Hardware’ feature. All in all, 2.15.0003 has so far been the driver that makes my setup, being vista x64, the happiest.

15 11 2007

I have installed the Version 2 pack,but I still get the jittery playback. I am running vista 32 bit ultimate,and have the creative audigy 2 zs audio card. I have tryed everything I have read above. The version 2 pack installs with the creative audio console, and all the proper tabs. I did the manual uninstall of all files associated with creative. I used the sweeper ECT. When I play a music CD using my windows media player I get like static noise, sounds a little like a cracking noise. Is this the best I can hope for. Phil

18 11 2007

how about the update? will it eliminate the crackling sound in Audigy2 ? cause this crackling sound is really annoying,besides that the driver works fine.

30 11 2007

have vista 64 and audigy 2 zs and when i run 5.1 the left rear speaker is unbearbly loud, btw have no decoder tab. any suggerstions???

14 12 2007

does this download work with windows server 2003

14 12 2007


18 12 2007
Erica Wildebeest

Firstly let me say THANK YOU for giving me an Audigy driver that games ACTUALLY recognise! Makes a nice change to have rear speakers. However, I can’t get Audio Console to install.
If I run the Setup file in the root directory of the new driver it says I don’t have a supported product on my computer.
If I run the Setup file in the Audcon directory then it says:
Setup has experienced and error.
Please do the following:
-Close any running programs
-Empty your temporary folder
-Check your internet connection
Then try to run the Setup again.
Errort Code: -6003

Any thoughts? Oh, and how can I tell exactly which SB Audigy I have?

28 12 2007

Thank you very mach!!!

30 12 2007

I installed the unofficial driver CD (Daniel Kawakami). It works quite nice with my Audigy 2 ZS on Windows Vista x64. The only problem I got: i cannot install the panel where you can adjust the volumes for every channel. In my speaker configuration, the volume of the center speaker is too loud because it is placed on my screen, whilst the front left and right speakers are placed more distant.

Before, i used the official vista drivers (those that install automatically via the update function) and used my original driver cd to install the panels (though only speaker-setup and the now missing volume-panel worked). These applications won’t install for your release, so, any idea on how I could setup the volume of the front center speaker?

Much appreciated,

30 12 2007

Ah okay, it’s called “Surround Mixer”, and when I try to install it seperatelly from the unofficial CD, it says:

Setup has experienced and error.
Please do the following:
-Close any running programs
-Empty your temporary folder
-Check your internet connection
Then try to run the Setup again.

The same error Erica Wildebeest gets…

30 12 2007

Okay good thing you guys on the other side of the big see are still asleep, that spared me some embarrassement. Nope, I didn’t get the Surround-Mixer to run, but I found that Windows Vista has a native control for every channel now. That solved my problem and made the creative mixer dispensable.

2 01 2008

Thank you thank you thank you!!!!

Your efforts are much appreciated!!! I have been struggling with drivers for my Aud2Zs ever since I got hold of vista, and it’s the only thing that has been holding me back from using vista more. I even tried some hacked X Fi drivers, which were better than the Creative official Audigy drivers, but still had some issues

Installed these last night and instantly could tell the difference. More stable, no sound cutting in and out, game performance more regular, and the fact you re supplied me with the decoder tab…awesome

Again thank you so much!!!!

2 01 2008

Steffen, where did you find control for each channel? I haven’t seen that anywhere and Im not exactly a novice either lol

3 01 2008

You can find that under “Playback Devices”, open the Properties for the “Speakers”, click on “Levels”. What you are looking for is available when you press on “Balance” right next to the slider on top of that window.
Hope you can find it. It’s in german on my computer and switching to english didn’t quite change everything to english…


4 01 2008

Are there any newer released drivers for Vista other than ? I have installed the drivers but i have a lot of cracking sound (like loud static noise) and it’s loud also.Does anyone know if there is any better driver for Audigy2 that eliminates the cracking noise ?

6 01 2008

Is there a fix for no “Decoder” tab showing up? I’m trying to enable spdif passthrough so I can let my z-5500’s decode on Vista x64 on my Audigy 1.

11 01 2008

Hey together, I have got an Audigy 1 SE and it is not possible to install this driver pack, it says setup is not possible to find a supported product. So is this driver not working with audigy 1 se or is it another problem?

12 01 2008

thanks Steffen!!! Never thought to click on the Balance tab DUH! I assumed it would just be left-right balance hehe. Thanks alot!


12 01 2008

hey all i first installed vista then i formated again and back to xp and that is JUST JUST JUST because my audigy 4 pro driver is not compatible with the vista
i am since that date surfing the web for a driver and for a solution for my problem.
i just found this site and i read what is that but unfortunately i didn’t understand so much… so let us start from the beginning… i am now using xp i wanna install vista again … what files i should download from the net in order to get my audigy 4 pro work with vista and what steps i should do inorder to install it on my vista??? plz answer me

12 01 2008

by the way i remember that the creative mixer and the EAX Console didn’t work… did u fix this that problem????

13 01 2008

I’m running Vista Business and using Audigy 2 Platinum eX. When I go to the sound panel recording the line-in 1/mic, s/pdif-in, “what you hear” are currently unavailable. The line-in 2 is working but its not (dont hear any sound).
I’ve uninstalled and reinstall the software 2 times already but still no luck. Now the creative audio console doenst work. Does anyone have a solution to this. Thanks in advance for any help.

19 01 2008
David Wilkins

I installed these drivers (running Vista 64) and everything was fine except quake 4 no centre channel, so I reinstalled without removing the old drivers first, silly I know but now my pc crashes when exiting Quake 4 or Unreal tourney 3 but not with Dirt or Far Cry. I have tried drive cleaner and removing everything and starting again but it still happens on reinstall. Vista tells me a possible problem is my video card drivers but I have the latest ATi drivers installed.
Has drive cleaner left something behind. I remembered to stop CT helper before removal


23 01 2008

I’ve got an Audigy card which Windows Vista is not recognizing. I was able to install the base drivers by adding my Audigy’s hardware id to the wdm drivers and running the setup.exe in the drivers directory of your driver package. I can’t get the rest of the software to install, however. Can you please let me know what information you need in order to add support for my card to the main install application, or what I need to edit to in order for the installer to see my card.


23 01 2008
David Wilkins

just got myself an X-fi music and no problems anymore, the x-fi is far superior to more old audigy 2ZS so I guess I’ll be selling that now


29 01 2008
Dana Berliner

Vista x64 with original Audigy.. this is so frustrating.. everything looks as if installed correctly.. the drivers are recognized.. Vista lets me tinker Creative SB Audigy… Audio Console recognizes evertyhing but still no sound! The Speakers are working well in their own internal mode.. and nothing was changed from my previous computer with XP… this is so frustrating…

29 01 2008
Dana Berliner

I should add , I have the Inspire 5.1 5700 speaker system , and using Digital SPDIF

2 02 2008
John Willett

Hi. I have Vista x64 Ultimate Edition and a ZS Platinum Pro. I’ve Uninstalled Mediasource etc, removed and deleted the driver and then used Driver Sweeper as advised. I unpacked your driver pack and clicked setup.exe. The software asks for the language and then tells me I am not using the correct version of Windows and to update to Vista. WTF?? Is there something I need to do? I am holding high hopes for these drivers and the software you recommend at the top of the page – music without EAX just isn’t the same!

4 02 2008

Can someone tell me if Daniel has done anything about the crackling noise with Audigy series driver in Vista? The panel and everything works but the crackling sound is very annoying…are there any improvements in the Audigy driver pack?

5 02 2008

It didn’t work for me. I still only have 2 channels and it really sucks. The driver sweeper wouldn’t work. I got nothing more than an error message when trying to clean the Creative drivers after I unistalled them. I installed the new drivers and nothing different happened. My control panel doesn’t work like it did in XP.

Anyone have an idea what happened?

BTW….I totally blame Creative for not supporting their products. I will do my best to avoid them in the future.

6 02 2008

Hey, your drivers worked great! But, is there any way to get treble and bass control back in Vista? This is driving me crazy!

6 02 2008

Never mind, I found Vista’s hidden treble and bass settings 😐 One other problem though, in the Creative Speaker Settings, my rear and front channels are reversed! They sound fine in the normal Vista sound options though, which one should I believe?

7 02 2008

drv realy fine work with my audigy card on vista 64 bit, but I still need off build in ac3 decoder on my audigy card like on photo #3

8 02 2008

Vista x64 8Gb ram
Audigy 4 (drivers pack 2) with retail alchemy 1.00xxx.35

We tested the driver on 2 computers and working fine. With the the micro problem (stuttering) has disappeared.

The issue is the same symptom on both computer : Tested with all games under hand which require alchemy addon (Guild wars, bfme2 and addon), if using EAX option in game, when this one is used through alchemy, everything works fine (effects etc…).
But…. when leaving games to desktop, you get a blue screen speaking about pages used in locked area.

So bad, this modded driver is the more stable that i could find.

If you have an advice … (Currently we have to do not use alchemy creative.



12 02 2008

I have a problem with the drivers. I use Vista business ed. and Audigy 2 platinum ex. The drivers install fine but when I click the tab “windows sounds” my computer hangs. If I use Creative’s own drivers my computer hangs on the logo splash screen where the first sounds should be heard. Only working drivers at this moment are from kX Project but I really miss EAX. Could somebody help me with this?

24 02 2008

these drivers fixed all my lockups when trying to run games, thanks alot!

1 03 2008

whre is new version ?????? i need of ac3 decoder in card audigy !!!

2 03 2008


Thanks for the drivers! Was struggling with dull sound. After installing this, the sound is warmer and much richer – back to the sound I used to get with Creative and XP.

This is on Vista x64 system with an Audigy 2zs.

12 03 2008

The drivers work fine in my Vista Home Premium. Although the decoder tab is available again, the real hardware Dolby/DTS decoding is still not woking in my Audigy 2 ZS platium. No sound at all or bad noise.

2 04 2008

I would like to know one thing : these drivers can decode dolby digital signal receive via the digital I/O module SPDIF optical input on a SB Audigy 4 ? (It’s for decode dolby digital from a Xbox 360)

I’ve install it and, in the Audio Console, SPDIF I/O tab, I’ve the SPDIF input setting grayed, even if i’ve connected the digital i/o module and send signal to it.

2 04 2008

The Creative Version 2.15.0003 driver does claim “Adds PCM stereo output through Optical Out”. It doesn’t claim to do more for optical.

Saying that it also states “Adds SPDIF passthrough (supported on both Vista 32-bit and Vista 64-bit)”.

It may work coaxial, but I’ve no idea as I don’t use optical or Xbox. Some people claim it does work, while others say it wont work for them. It’s most likely to be an issue relating to driver “leftovers”. Either that or plain crap Creative drivers.

6 04 2008

where is new version? i need off ( turn off) ac3 decoder on my sound card audigy vista 64 bit

7 04 2008

We hope the new version will have richer features, such as crystalizer support. At the moment we’re seeing lots of Vista install screens, and lots of things that say “Wave Port Driver has encountered an error”.

We don’t want to make a new installer from the 0006 X-Fi driver until we have the decoder tab working better for Audigy 2 ZS either.

It’s very time costly, and the contributers all have busy lives. Work gets done on it daily though. It doesn’t help that Creative choose to lock people out of the drivers, and alternatives must be found to simply breaking the software executable code protection.

When it’s done I’ll post it.

13 04 2008

Which drivers do you recommend for an Audigy 2 ZS under Vista, Goat? These, or Daniel_K’s?

20 04 2008

I am having SB Audigy LS sound card , I tried to install the above drivers , but it says device not suported. Kindly help.

Thanks in advance.

21 04 2008
Captain Obvious

Hmmm… Did you even look at the support list? Your “SB Audigy LS” is not supported.

21 04 2008

Justin: Audigy 2zs has given us the most problems out of all the cards. Only thing I can suggest is try and see what works for you best.

som: Creative Sound Blaster Audigy including Platinum and Platinum eX series
Creative Sound Blaster Audigy 2 including Platinum, Platinum eX, and Value series
Creative Sound Blaster Audigy 2 ZS including Platinum and Platinum Pro series
Creative Sound Blaster Audigy 4 Pro and Sound Blaster Audigy 4
Creative Sound Blaster Audigy 2 ZS Notebook PCMCIA

Captain Obvious: Thanks lol

1 05 2008

Hi Goat,

Thanks for the drivers first of all! I do have a couple of questions/problems however. I have an Audigy 2 Value with the external I/O connector for spdif in/out. I’m trying to hook up my 360 via optical cable so I can listen to it in 5.1. If I select stereo output on my Xbox, the signal is received and decoded. But once I put it on Dolby Digital 5.1, the Audio Console says “Unknown or invalid signal.” Isnt the Audigy suppose to be able to decode this signal? I’ve tried this both under XP and Vista, and the console gives me the same message..Also the SPDIF Input settings is greyed out on ‘Default’. Please shed some light on this..I’ve been trying to figure it out for 3 days now..this is like a last resort thing. Thanks!

2 05 2008

Heya Blodia!

I’m quite an SPDIF & optical noob I’m sorry. I don’t personally have any front panels, breakout boxes or optical equipment. 😦

The good news is there are software workarounds for most things.

Have you tried playing with ac3Filter ?
It has many, many options that allow for some hardcore “tweaking” of SPDIF output, conversion and passthrough. It looks quite confusing, but after a bit of online reading and experimenting….

You can specify 5.1 and get AC3Filter to handle your SPDIF signals (adding dts support as a bonus)
The grey box is nothing to worry about.
Default = Set AC3Filter as default handler for SPDIF

It may be worth a try if you haven’t been there already.
I’m sure it will be of some use -even just to check your digital content’s channel matrix! (it’s a great replacement for CMSS too)

Sorry I can’t be of more help
Let us know how you get on!

2 05 2008

Hey Goat!

Well the prob is AC3filter handles spdif out, not in. SPDIF in was suppose to be implemented into AC3filter but they havent gotten around to it yet. I’m starting to think that it doesnt decode..I might aswell get an Audigy 2 Zs, I know that one decodes for a fact..

30 05 2008
riza kayan

thanks for the drivers. i was about to buy a new sound card. but my audigy SE works with vista 64 bit now.

13 07 2008

Interesting :W

I just bought the Audigy SE and found it had no equalizer! I was like “first no bass or treble controls now this?” I laughed my ass off. Lucky I found these drivers and I’ll try them each to see which gives me the best functionality. I can only say Creative sucks, just look at the amazing Sound Blaster Live! 16-bit it blew the hell outta almost anything I’ve seen them deliver in the last years of my life.

I hope this works as well as you say!

13 07 2008

Doesn’t work on Audigy SE eh? weird

14 07 2008

This setup file is intended for Windows Vista. The driver should support:

Creative Sound Blaster Audigy including Platinum and Platinum eX series
Creative Sound Blaster Audigy 2 including Platinum, Platinum eX, and Value series
Creative Sound Blaster Audigy 2 ZS including Platinum and Platinum Pro series
Creative Sound Blaster Audigy 4 Pro and Sound Blaster Audigy 4
Creative Sound Blaster Audigy 2 ZS Notebook PCMCIA

19 07 2008

Aww Mr. Goat I had to use the drivers here specifically this

That works for the Audigy Value/SE/LS, Live! 24-bit and X-Fi Xtreme Audio to give me equalizer 😦 you don’t know dis? Can you add the SE to your support :((

19 07 2008


Integrated setup program to install the following items:

– Audigy Value/SE/LS & Live! 24-bit driver
– APO Interface Module 2.10.00 (newer than Creative’s pack)
– Audio Console 2.52.08 (newer than Creative’s pack)
– Console Launcher 2.40.80

Exclusive features in this unofficial support pack:

– Bass Boost (for Headphones, 2.1 and 4.1 speakers)
– Bass Management / Redirection (for 5.1 and 7.1 speakers)
– EAX effects
– Equalizer (10-band)

But your link to filefront is broken so I found the one above. Why don’t you see the SE too the main pack

21 07 2008

Why remove the link pal? 😛 gimmie a break!

27 07 2008

Nevermind link back :S

Gotta get lunch soon!

PS I have Creative Audigy 2 SE and nowhere did it mention not coming with an equalizer for Vista, lucky for me the drivers fixed that. Pretty weird!

27 07 2008

The links on Filefront were removed by daniel_k. I think that happens when he updates files.
I’ll check the “spam filter”, but nobody here has removed any links -so break granted :p

13 08 2008

You wouldnt have all these makes of these very fine processors if they weren’t involved with nice jewish businesses.

So please support us against our enemies. We are your best friends.

13 08 2008

Ari: …ok.. so.. ummm… care to elaborate some more? I’m a little confused as to the relevance.

2 10 2008

I SO DESPARETLY NEED HELP. I have Audigy SE model SB0570, AND 1.) I cannot record using my “Adobe Auditon” 1.5 program & 2.) when I record using the Line1 input, it records EXTREMELY LOW. My computer is: Windows Vista Hm Premium, Service Pack 1, 64-BIT OPERATING SYSTEM………What Do I Do ??

7 12 2008

Hi i came across this blog apparently by Daniel_k. Can anyone here confirm it?

17 12 2008
For Sale Plain old Creative Audigy 2 (like a value) - The Prophecy Forums

[…] the Audigy Vista Driver for Auidgy, Audigy 2 and Audigy 4 sound cards 2.12.002 Audigy Series Vista Driver Pack 2 No More Goat Soup Vista […]

4 01 2009

We really like the work you put in but can’t you find some other place to host these files ?
Been downloading 19mb for 50min now. Rapidshare ppl should be shot. There is nothing “rapid” about that site.

25 01 2009

I have a Xi-Fi Extreme Gamers Edition, (xp)

amazing audio but…
After I installed the control panel launcher the microphone no longer works.

So I go online and look for a solution, and it seems I need the volume panel from the installation CD, however I get that install error on normal and safe mode, WTF it just wont install, I thought the audio on this was really good, now I can tell its more trouble than its worth.

Yet another American company fogging off rubbish software thats not fit for release, and surprise surprise, they get away with it, over here (uk) it’s illeagle to do that – so how the hell are they allowed to sell there rubbish here >D.

26 01 2009

i downloaded the driver but its not compatible with windows 7,says i need vista or later lol,i am on later lol.

27 01 2009

I found out the problem, what Creative have done is to wire up the front panel in a non complient way, meaning once you attach the device to your own front panel plug, things like the microphone will cease to work.

Upon investigation it would appear that this is to try and force the customer to purchase there own front panel as they could have wired it up to accept standard plugs like every other company.

Solution, it’s easy – if you dont like cutting up wires on your front panel plug then put a blank headphone socket in to the back microphone port, tricking the device in to using the front microphone port on any standard front panel.

8 02 2009

Thank You !!

18 05 2009

how do i get 7.1 mode in vista on windows media player? I get all 7 speakers + 1 sub to wrok on the speaker test but in audio console there is no stereo surround mode there is only cmss and off!!!! I had to reinstall vista I had 6.1 mode working before and one missing on test now I got all 8 SPEAKERS WORKING ON TEST! How do I get CMss mode fixed so I can turn stereo surround mode on????

6 04 2011
dont get solicitors in cardiff

Amazing Publish, Thanks

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