Police Brutality or Yob Culture?

20 08 2007

It’s been an eventful weekend, close to where I live, in Great Yarmouth. Just to be clear, when a tractor gets stuck in a ditch, it causes excitment around these parts.

This weekend saw an illegal rave at a local industrial estate. The “ravers” broke in to a warehouse, set up their DJ equipment and started to party. I’ve added this video illustrating a few pill-popping hippies at the “Brains Kan Nuscence” rave. This video was taken just before the police arrived.Anyway, to break up this rave, the police arrested 3 people in possession of sound equipment. It seems the ravers got a little upset, and many of them ended up bleeding and bruised at the hands of the police and their riot shields. Subsequently, an angry mob descended upon the local police station, throwing bottles, stones and beer cans.

I understand that breaking and entering is a crime, but seriously, what do they expect hundreds of unemployed youths to do? Many of them come from Great Yarmouth, a town with seasonal employment and zero recreational facilities for locals. It’s no excuse, I understand but to see some of the injured on TV was quite shocking. It seems the police weren’t taking any prisoners.

I couldn’t find a video of the actual riot at the police station, but I saw it on tv. I suspect YouTube were asked to remove it. I did however, find a little clip of the riot police in action at the rave. Half the kids look about fifteen years old. Nice to see tax-payers kids being treated so delicately. Sure, they broke in, broke stuff and caused a lot of mess, but do they really need to all be punished in such a way? Either way, by the time I had posted it, YouTube had deleted it.

Local police authorities released a statement saying:

The arrests are for offences of Violent Disorder, Possession of Illegal Drugs and Taking of a Vehicle Without Consent.

They still have only arrested fifteen people, charged eight and yet they saw fit to beat 200.




2 responses

8 09 2007
mysterious stranger

Sure, they broke in, broke stuff and caused a lot of mess, but do they really need to all be punished in such a way?

How should they be punished?

8 09 2007

Community service, time in prison, a fine or a plain and simple warning perhaps?

That’s not my job to punish, but surely violence wont help in any way, shape or form.

Here’s an idea…. why don’t they provide some form of recreational facilities for the locals (and not the tourists) and then this type of incident can be avoided possibly.

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