Creative ALchemy “Universal” 1.00.04 For EAX In Windows Vista

15 08 2007

Well back once again, back by popular demand, it’s a fixed version of ALchemy. Daniel Kawakami has released a newer application revision, that enables EAX Vista support on all sound cards capable of OpenAL. Creative charge some of their customers for this, so grab it while it’s hot!

Creative ALchemy Universal 1.00.04 – Patched by Daniel Kawakami

>>>Use it at your own risk. <<<

COPYRIGHT NOTICE: ALchemy and its related files are property of Creative Labs, Inc.

In response to ungrateful behavior of Creative, I’ve decided to release a patched ALchemy for all models of Live! and Audigy soundcards.

It was ready since its release in last March. I was just waiting the proper moment, when Creative would make a stupid move.

A device check was removed to enable Audigy support as well as a check for EAX4, to enable support for Live! cards.

Some notes:

  • DirectSound3D and/or EAX may not work properly on Live! cards.
  • DirectSound2D is a bonus for all cards, because it bypasses the Audiodg service on Windows Vista, so no more memory/CPU cycles wasted. Just use ALchemy with your favorite player.
  • When using ALchemy, EAX effects tab will be disabled on AudioConsole, just like on X-Fi; on Live! it works, though.
  • Make sure you have the latest Creative drivers for Windows Vista installed.

Update: I’ve received an unprotected copy of dsound.dll and ALchemy.exe. It took me some time to patch and repair the files, because they were not in perfect conditions.

This version is based on the “free” X-Fi version of ALchemy and it is called “Universal” because the string can be found in the software language resource DLL and matches the purpose of this patched version.

Run Setup.exe to install. Use the Creative ALchemy application if your game is officially supported or manually add an unsupported game to the database.

Download Creative ALchemy Universal 1.00.04 (Mirror1).
Download Creative ALchemy Universal 1.00.04 (Mirror2).
I’ll try add more mirrors when available. Big up Daniel Kawakami!



12 responses

20 08 2007

Great job, mate. Keep up the good work! If I knew how to crack drivers and the like, I’d be glad to take on those bloody bastards at Creative with you!!!

17 09 2007

Bro want 2 ask, is there any creative AUDIGY 2 sourround mixer for vista?i’ve checked the creative official site, but theres no any update for vista. help me i need the EAX console n Sourround Mixer for vista.

2 10 2007
Audigy Series Vista Driver Pack 2 « No More Goat Soup

[…] This driver does not support DirectSound®-based EAX games. (Download ALchemy) […]

7 11 2007

can you release a new patch for new update of alchemy ? :/ ALAD_PCVTAPP_LB_1_00_12.exe
new version is here

thank you for this great modification … 😀
you are great man… :-*

8 11 2007

I only posted this.

Daniel Kawakami is the man to ask/thank.
I’m sure he’s around the Creative forums somewhere….. 😉

16 12 2007
David Wilkins

worked fine for FEAR have got EAX2 and EAXHD on but hardware mixing whn turned on leaves me with surround effects only?
are there some settings I missed?


16 01 2008


The paid-for ALchemy for Audigy drivers do the same thing. It sounds pretty dang good though, after Hardware Mixing is disabled.


22 03 2008

I have a SB live! 14 Bit 6.1, your path it will works for me?


31 01 2009
Sammlung von Spielen die Probleme bei der Installation bereitet haben und Lsungen -

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21 06 2010

there’s a 1.00.8 version floating around
google it
anyone know if this universal version ever got updated again?

22 06 2010
22 02 2012

very very noob :C link crashed ! Bitch :C

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