Guild Wars: Eye Of The North Sneak Peek

25 08 2007

Well I’ve been away a while playing the Guild Wars: Eye Of The North Sneak Peek Weekend. Existing Guild Wars players had the opportunity to pay a small amount of money and get access to the new content early. The event is 72 hours long, and all the loot you get to keep!

The game adds new tournament types, new heroes, new charcter races and of course new armour, weapons and skills. I did notice there weren’t any new elite skills though, which kind of sucks.

So far I’ve enjoyed the new features, although I have found many unfinished quests and things. I’m assured it will be completed by the time the game goes live on the 31st August.

I’m not going to rant and rave on about it too much. If you want further details check out the Official Guild Website. I will however post some postcards from my journey. I guess I’m like Uncle Travelling Matt from Fraggle Rock.

In some dungeon thingie Gunnar’s Hold The Far Shiverpeaks Some Heroes Fighting The Heroes Meet

Anyway all this image uploading is taking up valuable questing time. TTFN!




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11 01 2008
About Guild Wars

It was a bit annoying to find out halfway through the Sneak Peek weekend that you could only access the Norn missions. Still, good to see they’ve fixed the bug that stopped any missions and dungeons you completed over the weekend from appearing in your Books after launch.

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